Best Baby Formula Milk For 1-2 Years Old – (Top 9 Reviews)

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Doctors advocate for breast milk to be fed to babies, however not every mom is able to breast feed, and not every mom wants to. For those situations, baby formula is essential for providing proper nutrition to your baby. If you don’t breast feed for the first 6 months of your baby’s life, then you must exclusively use baby formula for those critical 6 months to help your baby thrive.

After that, slowly introducing solid food is key, but you’ll still need to use your formula to supplement their nutrition. Not sure which is the best baby formula out there? We’ve got the 9 top-rated baby milk formulas right here so you can make the best decision for your child.

(Top 9 Best Best Baby Formula Milk For 1-2 Years)

Enfamil Infant Baby Formula – 33.2 oz Refill Box


For newborn babies on through the age of 12 months, Enfamil Infant Baby Formula is an excellent choice. It’s formulated to meet the specific needs of babies in this age range. Enfamil features Neuro Complete™ which is a combination of necessary nutrients like choline for nourishment of the brain as well as DHA and iron.

Enfamil’s infant formula also features dual prebiotics to help strengthen your baby’s natural defenses so he or she can grow up strong. This formula is almost an exact duplication of breast milk and is why pediatricians recommend it for baby formula.


If you really wanted to breast feed but couldn’t, you can take comfort in Enfamil’s Infant Baby Formula for being a safe alternative choice to breast milk. It is one of the best baby formulas out there.

Similac Advance Infant Formula with Iron


After the first 6 months of life, you’ll still need to provide formula along with samples of solid food to help your baby grow. Similac’s Advance Infant Formula is milk-based and features a nutritionally-complete list of ingredients to help your baby thrive.

It includes Similac’s exclusive OptiGRO which features DHA, lutein, and vitamin E which are all found in breast milk, to help support the development of your baby’s eyes and brain. Hospitals and moms alike choose Similac’s formula most often for feeding babies.


As an established brand of baby formula, Similac is trusted by hospitals for formula feeding babies. The unique blend of nutrients allows you to give your baby the best start in life if you are unable to breast feed, making it a fantastic choice for baby formula.

Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula, 12.7 oz. 


If organic items are important to your family, Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula is an ideal solution to feed your baby from 12 months onward. It’s safe for babies that have gluten or corn allergies, plus it features a higher level of essential fatty acids that the body converts into necessary ARA and DHA. There are no GMO ingredients, no rBST dairy, and no nasty corn syrup either so you can feel good about feeding it to your baby. Additionally, it is derived from the milk of cows that have never been given artificial growth hormones, antibiotics or steroids, adding more peace of mind to your decision.


If you need baby formula for a child over 1 year, this is a fantastic organic choice. It provides the best baby formula for a 1 year old with all the nutrients your child needs and doesn’t include the things that he doesn’t like GMO or corn syrup to name a few. It’s a wonderful and safe choice for babies.

Enfagrow Next Step Natural Milk Powder Can, 24 Ounce – Good Option For 2 Years Old


Keep your big kid growing strong with Enfagrow’s Next Step. It’s specifically created for toddlers ages 1, 2 or 3 years old. This baby formula features Neuro Support which is a blend of nutrients your child needs. It includes DHA and iron to help support brain growth. It’s made with milk and contains Natural Defense Dual Prebiotics to help the digestive system function properly. You can choose from two delicious flavors too: Natural Milk and Vanilla.


For a baby milk formula for toddlers, your child will get the extra nutrition he or she needs during these critical years of growth. Toddler palates can be very picky so having something to supplement their nutrition is important for proper development. Plus, with two tasty flavors, your child will love it!

Earth’s Best Organic Toddler Formula, 23.2 Ounce – For 1 Year And Plus


This baby formula is designed for toddlers 1 year in age and older. It features DHA for proper brain and eye development, plus it’s rounded out with vitamins A, C, and E. It also contains zinc. All of these ingredients help the immune system grow strong and stay strong. There are no GEI, antibiotics, growth hormones or fake flavors and colors in it either. In fact, it’s USDA organic certified so you can trust the quality of this product. It also happens to be kosher.


Supplementing your toddler’s eating habits with proper nutrition will help him develop and grow strong. For the best baby formula for a 1 year old, this one does a nice job of providing the essentials without giving your baby any of those gross additives he doesn’t need. With USDA organic certification, it is a safe and sound choice.


Baby’s Only Toddler Formula, Organic LactoRelief with DHA&ARA, 12.7oz


If your baby is 12 months and older and has a sensitivity to lactose, Baby’s Only Toddler Formula may be for you. It’s an ideal alternative to soy protein and features a formula that has the milk sugar (or lactose) removed using a special organic process for enzymes. DHA and ARA are included and are derived naturally from the yolks of eggs. It’s gluten and hexane free, making it safe and nutritious for toddlers.


If your child’s pediatrician has noted lactose sensitivity in your child, this is a smart choice for your child. It gives your toddler extra nutrition without setting off upset in their small bodies, giving you a chance to breathe a sigh of relief.

Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula Milk Based Powder – Stage 1


Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula is a baby milk formula designed for giving the best nutrition to babies in their first year of life. From birth until 12 months, this formula that was created to be as close to breast milk as possible, contains organic lactose plus vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, choline, and vitamin D. It also features fatty acids like DHA and ARA plus GOS and FOS, two prebiotic fibers that are identical to those found in natural breast milk.

It’s made in Vermont from milk that comes from organic dairy farms and contains no corn syrup or other nasty ingredients. The American Academy of Pediatrics stands behind this formula as does the USDA organic certification. It’s non-GMO, kosher, and the packaging is free from BPA.


For an incredible start to life and the confidence in knowing you’re getting a safe and quality formula, this organic option is one of the best baby formulas on the market. With high accolades, you can feel good about giving it to your child.

Kabrita Non-GMO Goat Milk Toddler Formula, 14 oz


Kabrita is easy to digest for children 12 months and older. It contains a premium formula of non-GMO goat milk which is a good alternative to cow milk-based formulas. It’s mild and sweet, plus it’s safe and nutritious. It has 22 vitamins and minerals. Among them, you’ll find folic acid, iron, ARA and DHA. It doesn’t contain growth hormones, antibiotics, or artificial flavors or colors.


If cow milk-based products aren’t sitting well with your child, this goat milk-based formula is worth a try. It’s healthy and features the nutrients they need to thrive, and with a great taste will be something they enjoy drinking.

Pure Bliss by Similac Toddler Drink with Probiotics, 31.8 ounces – Good For 1-2 Years Old


Similac also makes Pure Bliss for toddlers from the ages of 12 months to 36 months. Adding extra nutrients to your toddler’s often impulsive diet is never a bad idea. It is formulated from milk made from grass-fed cows and contains no artificial growth hormones, is non-GMO and has no antibiotics. Your child will get 18 necessary nutrients along with DHA to help develop the brain and body.


Carry on with feeding your child the Pure Bliss formula from his younger days by rounding it out with this baby milk formula for toddlers. It’s a fantastic choice for healthy children! If you are looking for a best baby formula for 1-2 years old toddler, this is another good choice.
Baby Formula Buying Guide

While experts agree that breastfeeding gives your baby the best start in life, some moms are unable to do so or need to supplement their breast milk with formula. For women that don’t breastfeed, there’s formula which is usually derived from cow’s milk, however there are other options (like lactose-free for lactose intolerant babies) to consider too, depending on your pediatrician’s recommendations.

Formula comes in three types. There is powder formula, concentrated liquid formula, and ready-to-feed liquid, though most parents choose powder because it’s more economical. While breast milk or formula (or a combination of both) should be the main diet of your baby under 12 months, at the ages of 1 and up to 2, many parents supplement solid foods with baby formula to help provide more nutrition, especially when it comes to picky eaters.

What else do you need to know about buying formula? Here are our expert buying tips when buying baby formula for kids aged 1 to 2 years old.

1) Don’t stock up until you know what brand your child prefers

Just like you shouldn’t stock up on baby formula before the baby arrives, when you’re still supplementing with formula in the first year to the second year, you shouldn’t buy it up in bunches just yet. Kids can be super finicky and may agree to something one day and then hate it the next. Look for free samples and try those out first to see which brand your child prefers.

2) Go for powder formulas if you can

Formula isn’t cheap, but you can certainly work within your budget. That being said, the powdered formulas are always your cheapest option. Liquid concentrations tend to cost much more. Just make sure you’re using good clean water. You can use the water from your tap as long as you boil it first, allowing it to cool before mixing with the formula and testing the temperature before serving it. If you use bottled water, it will increase your expenses. You can also filter your own water but if you’re on the go and forget, you’ll need to buy a bottle of water to mix it with.

3) When you know which one your child prefers, buy the biggest size

Once Junior makes his preference known, feel free to buy the biggest size can of formula. You get the most for your money this way, but until you know which one your child will happily drink, test the waters or else you’ll be stuck with a large open can of formula that you can’t get rid of.

4) Always check the date

All types and brands of formula are required to list a “use by” date according to the FDA. This ensures the quality of the formula and the nutrients contained within. It guarantees that if you’re using the formula before the date listed on the packaging (you’ll usually find it on the lid or the label) that it will be of proper quality and nutrition.

5) Stick to the same brand

Once you find the brand your child likes best, stick to it. Unless they do that weird kid-thing that kids do where they suddenly refuse to eat or drink something they usually like. In all seriousness though, it pays to be brand loyal. You can even get special incentives in some instances or receive coupons and discounts for remaining true to the brand you choose.

6) Read the nutrition labels carefully

When you’re breastfeeding, your baby gets all the nutrients passed through your milk. But when you formula-feed, you need to compare nutrients among brands and choose wisely. Most brands that are sold in America now contain DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (arachidonic acid). These essential fatty acids are naturally found in breast milk and are added to give formula-fed children the same type of jumpstart in life. DHA and ARA are responsible for eye and brain health.

There are other ingredients too, like iron and even probiotic and probiotic formulas to help the healthy bacteria that occurs naturally in the gut to flourish. You’ll also find organic formulas, which cost more, as you may have already guessed.

7) It’s all about extra nutrition

Children ages 1 to 2 are big enough that they should be branching out with solid foods, but it’s important to make sure they’re getting enough nutrition. Not many children of that age can sit down to a meal and eat all their food. Breastfeeding moms will still give breast milk during these years as they help introduce their children to solid foods and formula feeding during this stage is really no different.

The key with buying formula for children ages 1 to 2 is that the formula must provide enough nutrition for your child. Compare nutrients among brands and work within your budget. Then allow your child to taste different brands before you commit to buying a larger quantity. In this way, you can buy confidently knowing that you’ve made a smart choice as a parent while giving your child the chance to provide input, something kids at this stage need as they try to find their independence.

Use this baby formula buying guide as your resource for making a wise decision when it comes to purchasing baby formula for your toddler and you will avoid wasting formula as well as wasting your hard-earned money. Our top formula choices for children ages 1 to 2 will take a lot of the guesswork out of making a decision so you can find the best one for your child.

Final thoughts

The best baby formula choice for your baby from this list will be the one that is ideal for her age range. After that, choosing organic or not is up to you. What’s most important is feeding your baby something that’s nutritious and that she’ll enjoy eating.

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