Top 10 Best Beach Tents for Babies (2019 Reviews)

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With the hot summer sun now in full force, trying to protect the little ones in your family can be a challenge. That’s why a baby beach tent is exactly what you need to make backyard barbecues, days at the beach and pool, and any outdoor event cooler.

A beach tent gives your child a safe place to play while shielding them from the sun’s harmful rays.

There are many baby beach tent choices out there, but which is the best beach tent for babies? We’ve found the top 10 best beach tents for babies so you can choose the right one!

(Best Beach Tents For Babies In 2017)

MonoBeach Portable Baby Beach Tent


The great thing about this baby beach tent by MonoBeach is that it allows for room for the adults too. With a convenient pop-up design, it makes taking it along anywhere and setting it up simple.

A curtain in the front extends to provide some privacy, while the silver coated fabric provides full coverage from the sun’s UV rays to keep everyone in the family safe. It’s comfortable too, providing a sheltered place to sit in the outdoors. It also comes with a convenient carrying case making it easy to transport anywhere.

Things to consider

This lightweight baby beach tent is a must-have for those who love to be outdoors, especially in the summer months when the sun’s rays are the strongest. The pop-up design keeps things uncomplicated so you can set it up in seconds and enjoy your day. The special coated fabric provides peace of mind, knowing that your little one and anyone else who sits inside this baby beach tent will remain protected from UV rays.

Schylling UV Play Shade, Ultra Portable – SPF 50+


When choosing a baby beach tent, you want something that will keep your child safe from the scorching rays of the sun. Schylling’s incredibly portable baby beach tent gives you the protection you want with SPF 50+ material that provides the ultimate in sun defense. Plus, the material is waterproof so if a sudden rain shower occurs, this tent won’t get soaked and soggy.

Made with a patented design, it pops up in just seconds. It also folds down just as easily so you can take it along anywhere in the included travel bag. And while you don’t need to assemble it, you’ll be happy to know it comes with sand pockets and tie-down pegs so that once you pop it open, you can secure it in place even on windy days. With room for several toddlers at once, it makes for the perfect place for the little ones to play at the next family beach day or backyard barbecue.

Things to consider

One of the greatest things about this baby beach tent is the strong and sturdy waterproof material that shields little ones from the dangerous rays of the sun. Add to that a patented pop-up design with easy to use ways to secure it and it’s a fantastic choice for a baby beach tent that you can use every summer without worry while the little ones play together safely. Plus, it’s lightweight and folds up fast for easy stowing in the included travel bag which you can toss in the back of your car and go or hang up in the garage when not in use to store it with ease.

WolfWise UPF 50+ Easy Pop Up Beach Tent – Sunshade Baby Canopy


The material is made from anti-tear polyester. Supported with a galvanized steel frame that resists corrosion, it’s a durable and reliable baby beach tent you’ll still use years after your little ones have grown.

The unique pop-up design allows for quick opening and folding down in a matter of seconds. It’s free of assembly and includes a carrying bag to make toting it along easy. A large entrance, mesh windows and a rear door allow for prime ventilation to keep things cool and breezy. Plus the UPF 50+ waterproof material features a silver coating to reflect UV light away from the tent.

Additionally, this baby beach tent features storage pockets below each window to tuck toys or other small items in. For windy beach days, the sand pockets at each corner help keep the tent firmly in place.

Things to consider

We really love this baby beach tent for so many reasons. It’s sturdy and durable, which means you’ll get a lot of use out of it. The ease of opening and closing the tent is another plus. It takes just seconds to open and also folds up as quickly. The waterproof silver-coated material keeps the sun’s most damaging rays off your child so they can play safely inside. And while inside, the mesh windows allow for the air to flow so they won’t overheat. With included pockets to store items like toys and stuffed animals, this is one of the best baby beach tents you’ll find!

Ilovebaby Instant Portable Travel Baby Tent, Beach Play Tent for Babies, Blue


Made from a waterproof nylon material Ilovebaby’s baby beach tent is an essential to take along on all outdoor outings. This baby beach tent allows optimum air flow while keeping your baby out of the strong UV sun rays.

Zip it up to keep baby safe and you’ll still see her through the breathable mesh material. Set up as well as dismantling this baby beach tent requires no special skills. Simply pop it open or fold it up in a matter of seconds. With a strong and supportive material that blocks out the unpleasantness of the outdoors from the UV rays to mosquitoes and other pests, it’s a safe place for babies and toddlers to sleep or play while at the beach or at a backyard party. It can also be used indoors for make-believe fun!

Things to consider

For supreme breathability, sun protection, and bug protection, this baby beach tent has everything covered. Plus the translucent mesh design makes it easy for you to see what baby is up to inside the baby beach tent. Easy set up and take down mean no time-consuming assembly. It’s designed for outdoor comfort and protection while also making for a great play time place you can easily set up indoors too.

SunbaYouth Baby Beach Tent Beach Umbrella – Blue


SunbaYouth presents this baby beach tent that pops open and folds up in seconds flat. The fabric is coated in a special silver protector that keeps UV rays from penetrating and causing harm to your child. A detachable sun shade allows for extra protection for your baby too. A zippered window provides ventilation.

Additionally, you can set it up indoors for a fun play area for babies. The 2 side pockets are ideal for holding toys, dolls and stuffed animals at home or at the beach.

Things to consider

This seemingly simple baby beach tent has everything needed to keep baby safe and out of the sun’s damaging rays. The silver-coated fabric blocks UV penetration, the sun shade adds more protection, and it can be set up and put away with complete ease. Plus, pockets on the side make for tidy clean up when it comes to holding your baby’s toys, making this a great baby beach tent for your family.

Eggsnow Kids Play Tent Beach Tent – Good for Outdoor & Indoor


Eggsnow’s baby beach tent is bright while being non-toxic, making it a safe choice for the little ones. The material is easy to clean and ventilates well with three breathable mesh walls so fresh air flows through. Additionally, it allows for easy viewing of your baby inside so you’ll know if he needs you. The flexible steel holder in the frame keeps this baby beach tent sturdy, making it ideal for outdoor use however, it can also be used inside.

It’s large too. If you have more than one child or frequently host your child’s friends or cousins, a tent this large is a must. Set it up quickly with the 2 sturdy shock-corded poles. It comes down just as fast, folding easily into the included carry bag that conveniently stores it away when not in use. Take it to the beach or camping, or use it for sleepovers and play dates.

Things to consider

The large size of this baby beach tent is definitely worth considering. However one thing you should be mindful of is that this model tent does not pop open. There is some assembly required. And while that assembly is easy, for those that have never used a tent or want something that just pops right open, this is not the baby beach tent for you.

EocuSun Children Kids Play Tent – For Boys & Girls


For a bright and colorful tent, choose EocuSun’s baby beach tent. The design features polka dots and a unique design that encourages toddler imaginative play. The breathable mesh material keeps the air fresh and flowing while allowing you to keep an eye on your child.

It’s lightweight and pops open and folds down for easy baby beach tent fun. Coated with non-toxic paint, it’s safe for little ones too. Cleaning is easy. Just wipe it off and you’re done. You can also opt to turn it into a ball pit if you desire.

Things to consider

While this baby beach tent is certainly bright and welcoming and loads of fun for little ones, it seems much better suited to the indoors. There’s nothing to anchor it down on a windy day and while it does allow for plenty of ventilation and easy visibility of your child inside, plus has the pop-up and fold-down design, there seem to be better choices on our list for outdoor adventures. Using it in the backyard should be fine though. You can add colorful play balls inside too if you wish but they are not included with the purchase of this baby beach tent.

Oummit Pop Up Baby Beach Tent


Oummit offers a unique design for the baby beach tent. Before we get to what makes it so cool, it’s made from lightweight material that features a detachable sun shade with silver-coated fabric for complete sun protection. With a pop-up design, it’s easy to take along anywhere and folds back up in seconds. It comes with a carry bag and 4 pegs to help keep it in place while outdoors.

So what makes this design so interesting? There is a mini pool in the tent that you can use, allowing for a cool and safe place to splash right by Mom and Dad.

Things to consider

This baby beach tent offers up many of the same quality features as the other choices on our list. However, what makes it stand out is the mini pool inside the tent. That being said, parents who choose this baby beach tent should be vigilant in watching their small children. Even in a small amount of water, drowning is possible. If your baby can’t sit up, don’t fill the mini pool with water and simply allow your baby to enjoy the comfortable interior wherever you take him.

Babymoov Anti-UV Tent – Pop-Up Sun Shelter for Infants and Toddlers


Babymoov makes it easy to keep your little ones safe from the sun with this baby beach tent. The material is designed to protect up to 99% of the dangerous UVA and UVB sun rays, plus it guards against strong winds and any sand that kicks up as a result of it.

The super-light design makes toting it anywhere easy, as does the pop-up system which allows you to easily open it and close it in just seconds. The large size allows for plenty of play room for your little ones while keeping them protected in the great outdoors.

Things to consider

This large baby beach tent keeps your little ones in a safe playing place while blocking the sun’s damaging rays from tender skin. With the ability to open and close it easily, it’s a great baby beach tent to consider, plus it’s lightweight for easy transport.

Hippo Creation Breathable Beach Umbrella/Play Tent – New For 2017


Hippo Creation’s adorable shark design makes this baby beach tent fun, not to mention safe for outdoor use in the sun. With an umbrella top, it is ideal for outdoor use but can also be used inside for fun playtime.

It’s easy to transport and open up. It collapses when you’re ready to go home with complete ease and weighs less than 2 lbs. The breathable coated material blocks the harmful rays of the sun with SPF 50 protection. The curtain in the back rolls up to allow fresh air to flow through for breathability.

With steel wire rods and PVC connectors in the frame, it stays firmly open and in place. It comes with studs that anchor it safely in the dirt or sand to keep it from blowing over on a windy beach day. Plus the materials are environmentally friendly, giving your children a safe and non-toxic shield from the sun while outdoors.

Things to consider

The adorable design of this baby beach tent makes it a unique choice that also provides extreme protection from the elements. Allowing air to flow through and staying put where you anchor it, it’s a safe place for kids to play during your outdoor excursions.
Final thoughts

Babies and small children have more sensitive skin and even with sun protection applied to their skin, they can still suffer damage from the sun’s intense rays. Even if you’re vigilant in reapplying sunscreen, the heat can be exhausting for your children. Having a baby beach tent is a great way to keep the kids happy during beach or backyard barbecues. It also keeps them from wandering off into harm’s way.

These baby beach tents are the best we looked at and we know if you choose one of these, your next outdoor outing will be fun and safe for everyone in the family!

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Baby Beach Tent

If you love the beach, you’ll want to take your little one there too. That’s why a baby beach tent is an essential item for you. Your baby’s sensitive skin needs extra protection in the sun. For many families, a trip to the beach is an all-day adventure. Not everyone has the luxury of living right on the beach and can come and go as they please. And when you’re taking a baby to the beach, it takes a lot more effort to get everything you need so you’ll be able to enjoy your time there.

A baby beach tent gives your baby a safe place to play on the beach or anywhere outdoors that provides additional protection from the sun and elements. It also makes for a nice place to have a nap. Some baby beach tents even have a shallow pool in them so your baby or toddler can splash and keep cool without staying out in the sun. While you’ll need to supervise during those times, it’s certainly an option that will help extend your day trip to the beach.

There are many other things you should consider when purchasing a baby beach tent. Here they are:


When it comes to the design of your baby beach tent, you’ll want to think about the material used to make it. Does it allow for breathability and keep air flowing throughout it? Is it easy to clean? Is it made from materials that provide UVA and UVB protection? What if the weather turns foul? Will it stand up to wind and rain? These are all important considerations when choosing a baby beach tent. After all, you don’t want to just choose one based on color or because it looks cool.


The size of your baby beach tent truly matters. If you have more than one child or frequently plan beach days with friends or family that have other children, choosing a larger tent might be wise. However, as a general rule of thumb, the bigger the tent, the heavier it is. Consider this when choosing your baby beach tent, especially if you’ll have a large cooler and other items along with you. But if carrying it is no problem or you find a lightweight larger tent, then that will work out just fine. Larger baby beach tents also tend to be sturdier so if it’s really windy, you can be sure your little one is safe and secure inside. Ideally, you’ll find a baby beach tent that will be in the middle of this spectrum – something that is large and sturdy enough while being easy enough to transport anywhere you go.


Of course, you are buying the baby beach tent in the first place to protect your child from the elements. One thing you must watch out for is that not every baby beach tent is crafted from materials that are rated as providing both UVA and UVB protection from the sun. Without that level of protection, your child can still suffer from sunburn even inside the tent, so make sure that the materials are up to par. Another thing the baby beach tent should protect from is wind and sand. With big winds on the beach, it’s easy for sand to go flying. No one likes sand in their eyes or mouth, and that’s especially true for babies and small children. Additionally, should it begin to sprinkle or you’re using the tent for another outdoor outing and it really begins to pour, having a material that keeps your baby dry inside is also important. So look for baby beach tents that are made with quality materials that provide real protection from all of the elements.


In addition to providing protection for tender skin, the material of the baby beach tent that you purchase should allow for proper airflow. Because the body temperature of babies is easily prone to the environment around them, it’s so important to have a cool and shady place where the air flows so that they can stay comfortable outside without overheating. Keeping your baby’s body temperature at the right temperature without getting too hot is very important for his or her health. If the baby beach tent you are considering doesn’t allow for proper air circulation to flow through it, it’s not safe for use.


Don’t forget that you’ll want to be sure your baby beach tent can be secured. Many models have pockets you can fill with sand to create mini-sandbags that help keep it in place. There are others with stakes. Having some kind of security measure like this means that your baby beach tent will stay in place from the moment you set it up until the moment you take it down to go home.

Benefits of Using a Baby Beach Tent

The benefits of using a baby beach tent are quite numerous. For one, you have a shady and comfortable place for your child to play or rest while on the beach or at another outdoor venue, like a family picnic at the park. As mentioned, keeping a baby’s temperature at the proper level is essential for her survival. But beyond that, protecting her from the sun and other elements is imperative too. When you buy a proper baby beach tent, you get sun protection, shade, and a bit of a shelter to keep out elements.

Another thing about baby beach tents is that because the material is breathable, you can safely enclose your baby and not worry about her getting bitten up by bugs during your adventures. And if baby gets tired, it’s an ideal nap spot. It’s also a great play spot for toddlers too as they can get out of the sun and into the shade of the baby beach tent for a cool place to relax and play.

A baby beach tent is a wise choice that will help keep your child safe, comfortable and protected when you go outdoors. Choose one that takes care of all these measures and you’ll have incredible peace of mind at the beach, in the mountains, or even in your own backyard.


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