Best Breast Pumps For Moms – 2018

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Electric Breast PumpIf you’re having a baby in 2018, then you’ll likely need a breast pump to help you out. Whether you’re going back to work or staying home, a breast pump can help you express your breast milk to keep you from becoming engorged.

Working moms rely on electric breast pumps to help keep up their milk supply and to have milk to bring home for the baby while stay at home moms will rely on the breast pump to relieve the pressure in their breasts and get a break from all the hard work that comes with being a mom by being able to leave breast milk with a caregiver.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump w


Medela has always been a leading breast pump brand. This electric breast pump is a double pump that is ideal for the multi-tasking office mom. It makes short work of pumping while allowing you to keep your hands free for other tasks. You can pump right in the privacy of your office in the most efficient way. Plus, the built-in bottle holders keep your precious breast milk from spilling out. You can use the battery pack to pump anywhere though in case you don’t have your own office as long as you have 8 AA batteries to load into it. Or you can plug it in to any outlet to get pumping. Best of all, it comes with a tote bag that has a removable cooler with an ice pack that’s contoured to fit four bottles of breast milk.

Spectra Baby USA – S2 Hospital Grade



This hospital-grade electric pump allows you to pump with ease one breast at a time. The closed system keeps the tubing dry which means you’ve got one less thing to clean between pumping. That means safer expressing of milk because bacteria, mold and viruses can’t get in. Another great feature of this electric breast pump is that you can customize the settings to follow your flow which makes your pumping experience more comfortable. Plus, it’s free of DEHP and BPA so you can rest easy.

Spectra Baby is also run by a team of board certified lactation consultants, registered nurses and moms so you can trust this breast pump design to be among the best of 2018.

Medela Harmony Manual


If you don’t often spend time away from your baby or you find yourself becoming engorged and need relief, this easy-to-use breast pump operates manually for a quick and efficient pump. This pump by Medela features a 2-phase technology for expressing your milk and it’s lightweight as well as discreet. The handle is ergonomic and swivels to make this style of pumping comfortable. All the parts that have contact with your breast milk are free from BPA too so you can pump with confidence.

A bottle stand makes it easy to keep from accidentally tipping over your milk so you’ll never have to cry over spilled milk in 2018.

Philips Avent Manual Comfort



Here is another breast pump that works manually while still being comfortable. It’s ideal for women who don’t need to pump often or have to do so discreetly on the go. It’s designed to be comfortable so you can sit back and relax instead of leaning forward. The massaging cushion helps to stimulate milk flow plus the design is lightweight, compact, easy to clean, and easy to assemble too.

Spectra Baby USA – S1




This electric breast pump by Spectra Baby thinks of the needs of moms in 2018 just like the S2 model. The difference between this model, the S1, and the other model on our list is that this one comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. So in addition to the amazing features of the S2 model, you can really take this one anywhere you go and never have to worry about replacing batteries.

Breast Pump Breastfeeding Pump With Large LCD

Breast Pump Breastfeeding



Babebay thoughtfully designed this electric breast pump for 2018 with a 9-level suction adjustment that mimics the natural sucking that babies make to gently and effectively pump your breast milk. The large LCD screen keeps you informed even in the middle of the night plus it runs quietly so it won’t wake up the family. The closed system design keeps your milk from flowing back so your milk stays free from contamination while you can sit comfortably without having to hold an odd posture to prevent backflow. Plus, there are many ways to power it up from the AC adapter to the USB port. It even runs on batteries if you’re on the go!

HappyHapi Double Electric

HappyHapi Double Electric



Double your efforts in half the time with this electric breast pump that will give you more time for yourself in 2018. With a strong suction that prevents backflow, you get comfortable pumping on both breasts at once. Plus, you can charge it via USB. On a full charge, you can use it 15 times.

The touch-screen LED display makes it easy to use plus it’s easy to see at night, even when you’re in a dark room. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed too so you can purchase it with confidence.

NOKIRE Manual Breast Pump


With a comfortable and silent operation, this gentle breast pump works manually to express your milk. Made with food-grade silicone that’s BPA-free, your milk stays safe and natural. This product is approved by the FDA too to add to your peace of mind. The shape of the pump allows you to feel comfortable as you pump so you relax and let your milk down. Because it is quiet, you can pump discreetly anywhere without feeling like you’re compromising your privacy. Plus, it’s soft and light, making it easy to take anywhere. You can hand wash it easily or put it in the top rack of your dishwasher. If you’re not happy though, it comes with a money back guarantee for a 100% refund, no questions asked

Things to Consider

These best breast pumps for 2018 are all excellent choices, however it all comes down to your individual needs as to which one is best. For one, if you’re a working mom with a busy schedule, you really don’t have time for down time. And wouldn’t you rather spend those precious moments you have taking a break to actually take a break rather than pump? That’s why for moms like you, choosing an electric breast pump that can pump both breasts at once is ideal. It slashes the time spent pumping so you can get back to other matters fast. They are also hands-free, making it easy to multi-task with calls or type on your computer.

If you stay at home, you may want a pump just to relieve your breasts when they feel too full. A simple manual breast pump model might be best for you because you won’t need to use it often. The manual ones on our list are designed to put you at ease. There are even hands-free options with manual breast pumps too so you can get back to your life. No mom ever wants to pump while the baby is sleeping only to finish and have the baby wake right up. That leaves you no time for you!

Other times, you may want to have both types on hand. Why? Because if you have a lot of milk to pump and you work, an electric pump will be the most efficient, but there are times a manual pump can serve as an excellent runner up in an emergency. Do you live in an area that often gets large storms that wipe out the power? Having a manual pump to use in case of an electrical outage is a smart idea. No one wants to ride out a snow storm or a hurricane with breasts that feel like they might explode.

We also like the designs that prevent backflow. That keeps your milk supply safe from contaminants so you’ll never have to worry about that. Some of these breast pumps have this feature but all of them are free from BPA and other nasty chemicals at least.

Final thoughts

Pumping your milk is essential if you plan to breastfeed your child. Even if you plan to exclusively breastfeed, you will want to have a pump on hand for when your breasts get too swollen with milk. It also helps you build up a milk supply which you can stash in your freezer for later use. Let’s not forget that when babies get their teeth or get a cold, they may go on a nursing strike too which means they won’t nurse as much. You’ll still need to get your milk out so always keep a breast pump on hand.

At the very least, get a manual breast pump so you won’t be left in the lurch when you really need your milk to come out. Though if you are a mom that works outside the home, it’s probably for the best if you get an electric breast pump, a double pump if you can swing it just so you make short work of the task and maximize your accomplishments for the day.

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