Top 10 Best Baby Scale In 2018 (Pet Models Too)

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Once you’re handed your adorable bundle of joy, your doctor will likely give you the stats on her weight and other measurements. You’ll be delighted to take her home but how will you know she’s growing properly and getting enough to eat between visits to the doctor? That’s where a baby scale comes in handy.

A baby scale can put your mind at ease, and while there’s no need to use it every single day, you can certainly use it weekly to keep tabs on your baby’s growth, keep a chart, and contact your doctor if things aren’t falling in the normal range.

But how do you find the best baby scale in 2018? This list of 10 best baby scales for 2018 gives you the skinny on baby scale features so you can make a smart buy.

Health o meter Grow


This baby scale will give you precise measurements of your baby in 2018 and beyond. It is accurate within 0.5 ounces so you can be sure she’s getting enough breast milk or formula in those first few months. Keep track of her growth between visits to the doctor for your peace of mind. When she gets too big for the tray, the scale easily converts to be used for toddlers all the way up to 60 pounds. The “hold” feature allows you to capture the exact measurement of your busy baby so don’t worry if she’s squirmy. The LCD display is large and allows for easy reading. And when using the infant tray, you can feel safe knowing that baby is safe thanks to the security lock to keep it extra stable during use.

You’ll also get a free growth baby book to track your baby’s height and weight. The free book tells you the averages from birth on up to 36 months. You’ll also love the tooth tracker and shoe size chart for toddlers. This baby scale comes with a 10-year limited warranty to ensure your satisfaction. It runs on a 9-volt battery which is not included.

Salter Digital Weighing Scale For Baby and Toddler


Use this baby scale from the time you bring baby home until she reaches 44 pounds. It features a 21.5” x 10” platform in a scoop design to make things more comfortable and secure for your little angel. The “hold” function allows you to easily weigh your baby no matter how much she moves too. You’ll get the most accurate readings because the zero function subtracts the weight of things like diapers and clothing for proper measurements. The tray removes once your baby has gotten too big and allows you to keep weighing her through toddlerhood.

HOMEIMAGE- Digital Baby/Pet Scale

Easily weigh your baby in imperial or metric measurements with this baby scale. Use it up to 44 pounds and enjoy the extra large LCD display that makes it easy to read. Use the hold function so you can capture the most accurate reading no matter how much your baby moves around. It’s lightweight and durable and easy to store when not in use. It comes with an auto-off option and an overload protection system so that it will always function properly when you need it to.

HealthPro EBB-1 “Watch-Me-Grow” Digital Baby Scale


See how your baby grows in 2018 with this baby scale. You’ll love the XT1 sensors that give you the most accurate measurements on a consistent basis. The LCD is blue backlit, making it extra easy to read. The pear-shaped design gives contoured comfort for your wee one along with the pad for a soft touch. And should germs or messes prevail, you can easily wash the pad so it’s good as new?

Use it up to 44 pounds and keep track of how big she’s getting with measuring tape and a growth chart included in the set. Plus, it has pre-loaded musical tunes to soothe your baby into a state of calmness.

Beurer Digital Baby Scale, BY80


Give your baby a comfortable scale to weigh her in. This baby scale for 2018 features a curved weighing platform that keeps her safe while giving her a comfortable feeling. The display is large and easy to read, showing a 0.18-ounce increment to give you the most accurate information on her stats. With a hold function and tare function, you get the absolute most accurate readings even if she’s wriggling about.

The yellow bird print on the baby scale is a nice touch that looks good in any nursery and makes babies happy. You can weigh her up to 44 pounds on this baby scale. An auto switch-off function makes it easy to conserve batteries which happen to be included with this model. You can also use it to weigh your pets!

HOMEIMAGE Digital Scale Pets And Infants


Use it for baby or for kitty and capture an accurate weight measurement on this baby scale for up to 44 pounds. With high precision recording, you’ll be sure to get the most precise data at all. It features an auto off function as well as an overload protective system and a tare function to give you the information you need even if your baby is wiggling around during weighing.

It comes with a free measuring tape and a hygienic cloth. Plus, it plays music to keep baby calm during measurements. It requires 4 AA batteries to operate.

AFENDO Electronic Digital Smoothing Infant


This baby scale keeps your baby’s comfort in mind with a streamlined surface that conforms ergonomically. Use the hold function when your baby squirms. Measure her and take her out and you’ll still have a full 20 seconds to see the recorded weight thanks to this feature. The tare function helps you eliminate the weight of clothing and diapers so you can get the most precise readings of all in 2018.

The large LCD screen makes it easy to see the measurements from any angle. Switch the measur

ements from kilograms to pounds with ease. You can use this scale up until toddlerhood too, with a 20 kg weight limit.

Smart Weigh Comfort Scale


Weigh your baby in 2018 with this baby scale. It provides a smooth curved surface to keep your baby comfortable during weighing. No need to wait for the weight. You get a precise reading in just seconds. Choose from kilograms or pounds with ease. The tare function means you can use a blanket with baby and not worry that the blanket’s weight is being included in the reading.

You also get a 2-year warranty on this auto shut off the device and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Hatch Baby Grow Smart


It’s both a baby scale and changing pad that you can use again and again between visits to the pediatrician. You can accurately assess whether or not your sweet little baby is getting enough to eat at each feeding. The surface is soft and comfortable, plus you can clean it with ease too. You can add additional caregivers to the device so that everyone stays informed and connected too.

Multi-Function Digital Baby Scale


Measure precisely with an accuracy of 10g with this baby scale. In 2018, you can use it for babies and children, even adults too. The ruler measure on the inside of the tray helps you track the height of baby as well. You can weight anything up to 220 pounds. The hold function allows you to see the weight of your baby even as she wiggles and squirms. The LCD is blue backlit so you can see clearly even in a darkened room. One touch on and off plus a switch between metric and imperial measurements make this an easy to use baby scale for anyone.

Things to consider

Not every parent will need to check their baby after every feeding though some of you might if your baby has been having trouble gaining weight. That’s why it’s important to select the baby scale that most meets your needs in order to find the best baby scale in 2018. Remember that every child grows at their own rate though, and as long as the doctor says your child’s weight is normal, then you shouldn’t worry too much.

Think about the features you find most important on your baby scale. A hold button is the most useful for any parent because it still allows accurate weighing even while your child squirms away. Then you’ll want to think about how long you want to use this scale. It can be a useful tool as well as give you something to add to those baby books if you can use it well into toddlerhood so check the maximum weight allowance to be sure you get the most out of your baby scale.

Another important feature to consider is the infant tray. This makes it easy to keep your baby in place and safe while you weigh her. Curved ones and ones with padding make the experience the most comfortable for your baby. You’ll also want to see how the baby scale gives you the news of the measurements. Most of them allow you to toggle from metric to imperial so you can choose which system you prefer. The most important part is that it should be as accurate as possible, especially if you need to track your baby’s weight for medical reasons.

Other good functions to have are the tare or zero function which allows you to keep baby fully dressed when you weigh her and still get an accurate reading. Some baby scales also play music which adds a soothing element to the experience for your child. Others come with free books to help you track all the data from her weight to her height and even the size of her adorable little baby feet! Looking at all these factors will help you choose the right baby scale for you in 2018.

Final thoughts

Now that you know a little more about baby scales and how to find the best baby scale in 2018 by looking at the features, it should be easier for you to choose one of these 10 best baby scales for measuring your baby. Having a baby scale will help put your mind to ease as you watch your baby grow through the first tender months and onto toddlerhood plus it will help you keep track of growth spurts and have fond memories to look back on when you have those measurements to recall.


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