Buyer’s Guide: Get The Best Baby Monitor For Two Rooms

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Once upon a time, it wasn’t necessary for parents to have a baby monitor. But nowadays, with larger homes that feature more private floor plans, it’s becoming increasing important to parents to be able to keep an eye on their little ones from other rooms that are further away.

For most new parents, choosing a baby monitor for two rooms is ideal because of the ability to keep a watchful eye from more than one location in the home. It’s worth the peace of mind you’ll get when you can hear (or with some models, see) your baby fast asleep or be able to respond quickly when he wakes up crying.

As with most baby products out there, there are a ton of choices for baby monitors. Knowing how to choose the best baby monitor for your needs is important because there are many quality options available to you. Here is our guide for choosing the best baby monitor for two rooms.

(Best Rated Baby Monitor Systems For 2017)

Summer Infant Video Baby Monitor Set With Wide View


With secure digital technology, ensuring no outsiders can take control of your system and a range that goes up to 800 feet, this dual baby monitor is a choice you can feel good about. For under $250, you get two cameras but the system has the capability of allowing for more cameras to add to it which means you can keep watch on your other children simultaneously.

For image quality, the 5-inch high-resolution color LCD video display comes with automatic black and white night vision. Both cameras that are included offer a wide-angle lens that allows you to view 4X more of your baby’s room, which is a definite bonus as your child grows.

Take control with a remote control that allows you to zoom in or out. You can also talk to your baby via the intercom, which is very helpful for letting your child know you’re there even if you’re not in the same room. The remote also gives you access to control the soft glowing night lights, adjusting them to be brighter or dimmer when soothing your baby. A kickstand on the hand-held unit allows for easy tabletop convenience so you can set it anywhere.

Three A/C adapters come with this package, however, there is a rechargeable battery that lasts between 6 and 8 hours. A power-saving one-touch video on/off button helps extend the life of the battery. This baby monitor model also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor


What’s remarkable about this particular model is that it is the very first of its kind, as it is the first baby monitor to come with the ability to change lenses. That means you can swap out the lenses for whatever works best for your needs. Choose from normal, wide, or zoom lenses. They are also incredibly easy to change, taking only seconds to do.

Speaking of taking just a few seconds, this model requires zero set-up which is refreshing for those that do not like complicated set-ups. It allows you the ability to plug and play. It features a secure 2.4GHz FHSS wireless transmission with 100% digital privacy. The video and audio are delay-free as well.

While some models provide grainy images, this one reliably gives you a solid visual day or night. You can expand this package to hold up to 4 cameras too. The cameras allow for tilting and panning around the room, making it easy to see any portion of your child’s room.

Other amazing features of this baby monitor for two rooms are that it is highly and reliably portable. The rechargeable battery lasts 10 hours while set to power-saving mode. When on a constant run, it will last for a solid 6 hours. You have the option to toggle on or off the sound alert for a low battery to match your preference. Plus, in power-saving mode, you can turn off the video portion and use it as an audio-only monitor.

This best-rated baby monitor also gives you the ability for two-way talk so you can assure your baby you’re on your way or sing to him from another room in your home. An LED display lights up when you have the volume turned down should your child be making a sound in their room, alerting you so that you can respond quickly. A remote temperature gauge also helps you to be sure your baby’s room is just the right temperature to keep him comfortable while he sleeps.


VTech VM321-2 Baby Monitor With Night Vision


This baby monitor with for two rooms is one of the more expensive models we’ve seen. However, it does offer some superior features. One of them is the ability to range up to 1,000 feet. This is ideal for those with very large homes.  It’s a completely digital monitor that uses DECT 6.0 digital technology, eliminating background noise and preventing interference, while transmitting a secure, encrypted signal to keep your child safe from outside harm.

Other features of this model are the ability to talk back to your child from wherever you are in the house, a capacity to host up to 4 cameras, audio and 2.8” color video, audible and adjustable alerts for sound and temperature, rechargeable battery with audio alert, night vision, and 5 separate soothing lullabies to help your baby fall asleep.


Project Nursery 5” High Definition Baby Monitor System


On the surface, this is one impressive baby monitor. It’s sleek and well-designed, making it look like it’s worth the hefty price tag. It features an interface with easy to use menus that make it simple to teach a caregiver how to operate in just a few seconds. It also comes with a wearable mini-monitor perfect for when you have lots to do around the house.

The picture comes in very crisp so you can see every detail. And for the price, that’s exactly what you expect. Like the others we’ve reviewed, it provides solid security, protecting your child from outside networks. It’s also very easy to set up this baby monitor for two rooms, plus adding up to four cameras is just as easy.

A two-way radio function allows parents to converse from room to room, or to send lullabies to the little one while in another part of the house. It also features all the alerts you care about from temperature to motion to sound. Parents who have owned this model also report great range even in large homes so you’ll always have coverage.


Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor


This baby monitor for two rooms features a 3.5-inch color video LCD handheld unit enabled with split-screen technology. You can add up to four cameras to this system and be able to split the screen all 4 ways as well. The cameras can pan, scan and zoom, making it easy to keep an eye on your baby in any corner of the nursery.

Night vision allows for you to see your baby sleeping in a darkened room. Plus, two-way audio communication makes it possible for you to communicate with your baby from outside of the room. Sound-activated LED lights let you know when your baby is awake. Private and secure technology also assures you protection from outside sources.


Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor – 2 Cameras


Another good baby monitor for two rooms with cameras that can pan, tilt, and zoom when controlled by the parent unit. Wireless technology provides secure monitoring from outside parties along with a range of 590 feet. Other features include a highly sensitive microphone, an alert for when you’re out of range, low battery alert, infrared night vision, two-way communication, 3.5-inch color screen, and five lullabies. While not mentioned on the specs, this baby monitor is capable of providing a temperature reading in your child’s nursery.

It’s a very basic model that seems to provide adequate functioning for monitoring your baby, however, most consumers remain unimpressed with it.


VTech VM342-2 Video Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras


This dual baby monitor comes with best features and price. The 4.3-inch color LCD screen has a high resolution along with a 170-degree wide angle lens. The range is extensive with up to 1,000 feet. Plus it comes with soothing sounds and lullabies, automatic infrared night vision, vibrating sound alert on the parent unit, two-way communication, temperature sensor, secure transmission capabilities, low battery alert, and sound activation mode.

It’s easily expandable to host up to four cameras too. Another clever feature is the options for multiple viewing. It allows for one camera viewing, split screen, or a patrol mode which shifts to a different camera every 10 seconds.


Final thoughts

When it comes to baby monitors, especially baby monitors for two rooms, it’s important to consider your specific needs. All of these models are safe and free of interference from outside sources, which means that whichever one you decide upon, you won’t need to worry about security issues. That’s the biggest concern for every parent. However, if your home is very large, a monitor with a good range is essential. If you need to monitor more than two rooms, you’ll want a baby monitor that allows you to add on to it with ease. If you detest complicated set-ups, you’ll want something you can pull right out of the box and use. Consider your personal needs before choosing.

Our Winner

Our personal pick is the Infant Optics model that we reviewed. It has every feature, the latest lens technology, and it has solid positive reviews. On top of that, the price is rather inexpensive, especially when compared to pricier models that lack the features that this one has.

A baby monitor should provide you with peace of mind and security when watching over your little ones from other rooms, so go with the one that ultimately assures you the very best.

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