Best Baby Dolls (Top 10 Reviews)

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All little girls love having a baby doll. Baby dolls are pretty much a rite of passage into a girl’s childhood.

Finding the best baby doll for your toddler is important. It should be something she’ll love and play with for many years to come. Some baby dolls even make for gorgeous collectibles that she’ll love when she gets older.

Whether you’re buying a baby doll for a 5-year-old or you’re just looking for the best baby doll for a 3 year old, this list of the best baby dolls is sure to help you find the best toy for your girl!

Top 10 Picks

Paradise Galleries Lifelike Realistic Baby Doll – Good For 3 Plus Years Old


This realistic-looking baby doll comes with a 10-piece set that includes an adorable pastel pink onesie with a floral print, a jacket for keeping warm, bib, blanket, hat, pacifier, bottle, and booties. There is also a cute giraffe plushy too. The total length of this baby doll is 19 inches. The head and limbs are made with a GentleTouch material that feels soft and real. The body is weighted to feel similar to a real baby.

More lifelike touches abound with the brown eyes, dark brown hair and intricate hand-painted details. Even the eyelashes make this baby doll look completely real. Designed by Michelle Fagan, a renowned artist, this baby doll almost looks like the real deal. It’s a safe choice too because this baby doll for a 3 year old is ASTM F963 safety compliant.

Melissa & Doug 12-Inch Soft Body Baby Doll


Give your little girl this sweet baby doll to cuddle and love. This baby doll features sweet cheeks and a soft, snuggly body that is fun to play house with. The arms and legs wipe clean too so when spills happen, they’re no problem.

The romper comes with a smock and matching cap, all of which can be removed for cleaning or dressing. The eyes open and close too, plus this doll can suck a pacifier or her thumb. You get a great quality doll your child will love at an amazing value.

Lifelike Vinyl Baby Doll: So Truly Real – 18″ by Ashton Drake


It looks so real this baby doll can fool anyone. A prime collectible, this lifelike baby doll was designed by Denise Farmer, an incredible doll artist. Made of vinyl, it is easy to clean yet has impeccable features that look unbelievably real.

The details are truly impressive from the little wrinkled feet to the soft eyelashes. You won’t want to give this doll to your daughter for play though. This is a collectible item that should be cared for until she’s old enough to know how to appreciate it. You can get her other dolls to throw around and have tea parties with until she’s ready for this masterpiece.

Manhattan Toy Baby  First Baby Doll for Ages 1 Year and Up


This soft baby doll is a sweet toy for a little girl. It’s an ideal first doll because it is very soft and is gently embroidered with little details she’ll love. She comes in a onesie that can be removed, and a removable cloth diaper too. The included pacifier attaches magnetically so it’s hard to lose. The hair is made from fleece for extra softness.

At 15 inches long, it’s a good size for a baby doll. It can be given to her on her first birthday to love and nurture until she’s a big girl!

Designed by Berenguer – JC Toys, La Baby Doll


The detailed vinyl head of this soft baby doll is perfect for your little girl, ages 18 months and up. An ideal choice for a first doll, it’s just 11 inches in length, making it easy for little ones to tote around. It comes with an adorable pink outfit plus matching hat.

The body is easy to hand wash so no matter how messy she gets, you can always get her looking brand new again. The body is cuddly, perfect for snuggling with and nurturing as one’s own. Help your little girl develop social skills and have fun pretending to care for baby like Mommy does.

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Brianna Baby Doll – 12 – Inch


Give her a sweet and soft-bodied doll to love with this baby doll that smells lovely. It has shiny brown hair all done up in little pig-tails. She can also suck on the included pacifier or her thumbs. Let her lay down or sit her up for a tea party.

The two-piece embroidered outfit is adorable and removable too so you can wash it when it needs cleaning. This baby doll is great for little ones ages 18 months and up.

JC Toys, La Baby 16-inch Play Doll – For 2 Years Old And Up


This realistic baby doll is soft with vinyl arms, legs and head. In fact, it looks so real you’ll be able to fool everyone. The body is lightweight so children ages 2 and up have no trouble carrying and caring for her. This baby doll is 16 inches in length so she’s easy to carry for any little one. And she’s safe too, passing rigorous safety standards so that you can feel assured that she is safe for little children to snuggle with.

You can easily clean her up by spot-washing when she gets dirty. You can also wash the removable clothing and hat to keep it fresh. It’s a great and lifelike chance for your little girl to show her love to her little doll!

Disney Beauty and The Beast Live Action Baby Belle Doll


Disney has created Belle as a baby and it’s adorable. This baby doll was inspired by the live action Disney movie of Beauty & The Beast. She’s cuddly and beautiful, just as you’d expect. Ideal for girls ages 3 and up, she also includes a rose rattle for the perfect finishing touch.

Ashton Drake Baby Doll: Katie So Truly Real


Want realistic? Go for this baby doll. It can breathe and has a heartbeat. It coos too, so your daughter will see just why you fawned all over here. Designed by Linda Murray, an incredible doll artist, this real-life baby doll will make you think she’s real. You can pose her and she has RealTouch® skin so she’s soft to the touch like a real baby but with a cuddly cloth body for extra big snuggles.

This baby doll is weighted too so she’ll feel more like an actual baby than a doll. Of course, this collectible is very prestigious so you’ll want to wait to give her to your little girl but she’ll make an attractive display in any room.

Adora PlayTime Baby Soft Toy Play Doll


A loveable choice for a first baby doll, this 13-inch doll is ideal for little girls from the age of 1 and up. The body is made from soft satin and features a bean bag-style bottom. She smells like baby powder too. Her eyes can open and close. She can suck her thumb just like a real baby too.

You can take her embroidered outfit off and wash it when it gets grungy, or give her a change of clothes. Made from hypoallergenic materials, you can even wash her in your washing machine so she’s fresh and ready for fun!

Things to consider

All of these baby dolls are wonderful choices. But the best baby doll is one that is right for your daughter. Two of the dolls on this list are collector’s items. Your daughter will truly appreciate them when she is older and they can be displayed in her room, however if you buy either one of them, you should get her another one that she can actually cuddle and care for. For the bigger girls, the dolls that look most realistic will be great but for the little ones, going for the cuddly, easy to clean baby dolls will be the best baby doll choice for your child.

Final thoughts

Little girls love to care and nurture so finding her a doll that she can relate to is the best baby doll choice. There are a variety of materials and skin tones out there so your daughter can choose the doll she loves the best and she’ll love her for years to come.


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