Top 10 Best Baby Girl Bouncers (2018 Reviews)

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Babies are adorable and fun to hold. But there comes a time when you just need to put her down and do things around the house. Sure, you can wear her but if you’re cooking that’s a bit dangerous. A fun way to get some of your own personal space back while still keeping her close by is to get a baby girl bouncer.

A baby girl bouncer is like a fun bouncy chair for her to sit in. These are ideal for infants and many can even be used into the toddler years. Put it in front of the TV during cartoons or bring it into any room you’re busy in so that baby can keep you company. She can even take a nap there. These baby girl bouncers gently bounce and rock with your baby’s movements so it’s a naturally soothing feeling to lull her to a content state and even may make her feel so inclined as to take a nap, giving you more peace.

These are the best baby girl bouncers out there so take a look and pick one for your little baby girl!

Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker, Bunny


Featuring a darling bunny print, this bouncer has all the fun baby needs. It has a fold out kickstand for when she gets bigger and can also be used when she’s bigger as a toddler rocking seat. You can also convert it with ease for feeding or sleeping into a stationary seat, making it the ideal multi-tasking chair for your baby girl. You can safely use this baby girl bouncer until she weighs 40 pounds which gives you years of versatile and bouncy fun.

Bright Starts Jungle Blooms Bouncer


This adorable jungle-themed print on this baby girl bouncer adds to the imagination. The seat cradles and provides perfect support as well as incredible comfort for your sweet baby girl. It also has a vibrating option powered by batteries to easily soothe her from fussy to sleepy. The toy bar makes for fun play time but it can also be removed even with just one hand so you can access your baby with ease. These toys on the toy bar are interactive and beckon her to bat at them and play with them, making sitting in the chair a fun, cozy, and soothing experience all in one!

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Floral Confetti


This bouncer has a fabulous floral style that she’ll love. You can sit her in it from infancy all the way up to 40 pounds. In this baby girl bouncer, you can feed her, let her play, or let her nap. The chair comes with a vibration switch that adds more soothing comfort for her when she feels fussy or needs help lulling into a nap. You can also easily switch it to the stationary seated position complete with kick stand for a good feeding place. The toy bar comes with two adorable toys she can bat at as she sits that is easy to remove when not in use for a baby bouncer that truly has it all.

Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer, Geo Meadow


The earthy design of this bouncer is ideal for the eco-friendly family. The chill colors are soothing and calming. And speaking of calming, simply switch on the vibrations to calm her down when she’s cranky. They’ll even lull her into a nice nap. The toy bar comes with a spinning monkey, zebra, and lion that she’ll love playing with. But when she’s napping, you can remove it without disturbing her slumber. The fabric seat pad is soft and comfortable. You’ll love it because it’s machine washable so if there are spit-up incidents or spills, you can wash it with ease. It also features an adjustable 3-point restraint system to keep her safe and the feet are non-skid for further safety measures.

Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center

Fold this baby girl bouncer up and take it anywhere. It comes fully assembled and you can open it and close it in seconds. You can set it in three different levels of heights too. The jumping support seat is easy to remove and can be machine washed too for ultra convenience. It comes with toys including a spinner ball, teeth, mirror book, and rattle. The UV canopy makes it easy to take outside too because it protects your baby from the harmful rays of the sun. The travel bag with shoulder strap makes it easy to tote anywhere you go from the rooms in your home to your yard to the great outdoors like the beach or park!

Smartbounce Automatic Bouncer By Ingenuity


This baby girl bouncer is a smart option for parents everywhere. It provides 30 minutes of constant automatic bouncing that copies your natural motions for a soothing feeling. It features 2-speed variable bouncing so you can give baby a more subtle or bigger bounce depending on what she needs. The cradling seat has a removable head support and bolster to make for easy adjustments to comfort. It also plays 8 lovely melodies and 3 nature sounds for the ideal soothing seat. What’s more, it has a removable toy bar that pivots. The toy bar has 2 plush toys to play with. And you won’t always be changing batteries with this bouncer. It features special Hybridrive Technology which makes the batteries last twice as long as other chairs. The 3-point harness and non-slip feet give you further peace of mind for baby’s safety and comfort too.

Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Bouncer, Dots and Hunny Pots


Adorable Winnie the Pooh makes for a fabulous baby girl bouncer design. It comes with 7 melodies and a volume control so you can adjust it to the right level. It also features a vibration option that comes with auto shut-off so you can save on batteries. The cradling seat is covered with a super-soft fabric that’s easy to clean in your washing machine. A removable toy bar comes off with one hand so you can easily grab your baby out when needed. The toy bar comes with three toys that she’ll love. Head support is also included and easy to remove for when she gets bigger. Plus, she stays safe with the 3-point harness.

Fisher-Price Baby’s Bouncer, Pink Ellipse, One Size


This baby girl bouncer comes in a pretty pink that looks good while she soothes and entertains herself. The calming vibration option is every parent’s best friend during those cranky moments. During playtime, she’ll love the spinning monkey, giraffe, and zebra toys on the removable toy bar. The seat is covered with a soft padded fabric that washes with ease in your washing machine so whether she spills juice or spits up, you can clean it without a fuss. And you can step out of the room for a second without worrying because the 3-point restraint will keep her safe when you turn your back.

Disney Minnie Mouse Garden Delights Bouncer


Love Minnie Mouse? Then she will too with this baby girl bouncer in a Minnie Mouse design. It comes with 7 melodies that you can adjust with the volume control. The vibration option is also handy for fussy babies and can calm her down in a flash. The cradling seat is covered with a super soft faux suede that you can machine wash. The head support has Minnie ears and a bow for extra cuteness. The one-handed removable toy bar comes with 3 playtime toys that include a heart, a butterfly, and of course, the best toy of all – a plush Minnie!

 Rocking Seat Minnie Peek A Boo – Disney Baby To Big Kid


Here is another bouncer for Minnie Mouse lovers! The seat on this model can rock back and forth for soothing movements she makes herself. You can also set it to a fixed position for when she’s a toddler or during feeding time. The recline adjusts fully with 2 positions. It also comes with 2 playtime toys. And if you need more help, try the soothing vibration to help calm her down.


A bouncer is a lifesaver for many parents. It provides a place to put baby that is portable and safe. It gives you a break from carrying her around and gives her somewhere to sit that can both entertain and soothe her. Most of these bouncers come with toy bars to entertain and can be moved out of the way when not in use. Most of them have a vibrating feature too, something that new parents are delighted to discover helps soothe even the crankiest babies.

You can also choose a model that plays music. Coupled with the vibrations, the soothing sounds and movements will help her to fall asleep which gives you a chance to either sneak in a nap yourself or get some things done around the house. Or you can use it to relax…we won’t judge! We’ve been there!

So which is the best baby girl bouncer? The one that meets your needs is! Sometimes, it’s just a preference of style. If you’re a huge Disney fan, then you’ll likely choose Minnie Mouse or even Winnie the Pooh. But perhaps you don’t care about characters and in that case, you might choose the ones with the deluxe music options. However every parent will tell you that the easier it is to wash the seat pad, the better. All babies spit up at some point so choose a baby girl bouncer that you can wipe down fast and wash up easily and you’ll love your new baby girl bouncer even more!

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