Best Baby Jumpers For 2018 (Top 6 Reviews)

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As your baby gets bigger, he’s going to need some more entertainment than just tummy time to see him through. Buying a baby jumper is a great idea to keep your baby busy while strengthening his muscles and improving his motor skills.

It’s not fair to keep a baby in a crib or playpen all day. Give your baby something that will have those precious baby giggles pouring out and buy a baby jumper.

Which is the best baby jumper for 2018? As with anything, it depends on your needs. We have 6 fantastic baby jumpers right here that we analyzed with design, fun activities, parental conveniences, portability, safety and more to help you make the best decision on a baby jumper for your baby.

(Top 6 Best Rated Baby Jumpers Reviews)

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo


Fisher-Price’s Rainforest Jumperoo gives your baby a fun and safe seat to play in. Your baby must be able to hold their head up without assistance and shouldn’t be able to walk or climb in order to properly use this model. They should also be no heavier than 25 lbs.

With this jumper, your child can jump in a safe environment. It doesn’t need to be attached to a doorway so you can place it anywhere you are from the kitchen to the living room to keep your baby entertained. The seat rotates 360 degrees so your baby can interact with the activities all around them in 5 different locations around the seat.

At the front of this baby jumper, there is an electronic toy that moves, lights up and plays music. Your baby can activate it with a spinning drum. Parents can also use an op Insert shortcodetion to activate it for a continuous 4 minutes of play. A light up musical piano adds even more fun. Above, there is a soft-sided toy bar that features a squirrel and a couple woodland creatures to keep your child company.

A motion sensor rewards your child for jumping by lighting up and playing sounds each time they jump. This baby jumper model is easy to take down quickly and very portable so you can take it with you easily.


This is a fantastic baby jumper for 2018. It has a variety of engaging activities for little ones to play with and helps encourage their jumping to build their little muscles. It requires the addition of three AA batteries which are not included. It is not designed to move around the room. It stays stationary until you move it to another location. Without the need for a door frame, it is easy to set up anywhere you want. The ability to fold easily makes it great to take along on road trips or over to the grandparents’ without a hassle.

Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce & Learn Jumper


Evenflo’s Exersaucer with a zoo theme is an adorable  jumper that provides a secure place for your child to learn and play. It provides the opportunity for your child to develop fine motor skills, explore objects, understand cause and effect, develop self-awareness, promote hand-eye coordination, and understand object permanence.

It rocks, spins and bounces to help give your child physical exercise. These exercises will help develop the muscles in the neck, back, and legs, as well as improve overall gross motor skills. It adjusts to 3 different height positions so that as your child grows, they can still enjoy this baby jumper.


This baby jumper offers a cute zoo theme which will keep them engaged and learning. The manufacturer doesn’t mention if it can fold, but it can be used in any room you desire without the use of a doorway to sustain it. Because it only rocks, spins and bounces, your child will not be able to walk away in it, keeping them very safe and entertained in this great baby jumper for 2018.

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition – 12 Plus Activities


Baby Einstein’s baby jumper with a neighborhood theme is a fun special edition model that features over 12 activities. With 360 degrees of multi-sensory items, it will keep your child entertained and help them grow and develop.

The unique design features a bounce pad that your baby can jump on. Little feet never have to touch the ground below. The seat rotates all the way around so they can enjoy the bounty of exciting activities. There is an electronic piano that lights up. It has a volume control (something every parent greatly appreciates), and three different modes – piano key tones, melodies, and language discovery. The languages featured are in English, Spanish, and French.

Babies will also love the spinning frog, rattle drum, and mirror. There are also link loops where you can attach your child’s favorite toys. The seat is very secure and can adjust to five different height settings, making it a very versatile baby jumper that you can use for a long time.


This best baby jumper seems to really have it all for 2018. There are so many activities that light up and stimulate the senses. The bounce pad is a nice touch too, providing a safe way to jump up and down. It’s great that it teaches your child 3 different languages too. With the ability to grow with your child for 5 different heights, this will be a baby jumper you can get a lot of use out of.

Bright Starts Sweet Safari Baby Jumper


Bright Starts’ Sweet Safari baby jumper is an adorable rotating seat that your little girl will love. It features over 12 activities that include fun-loving characters and interactive toys that will delight them as well as teach them new things.

With bright pink colors, it’s designed with girls in mind. The seat easily rotates a full 360 degrees so your child can access every interactive zone. The bounce pad provides a unique opportunity for more jumping fun and keeps little feet off the floor. The activities include ball poppers, bead chasers, baby-safe mirror, and plenty more. The seat pad is machine washable and the space-saving design makes this a great baby jumper even if you don’t have loads of space to work with. Also, it adjusts to different heights as your baby grows so she can enjoy it long after 2018 is through.


There are so many activities to keep your little girl entertained. The color scheme is pink which is typically targeted toward girls but there’s no reason a little boy wouldn’t love it too. The ability to toss the seat pad into the wash is a nice bonus. The adjustable seat makes it easy to enjoy this baby jumper for a long time. Plus, the bounce pad is fun for babies and reassuring for parents. This jumper cannot move around without you moving it and can easily be brought into any room you’re in so you can get anything done while your baby bounces and bops to the fun!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo


Fisher-Price’s Laugh & Learn Jumperoo is a baby jumper with a fun farm theme that babies will love. This baby jumper is meant for children that can hold their heads up without assistance and cannot yet climb out or walk.

This product allows your baby to spin, jump, and fine-tune those motor skills. It rotates to the activities and the seat bounces. It also has two different modes. Musical Fun mode features 6 different light-activated toy stations and 2 overhead toys. It plays 5 unique melodies. The other mode is Early Learning Fun mode. It teaches colors, shapes, cause and effect, object and animal identification, plus animal sounds, all activated by your child’s jumping. It also has 3 sing-along songs.

Your baby will love the shape sorting garden and farm flip book too. The book does a different thing every time your child turns the page. The bobbling rooster moves along with your baby and the peek-a-book horsey provides plenty of interactive friendship. And there’s plenty more this thing can do.

Parents can also set it to play 10 minutes of music with favorite children’s songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb and Farmer in the Dell. It can stand alone so no need to fasten it to a doorway. The height is adjustable as your baby grows, plus there are covers for the springs to keep your child’s fingers safe. Additionally, the seat pad is machine washable and dryer-safe.


As if the adorable farm theme isn’t enough, this baby rocker is one of the best baby rockers for 2018. While other baby jumpers seem to have more activities (some of them with more than 12), this one has two different modes that make the 6 activity stations even more fun. The modes offer a chance for fun as well as learning. It stays stationary wherever you place it and cannot be propelled by your child. Adjustable height prolongs the usage life of this baby jumper, while the ability to let it play music for 10 solid minutes is a definite blessing for busy parents.

Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers


The Jolly Jumper attaches to any doorway for support. It’s designed to help your baby develop coordination and balance, as well as strengthen muscles. Thanks to the simple design, it’s easy to transport and can be conveniently used. Because it is propelled by your child’s jumping, there are no batteries needed. It is designed for any child that cannot yet walk.


This is a very simple baby jumper. Unlike the other models we looked at, this one requires a doorway to attach it to, however it is still very easy to move around and take with you wherever you go. The downside is that wherever you go must have a good doorway that you can use. It provides plenty of exercise and bouncing fun for your child and doesn’t need any batteries. It’s a very no-frills way to keep your child bouncing for fun and help them strengthen their muscles. If you’re hoping for more than that, you’re out of luck on this baby jumper. There are no toys, no lights, and no music. It simply relies on bouncing as the only form of entertainment.

Final thoughts

Each of these baby jumpers offers a safe jumping environment. The first 5 all require batteries and light up, play music, and have a host of vibrant features to them. The last one is a more simple option. The right baby jumper for your child will be the one that most fits your specific needs.

Out of all of these superb baby jumpers, we felt that the best baby jumper was the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo. While the other models are outstanding contenders, we loved the farm theme and the learning opportunities that overflow with it. We also loved the ability to set it to two different modes. With a convenient to clean seat pad, that just sent us over the edge of happiness.

Coming in a close second, we loved the Baby Einstein baby jumper because it teaches 3 different languages. However, any of these baby jumpers on this list are a great choice because they are safe, quality-made and will ensure your child’s entertainment.

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