Best Baby Pillow For Flat Head Syndrome In 2019 Reviews

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Protecting your baby and giving him the best start in life is such an important task for every parent. One of the things you’ll want to be careful of is a flat head syndrome. Thankfully, there is a flat head baby pillow for that!

Are flat head baby pillows safe for babies?

Yes! And we’ve found the 15 best pillows for the flat head in 2019. We’ve looked at designs, materials, and many more features to help you make the best decision for buying a flat head baby pillow in 2019!

(Top 15 Best Baby Pillow Reviews)

WelLifes Baby Pillow For Newborn Organic Cotton

This pillow features an incredibly soft organic cotton cover that will keep your baby comfortable during any season. The softness plus the warm touch along with a slightly raised surface all make for one fantastic flat head baby pillow.

The surface is smooth and hygienic, preventing hair and dust from sticking. The materials have been certified organic and meet GOTS as well as OE100 standards so you can rest easy knowing your precious baby isn’t coming into contact with chemically-treated items.

The center is concave to help prevent the flat head from developing. It’s filled with 100% hypoallergenic polyester that is gentle enough even for the most sensitive baby skin. The adorable lamb shape is ideal for babies and looks great in any nursery. Plus, it comes with a 100% risk-free guarantee so you can buy without worry.


Babies will love the adorable lamb shape of this baby pillow for 2019. And parents will love the organic cotton and hypoallergenic filling. It keeps baby from developing flat head syndrome and is an excellent baby pillow. Plus, the return guarantee is outstanding, allowing you to buy with confidence.

Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow By John N Tree Organic

Authorized exclusively by John N Tree Organic, this flat head pillow is 100% organic and meets GOTS standards for organic quality. It’s completely eco-friendly and contains no dyes or bleached materials.

Ideal for all seasons, this comfortable baby pillow is designed to specifically prevent and correct flat head syndrome. Plus the cloud lamb shape looks adorable in baby’s room while providing comfort and safety to your little one. John N Tree Organic also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will provide a full refund should you not absolutely love their product.


The manufacturer of this pillow takes great pride in creating a quality organic product in 2019. That being said, you can buy without worrying because it is completely guaranteed. Priding itself on excellent customer service as well as an excellent product, this flat head baby pillow is a wonderful choice for your baby.

Mimos Baby Pillow (XL)

The Mimos pillow was clinically tested and proven to distribute pressure from the back of your baby’s head to prevent flat head syndrome. This baby pillow eases the pressure on the back of the head from birth onward. Plus, it provides parents with great relief for not having to reposition baby all night long.

It’s TUV certified for breathability and meets European safety certification EN71-1.4. Organically certified by Oeko-Tex100, it is safe for babies and is a great pillow for flat head syndrome.


It’s important to note that while this is a wonderful pillow, it does not come with the pillow cover. You can separately purchase that. However, you can use the pillow with or without the cover by Mimos. Using the cover will help keep the pillow clean though and it is easily washable. While this is an effective baby pillow, you may want to consider one with a cover included or be prepared to order the cover.

Baby Pillow For Newborn Breathable – Protection for Flat Head Syndrome

It features a 3D-air mesh fabric that allows breathability and keeps cooler air during summer and warmer air in the winter. That means the baby will always be comfortable using this pillow.

It is 100% organic cotton fabric that is bonded with a sponge to give it proper cushioning. The hygienic makeup of this newborn pillow prevents the growth of bacteria and microbes. The organic cotton cover is made in America and meets standards set by GOTS and OE100. The design of the pillow is cute and features a concave center to prevent flat head syndrome. Plus, it comes with a 100% risk-free guarantee so that if you are not satisfied for any reason, you can return it.


This is another best option for a flat head baby pillow in 2019 by WelLifes. They take extreme care in creating these pillows so you and baby can rest easy. The 100% risk-free guarantee is also reassuring. Companies that make quality products stand behind their creations so you can buy it without stress or worry.

SweeterBaby – Baby Pillow for Flat Head Syndrome – For Infants & Newborn

This pillow helps you prevent flat head syndrome. It keeps your baby’s head aligned with the spine and provides soft comfort thanks to bamboo memory foam. Gentle and soft, it has an organic cotton cover to add to the softness and safety without irritating your baby’s sensitive skin.

This baby pillow can be used anywhere from the crib to the stroller to the car seat for complete versatility. It provides a comfortable sleep for your baby while preventing and correcting flat head syndrome without obstructing breathing.


For baby pillows, this soft and natural entry for 2019.

Babymoon Pod – For Flat Head Syndrome & Neck Support

This versatile baby pillow offers excellent head and neck support anywhere. It can be used during nursing, in the stroller or car seat, and of course, in the crib during sleep time. It’s made of 100% plush polyester and can conveniently be thrown in the washing machine and dryer for easy cleaning. Made in America, this design was created by other moms searching for the ideal flat head baby pillow solution.


 We also love the machine wash-friendly design, and the ability to put it inmachine-wash-friendlyif you’re looking for organic materials, this is not certified organic and if you don’t care about that, then you’ll be very happy with this baby pillow for 2019.

Mkicesky Long Baby Infant Pillow

Mkicesky makes this memory foam pillow for the infants. It has curves that naturally shape to your baby’s head to keep it round and keep the neck and spine in proper alignment. It keeps pressure from building up and allows for a relaxed sleeping position while keeping your baby safe.

In particular, the memory foam in this baby pillow rebounds slowly and features breather holes to keep moisture away and increase airflow. The material is antibacterial and repels dust mites. The cover features an invisible zipper so it won’t hurt baby as he sleeps and it is easy to wash too.


We like the memory foam of this best baby pillow. It conforms to your baby’s unique shape and helps support the head and neck to keep the skull rounded. We also like that it prevents bacteria and dust mites and that the included cover won’t scratch baby’s face as he sleeps with a thoughtful hidden zipper. This is an outstanding choice for 2019.

(Basic Dot) Organic Cotton Baby Protective Sleeping Pillow by John N Tree Organic

Here is another best baby pillow by John N Tree Organic. Like the others, it is completely organic and prevents flat head. It is free of chemicals and dyes and meets standards for organic certification with GOTS. Additionally, it comes in this adorable basic dot pattern.


Again, John N Tree Organic thoughtfully creates baby pillows you can feel good about purchasing. They are eco-friendly and safe for the environment, not to mention safe for your baby. For 2019, this baby pillow is a marvelous choice and comes with the same 100% satisfaction guarantee as for the other pillows by this company on our list.

EasyLife185 Baby Pillow for Newborn, Soft Memory Foam

Prevent flat head with this baby pillow by EasyLife185. It features a 3D groove structure that supports the head and neck and keeps proper alignment with the spine. It will prevent and correct flat head syndrome and has been tested relentlessly to ensure baby is comfortable and safe.

The ergonomic design helps fit the shape of the head properly, relieving pressure from the back of the head and neck. It’s soft yet firm enough for support plus it has air holes in it that keep from causing sweat. The pillowcase is constructed with cotton to allow breathability and is also hypoallergenic.

Moms can also use this pillow while nursing their sweet baby in bed. Satisfaction is guaranteed by this company with a money-back guarantee, allowing you to buy with confidence.


This pillow is another wonderful choice for 2019. We can always get behind products that come with a satisfaction guarantee. Plus, the ergonomic design and the breathability make it a quality product you can trust.

Gemini Fairy Newborn Infant Prevent From Flat Head Baby Head Support Pillow

This pillow comes with attractive velvet pillowcases that are also highly breathable. Inside, the material is made from cotton and spandex plus a slow rebounding column of sponge.

A unique feature of this flat head baby pillow is that you can adjust the width of the pillow. It helps to prevent and correct flat head syndrome, supports the head and neck, allows for better sleep, and is soft and gentle on sensitive baby skin.

You can use it anywhere from the crib to the car and beyond. It prevents pushing the head forward toward the chest to keep it in proper alignment with the spine.


As another quality baby pillow option for 2019, we love the unique design this one features. It’s very handy to be able to adjust the width of the pillow to suit your baby’s needs, plus it can be used as baby gets bigger, even up to the age of 2, to help prevent flat head baby syndrome.

Boppy Noggin Nest Head Support Tiny Triangles, Pink


If you need a baby pillow for flat head, the Boppy Noggin is a great choice to relieve pressure on the back of the head. It keeps baby’s head elevated it and cradles it with a patented design that is cut out in the center to provide comfortable support. Soft padding and stylish prints make it look enticing. It can also be used in the stroller, in the baby swing, or the baby bouncer. You can safely use this baby pillow for flat head from birth on up.


This baby pillow has a unique patented shape with a center cut-out, which is a great choice for preventing baby flat head. Because it is easy to transport and use anywhere, it is ideal for parents that are always on the go!

Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow by Baby Love USA

Finding a baby pillow for flat head syndrome is easy when you check out this one by Baby Love USA. It offers a full supportive system to prevent flat head. The materials used to create this pillow are antimicrobial so you’ll never have to worry about nasty germs. Plus, it is made with a supportive BASF patented memory foam and covered with an organic pillowcase so you can feel confident about comfort as well as safety from toxic chemicals.

Another thing this pillow has thoughtfully done is allowed room for shoulders so that your child can lay and sleep peacefully in prime comfort. It makes a great gift for baby showers so that new parents won’t have to worry about plagiocephaly with their new baby. Plus, this pillow comes with a guarantee of your satisfaction so you can buy it confidently, knowing that if you’re not happy for the life of your purchase, you’ll get your money back.


What sets this baby pillow apart from others is that it has been designed to bring comfort for the shoulders too. In this way, your baby can rest in a very natural position while still preventing baby flat head. The lifetime guarantee also provides peace of mind when buying.

Hokonui Baby Protective Sleeping for Newborn & Infant

This imported cotton baby pillow for flat head features a special design. It has natural curves designed to shape baby’s head in a natural way to keep it round as well as support alignment for the neck and spine. It relieves pressure on the back of the head and neck while supporting shoulders so that baby can relax and sleep. And you’ll be able to relax too, knowing your baby’s head is safe and protected.

The premium memory foam offers incredible support to prevent flat head and is made from 100% hypoallergenic, mold resistant and mildew resistant materials. It’s easy to clean and care for plus it also features an antibacterial and anti-dust inner lining. Chiropractors recommend this pillow as it’s the ideal size for babies from birth to 3 years. You can also safely use it outside of the crib in swings, bouncer, strollers, bassinets, and car seats. It makes a great gift for your expectant loved ones too!


This baby pillow for flat head uses natural curving shapes to help reshape your baby’s head properly. It provides gentle comfort and support for the neck and spine too so you can rest assured that while your little one rests, they can develop properly. Plus, with safe materials that are anti-microbial, you can trust it up close with your baby.

BSUREU Breathable Soft Buckwheat Newborn Infant Toddler Pillow

Get head-shaping stability and peace of mind with this baby pillow. It’s safe, breathable and very snuggly, offering a prime balance of flat and fluffy to give your baby the head support she needs for her head and neck, and spine too. Made with buckwheat hulls that are mobile yet prevent flat head, they adjust to the weight of your baby’s head, allowing the pillow to conform to your child’s individual head curve.

The pillowcase is made from 100% natural organic cotton. The buckwheat hulls are all natural too. There’s no bleach or dyes involved so it’s a safe choice for a baby flat head pillow. Plus, each side is seasonal. One side features breathable buckwheat for the summer while the other side is warm and cotton, ideal for chillier weather. A hidden zipper allows you to adjust the thickness of the pillow too, so you can tailor it to your child’s unique needs. Use it in the car, crib, or bassinet to prevent flat head syndrome. It comes with a one-year warranty and should you have questions or concerns, a 24-hour professional customer service team.


With unique buckwheat hulls to roll around and fit the shape of your sleeping child’s head, this is a natural and fantastic option for a baby pillow for flat head. It provides all the support you want for the head, neck and spine, plus it offers comfort for the seasons with two unique sides ideal for hotter or colder temperatures. It’s easy to adjust too, which some parents will find to be a great feature while others will prefer a different style.

Sleeping Angel for Better Sleep – Baby Head Shaping Pillow for Newborns

This baby pillow is designed for Better Sleep and made from memory foam. It is safely designed to keep baby comfortable while supporting the head and neck, helping to create a natural round shape of the head while evenly distributing pressure. With elevation on the sides, it keeps baby from rolling over into the danger zone too.

The memory foam used is 100% baby friendly and breathable as well as hypoallergenic. Your baby can sleep with absolute comfort and you can relax with complete peace of mind, knowing she’s safe and not in danger as she rests. It’s also easy to clean. You can wipe it up with a damp cloth so spit-ups and drool are no problem. It comes it comes with a bonus pillowcase so you can wash one while you change it to the other one for a purely fresh pillow every time.

Give it to new parents for a fantastic gift they will appreciate. It comes with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.


With this breathable memory foam baby pillow for flat head, you get an extra pillowcase that is sure to come in handy for messy moments. That makes it easy to clean and care for, plus it also has a 60-day warranty with a satisfaction guarantee refund, making it a no-risk purchase.

Final thoughts

Each of these flat head baby pillows are outstanding choices for 2019. If an organic lifestyle is something that is important to you, you will want to purchase the baby pillows for the flat head syndrome that are made from organic materials. If not, the other non-organic options are still wonderful. We also like the ones that come with a money-back guarantee. That tells us that the company really stands behind the product they make and will do anything to keep your business.

How to Choose a Baby Pillow: Factors to Consider

Babies sleep a lot in the first few months, and if you want to help your baby from having a flat head, choosing the right flat head baby pillow is critical. There are many good options out there but the right one for you might be different from what another parent chooses.

Factors Baby Pillow


Baby pillows are made from different contents. Some are made from memory foam while others are made with organic cotton, and there are loads more options out there too. Some parents think softer is best while others think firmer is the best choice. Some parents will argue that organic is best, while others insist that having it free of chemicals is what’s most important. Ultimately, the pillow you choose should absolutely be free of harmful chemicals. But organic or not, it doesn’t matter as long as it is safe for use by your baby.


Speaking of safety, that’s the number one factor that should influence your choice of baby pillow. Even when it comes to pillows and bedding for adults, there are chemicals in some of those materials that are harmful to your health. So if they’re harmful to you, then they’re harmful to your baby too. Take care to choose a pillow that is certified to be free of those things. One thing about organically crafted pillows is that they must meet certain requirements in order to be labeled organic, so by buying organic it makes you and your baby breathe easier.


A pillow that is too firm is not going to be comfortable for your baby. While it’s true you’ll want something with ample support, you also want it to have the kind of softness that feels comfortable to your baby while being safe as well. Babies cry when they’re uncomfortable too, so you can keep that from happening by selecting the right pillow. Baby flat head pillows that are soft will keep your baby comfortable all night long so you’ll be less likely to wake up from your baby’s cries about being uncomfortable.

Gentle to the touch

Baby skin is super sensitive. It can be easily irritated. Choosing a flat head baby pillow that is free of irritants is important to consider. You don’t want to give your baby a rash or abrasion from rough materials. When choosing a flat head baby pillow for your baby, make sure you touch the materials and feel how gentle they are. If they feel rough in any way, choose something else.


A good flat head baby pillow will last for as long as you need to use it. Some people think all pillows are the same, but that’s just not true. They weren’t all created equal. It needs to endure the wear that it will get from your baby. As mentioned, babies sleep many hours a day, between 16 and 18 hours as a newborn, so it’s important to choose a baby pillow for flat head that will last and last.

Ease of cleaning

Babies, as you will soon come to know, are not the cleanest creatures in the world. They make some pretty big messes. It’s a good thing they’re so cute. When they sleep, you might think you’re free of mess, but think again. A lot can happen when they go to sleep. Spit up, drool, and diaper leaks all come to mind. So for whatever happens, having a baby pillow that you can wash with ease is going to be pretty important.

A baby pillow for flat head should ultimately encompass all of these factors. In this way, it can be the most useful and effective for correcting baby flat head. The ideal baby pillow will be free of harsh chemicals and dyes, soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to lend support, safe for use by babies, last a long time and be able to clean easily.

Doesn’t your baby deserve the very best? That’s why you need to get a baby pillow that does it all, giving your baby the best sleep possible. When a baby is comfortable, he or she will sleep for longer stretches before waking up. Not only is that good for your baby, but it’s also good for you, allowing you to get the rest you need and deserve too.

Make sure you consider all of these factors as you look into baby pillows for flat head. With so many fantastic choices on the market, it’s easy to find the right one that has the exact combination you’re looking for. So touch them, read the labels and decide what is best for your baby before you purchase a baby pillow for flat head and by doing that, you will be making the perfect choice for your baby’s needs.

A Helpful Video On Flat Head Babies

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  1. arya says

    I was looking for a normal pillow for my toddler boy and I really liked the John N Tree Organic Cotton Baby pillow. Is that one comes with a cover?


    1. Willy says

      The pillow is made with 100% organic cotton cover and I think there is no additional cover comes with the pillow. But this product has lots of positive reviews.

  2. Rio says

    Hi I got baby flat head boppy noggin that does work for my almost 2 month old baby. He looks better boppy but sometimes his head feels little uncomfortable. maybe he will grow that another size. Is that boppy noggin good for flat head?

    1. Willy says

      I don’t have much information about this product. But it looks like a good pillow.

  3. Willy says

    Update: Boppy Noggin pillow added to the list.

  4. Kelly Low says

    We used the Mimos Pillow for our two sons and it worked amazing! The first for correcting his flat spot and the second for preventing him getting a flat spot altogether. My pediatric physio said this is the only pillow she would recommend as it’s a Medical Device, has been clinically trialed and tested for breathability. I believe it’s the only one that has those accolades and the only one made in Spain. Worked for us!

    1. Willy says

      Thanks for sharing your review kelly.

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