Best Baby Carriers (Top 10 Reviews)

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When you’re getting ready to have a baby, getting all the things you need to care for baby is essential. Most parents consider buying a baby carrier to keep close to baby while having their hands free.

It’s a great option for moms, dads, and caregivers alike for when you use a baby carrier, you can cuddle your baby safely and keep doing simple tasks you need to get done. Or simply give your arms a break.

For the best baby carriers, we’ve compiled a list of these 10 products, many of which are the ideal for newborn babies too. Each of these baby carriers have their own advantages so check them out to find the best one for you!

Lillebaby All Seasons Stone 6 in 1


When baby carriers first came out, they had few options. This product by LILLEbaby has everything you need to comfortably carry your baby all the way through toddlerhood! It’s completely ergonomic, so you can use it as a baby carrier for newborn babies. There is no need for an insert.

Parents have voted this as the most comfortable baby carrier out there. It can adjust to 6 different positions. There are front inward positions for fetal, infant and toddler, front outward, hip, or the option to carry your baby on your back.  With this carrier, lumbar support has been thought of, making it easier to carry baby without pain. There’s also a headrest for baby, a hood for chilly moments, a zippered pocket so you can stash your essentials when you go for a quick walk, dual adjustments to make it easy to fit mom or dad in an instant, and plenty of padding so it’s always comfortable. Plus, when baby spits up, it’s easy to toss this carrier into the washing machine.

What’s more, it features air panels that enable you to control your baby’s temperature. You also have peace of mind with the sun protection UPF 50+ so you can walk outside without worry, and that this carrier protects the hips so your baby will always be safe.

Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions


This easy to adjust baby carrier provides comfort for you and an ergonomic fit for baby. Get the lower back support you need so that carrying baby isn’t a pain. The wide wraparound waistband provides great comfort and support, especially if you’ve had a c-section. The shoulder straps are extra padded so it helps distribute the weight of your baby more evenly, making for even more comfort for you.

Carry baby any way you want, facing in or out. Or wear baby on your hip or back as she gets bigger. You’ll need a newborn infant insert for this model to wear it safely which is sold separately. Customize the fit to other wearers in just seconds, and breastfeed while you go about your day with simplicity and discretion. The material also provides UPF 50+ and a baby hood to shield your little one from the elements. Toss it in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

BabySteps Ergonomic Baby Carrier


Carry your baby in 6 different ways. Use the front inward position up to 3 months, the front outward position up to 6 months, the single strap carrier for up to 3 months, the hip seat or the back carry option for up to 6 months. You can adjust it to any size and easily between caregivers so when it’s Dad’s turn, fitting him comfortably is a snap. The ergonomic design allows baby to sit naturally without problems to the hips and keeps baby snug and safe in every position.

Made with organic cotton and soft polyester, this baby carrier is very breathable no matter the season. A wind resistant hood which is removable is ideal for windy or chilly days. The mesh in the front allows for more airflow on hot days.

Baby K’tan Original Baby Carrier, Black, Small


Made from 100% breathable cotton, this small baby carrier can switch into 6 different positions without wrapping or buckling. It’s secure and safe yet offers plenty of discreet privacy for nursing moms. The carrying positions can all be easily adjusted so that you can wear your baby through toddlerhood. It’s easy to clean by washing in the washing machine. A matching sash that converts into a carrying bag is also included.

It has a unique one-way stretch to securely and cozily hold your baby while keeping her in an ergonomic position for proper and healthy development.

BABYBJORN Black Baby Carrier – Cotton


One of the original baby carrier makers, BABYBJORN is still a leader in the market. The materials are Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 approved and is a JPMA Certified Product. That means baby can chew on it without any problems. Another bonus is that it brings you closer to your baby in ways other carriers don’t do. You can start wearing baby in this carrier from day one. There is no infant insert needed in order to use it. It’s safe and easy to use, and adjusts quickly to fit anyone.

Boba Wrap, Grey



Soft and stretchy, this baby carrier is ideal for smaller babies. You can use it from birth to 18 months. It has no harmful dyes or chemicals and is easy to wash in your washing machine as it is made from cotton (95%) and spandex (5%). It ties on easily and allows for easy and discreet breastfeeding anywhere you go.

LILLEbaby SIX-Position, Baby Carrier


The ergonomic design of this baby carrier is ideal for newborns because you don’t need an insert. It can be changed into 6 different positions as your baby grows, all the while giving you the lumbar support you need to protect your back. A headrest provides comfort for your baby, a hood shields from the elements, a zippered pocket gives you a place to tuck things, and the padding is soft enough to make you feel like you’re carrying nothing at all.

The thoughtfully-designed also thought of proper ventilation so you and baby can be comfortable any season.

Lumiere Baby All Seasons 360 Ergonomic


Lumiere’s claims to have more features than any other carrier. It features adjustable bucket seats, 6 different carrying options, lumbar support for you, 2-way crossing shoulder straps, safety harness, purse strap holders, convenient pockets, and much more.

It can be adjusted to allow air flow to keep baby cool and refreshed on hot days. It also shields comfortably on chilly days. No matter what position you put it in, the structured bucket seat can be adjusted to ensure your baby is seated ergonomically. You can start wearing baby the moment you take her home from the hospital without the need for an infant insert. Safe for the hips of baby, you can be sure your little one is well taken care of in this baby carrier. Plus you’ll feel comfortable too. The wide, sturdy waist belt provides lumbar support and helps you keep your posture proper, and the padded straps distribute the weight so you can carry your baby without complaint.

Plus all parts of this product have passed the rigorous international safety standards so you can have peace of mind using it with your baby. It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, plus a 3 year warranty.

Brighter Elements Top #1 Baby Carrier with Hip Seat


Designed with safety and comfort, this product is soft and versatile for mom and baby. You can turn it into a 5-in-1 with different positions to suit your needs. It gives plenty of lumbar support and keeps your shoulders and neck from pain too. No matter what position you choose, you can be sure your baby is safe and your comfort will not be compromised.

The material is quality and cozy, designed to last a long time. You can even use it for your next baby. It will surely live up to the task! Additionally, this carrier is plus-size friendly so you can be sure it will fit you comfortably no matter your size. This product can be used from the age of 6 months through toddlerhood. It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

Baby Carrier by CuddleBug  – 4 In – 1 – 9 Colors



This cuddlebug model will help baby relax into a nice sleep after spending all day with you. Baby carriers help stimulate newborns while offering them the safety and security they need to be comfortable. It’s comfortable for baby and for you too. You can wear your baby with ease and do whatever you need and she’ll be cozy snuggled up against you no matter what you’re doing.

This product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee as well as a lifetime replacement guarantee so there’s no risk in ordering this prime product that will give you full peace of mind as you wear your baby.

Things to consider

Even parents that buy strollers will also buy a baby carrier. It’s an easy and hands-free way to hold baby. Plus, some places are difficult to take strollers to. So having a carrier is a smart idea. It also allows you bonding time with your baby, even when you need to get things done. It’s ideal for the multitasking parent.

To choose the right product for you, if you’re going to use it from day 1, it’s important that you choose acarrier that can safely hold your baby from the first day. Then you’ll want to make sure it can be used without an infant insert, or if not, make sure to get one so your baby is safe in the carrier. If you like a lot of options, you’ll love the baby carriers that can be adjusted into 6 different positions. That means you will only need one baby carrier while your child is small.

Another thing to consider is the ease of adjustment into positions so you can shift into them effortlessly. Does it adjust on you with ease or is it a fuss? You’ll also want to think about what supports are in place for your own comfort too. The first consideration is making sure it’s safe for your baby but after that, if you don’t choose something that will keep your back from hurting, you’re going to be miserable.

Final thoughts

Getting a baby carrier is a great idea for those with a new baby. It also makes for a great gift at a baby shower. Ideally, what you should do is go test them out at your nearest baby store to see how they fit. Put a doll or stuffed animal inside to simulate the experience. In this way, you can see how it feels when you’re wearing it. For some, the simple wraps are perfect but for others, back pain can come on strong and they will want something that provides support to prevent aches and pains. Ultimately, wearing your baby is more than just a hands-free experience. It’s a bonding experience, one you’ll likely cherish all the more if you’re comfortable.


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