Best Batman Toys for Kids

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If your kid loves Batman, Batman toys are a great gift idea for birthdays or holidays. These toys designed for younger and older kids to enjoy Batman and his world. The best Batman toys out there are right here on this list. If you’ve been looking for Batman toys for kids to surprise your kid with, try one of these 8 best Batman toys on our list!

(Top 8 Best Batman Toys Reviews)

Fisher-Price, Transforming Batcave


What little kid doesn’t want to play in Batman’s lair? The Transforming Batcave by Fisher-Price is a toy that little ones will love. The power pad transforms with spreading platforms. The Batwings also open and once the Batcomputer is exposed, the eyes will light up. Another power pad opens to reveal a garage while a third power pad opens to Batman’s chest of armor. Included with this set, you’ll find two figures – Batman and The Joker, as well as armor and a projectile launcher, all of wish will make for hours of imaginative superhero fun!

Fisher-Price, Bat Boat


Even Batman loves a good boat ride. The Bat Boat by Fisher-Price is a great toy to play with in the water. Little ones can move the boat back and forth in the water and even spin the propeller. The power pad can be pushed to raise the cannons. The cannons have buttons on them that, when pressed, fire projectiles. Included in this Bat Boat set, you’ll also get a Batman figure along with 2 projectiles for fighting crime on the water.

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Power Wheels Batman


Let your kid get take his love for Batman on the road. This toy by Fisher-Price is the official Power Wheels Batman Lil’ Quad. Safe for kids, it features the same sporty style of ATV’s but with features that are made just for toddlers. With the push of a button, it goes, making it easy for small ones to operate. Parents don’t need to worry as the maximum speed is set at 2 mph for safe cruising. It only goes forward, another safety feature parents can get behind. A 6-volt battery is included for powerful riding fun.

Fisher-Price, Batcopter


Look to the skies! It’s Batman in his Batcopter! This toy by Fisher-Price is fun for little ones to use to snatch up villains right off the ground. The helicopter blades rotate. Plus, a Batman figure is included. Your kid will love putting Batman in the Batcopter to catch up to evil doers like The Joker in no time and acting out their favorite scenes too!

Mattel DC Comics 12″ Batman Action Figure


Mattel’s 12-inch Batman figure is an all-new design based on the classic. Adjustable and moveable, Batman can be posed in a variety of ways to chase down the villains in Gotham City. This toy is very detailed and even features hands that are capable of gripping weapons, which are sold separately. Mattel’s DC Comics line of other 12-inch action figures are fun to build a collection with to let superhero imaginations run wild.

Mattel Unlimited: 12″ Batman & Attack ATV Action Figure


From the Unlimited series, this Attack ATV along with a 12-inch action figure is a fantastic toy. The ATV is an exact replica of the one from the series with all the special details added in. The 12-inch figure can be posed and moved in many ways to drive the ATV. There’s no end to the fun your kid will have zooming Batman and his Attack ATV around to stop the bad guys!

Fisher-Price Imaginext, Batman & Batcycle


Another great toy choice is the Batman and Batcycle by Fisher-Price. Simply push the button and it will launch the Bat shield. It comes with a figure plus a Batpod and a projectile Bat shield. Batman is easy to pose too. You can also collect the villain figures such as Riddler or The Joker so your child can amuse himself for hours reenacting the best Batman scenes and even making up his own adventures!

Spy Gear – Batman Ultimate Utility Belt Bundle


For the kid that wants to be Batman, this toy is an excellent choice. They can wear Ultimate Utility Belt and imagine they are Batman! It comes with a Listener, a Tactical Light, and a Distractor. A detachable motion alarm is also included on the belt buckle to provide security. The Utility Belt has adjustable straps so that it can fit any kid ages 5 and up perfectly. It requires batteries to operate. You’ll need 5 AAA batteries (not included) and 4 LR44 batteries (included). An instruction guide also comes along so your little Batman has all the secrets to using his utility belt.

Final thoughts

All little boys dream of being Batman. As their love for Batman grows, you can grow their Batman toy collection. These are the best Batman toys for younger boys to enjoy. They can safely fight off crime and use their imaginations to dream up exciting scenes for Batman. If you already have a Batman toy figure, one of the transportation models will be an excellent choice for letting your son explore the world of superheroes deep in the heart of Gotham City.

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