Best Camping Tents For Kids – Indoor And Outdoor Activities

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With summer quickly approaching, many parents are looking for things to keep the kids busy on trips or even at home for some make believe fun. Camping tents for kids are a great way to give your children a cool place in the shade for outdoor play or to even use indoors in a variety of ways.

Not all camping tents for kids are created equal, though. We took a look at some of the best camping tents for kids and put them to the test so you can buy one for your children with complete peace of mind. We took into account factors like indoor and outdoor usage ability, durability, and flexibility, among a few.

If you’re going camping, having a backyard barbecue or just want the kids to have something new to entertain them in the home for the summer, read on to find out our top choice for best-camping tents for kids.

(Best Rated Camping Tents For Kids – 2017 Reviews)

Pacific Play Tents Super Duper 4 Kid Dome Tent – Outdoor And Indoor


This tent is 58” x 58” x 46” high, made of polyester, and has the ability to be used both indoors as well as outdoors. The top is mesh, allowing for better ventilation as well as for parents to be able to take a gander inside to make sure everyone is playing nice. The floor is waterproof so if anyone spills juice, it’s an easy clean-up.

It also has 2 tunnel ports that have roll down flaps. Tunnels are not included, however, it is very easy to purchase them from Pacific Play and use them to connect multiple tents for the ultimate kid tent city. Even adults can fit easily inside making it a great place to tell stories, play board games, or just let imaginations run wild.


This tent allows for plenty of fun for everyone, and the fact that you can expand it with tunnels and connect it to other tents can really make those backyard barbecues and camping trips even more fun. Since adults can fit into them too, buying this brand is pretty smart if you plan to do campouts because you connect all of them together and have your own makeshift outdoor home in the wild.

Kiddey Kids Play Tent & Playhouse –  Boys and Girls


For indoor or outdoor use, this tent sets up easily and fast. It comes with flexible tent poles, and for the outdoors, has in-ground stakes so it won’t blow away. The carry bag conveniently helps you to store it or bring it along wherever you go. It’s waterproof both inside and out so rain or spills won’t cause problems.

Large in size at 58 x 46 x 58 inches, it offers a Velcro-entry front door and features two tunnel openings with roll-down flaps. It’s a great camping tent for imaginary play, camping, or a fun place to catch some shade in the backyard on a hot summer day. Additionally, this tent is large enough to fit a small, kid-sized table making it a perfect snack spot. The mesh top provides proper ventilation too.


While there are tunnel openings, it’s not entirely clear if the manufacturer creates tunnels that can be attached to this tent. That’s worth looking into if you would like to expand this tent so that it can connect with other tents. Other than that, it’s a sturdy and fun tent for kids, so if you’re looking to possibly expand on this camping tent for kids, be advised that it might be difficult to add on to.

WolfWise Play Tent Indoor Outdoor Beach Tent Sun Shelter  – 4 Kids


Made from premium polyester that resists tearing, this beach tent for kids features breathable mesh openings and a waterproof floor. It’s lightweight, making for easy transport and is designed durable for even the roughest play.

The mesh roof allows for proper air flow while keeping bugs out. There is also a detachable rain cover so on sunny days, you can let the sun shine in. When it starts to rain, you can easily reattach the rain cover. It also provides shade on those days when the sun is bright and strong.

There are two doors, one in front and one in the back. The windows on the side zipper down sides are mesh as well for increased air flow while keeping the insects away. Inside, there are storage bags so your child can stow away small toys. You can also connect play tunnels to this tent, making it easy to expand on the fun.


This fun tent has a great design, is quality made and very versatile. It connects easily to tunnels and with the removable rain cover and an easy set-up, it is a fantastic choice for a kids’ camping tent.

Pop Up Tent for Kids, Freehawk Outdoor Indoor Children Play Tents


This adorably-designed cartoon tent wins with cuteness. It pops right open when you unfold it, making it fast and easy to set up even for those who have never used a tent. It’s lightweight and great for indoor or outdoor use. The mesh material is high density and it features waterproof polyester for the rest of the tent.

Like all kids camping tents, it is a great place to play inside or outside for imaginary fun or an outdoor snack retreat.


The pop-up design is perfect for anyone who has never set up a camping tent. There’s nothing to it. Just unfold it and it opens up. On the downside, it’s a little small and has no opportunity for expansion so if those factors are important to you, this tent will not meet your needs.

Kiddey Kids Play Tent – Indoor And Outdoor


The steel frame of this adorable kid camping tent is very durable and sturdy. The fabric is constructed out of 100% polyester and is designed to withstand wear and tear. It’s also easy to clean for all those spills or from dirt from the outdoors.

It’s designed for use indoors as well as outdoors. Perforated windows allow air to enter and circulate while keeping out insects. Designed for children ages two and up, it is a great play place that can also be filled with plastic balls, sold separately, to create a fun ball pit.

It’s easy to store too. It comes with patented “Twist N’ Fold Technology” and requires no tools for setting up or dismantling. Convenient storage bag makes travel and storage of this tent simple.


This tent pops open with ease and can be folded down just as quickly. It’s very cute and can be used anywhere. It’s not very big but it can be filled with plastic balls to turn it into a ball bit. There are no tunnel options, but if you are interested in using it as a ball pit, the balls are sold separately.

Kids Adventure Outdoor Playtent Camo Dome Shape


Here is a camping tent for kids that looks more like a true camping tent. It’s dome-shaped and has a Camo design made from durable polyester. The plastic floor allows for easy clean-up. Stakes hold it in place outdoors for any weather condition.

Two children can play inside with ease. The mesh windows provide air circulation while keeping pests from entering. There are options to install a 6-foot Camo Tunnel by the same manufacturer to help extend the fun for indoor or outdoor use. It’s easy to assemble and easy to travel with or store away in a comfortable carrying case.


The design resembles a real camping tent with Camo style. It allows for the addition of a Camo Tunnel, sold separately. It’s a great tent that can be used indoors or outdoors, making it a nice choice for kids tent in 2017.

Giga The Knights Tower Kids Play Tent


With a cute design like a small castle in bright colors, this tent is fashioned for indoor and outdoor use. It requires no tools to set up and features 2 large skylights that allow plenty of light inside and make for an easy way for parents to check in on things. It wipes clean easily and is a great place for imaginative play.


This made-in-China camping tent for kids is too small for adults to enter comfortably. While the design is adorable, it is too small for adults to enter comfortably. Still, it can be great fun for children playing indoors or outside. It offers many ways to use the imagination.

Final thoughts

The best camping tents for kids should be sturdy enough to withstand the outdoor elements as well as your children’s wear and tear on them. They should be easy to assemble and should offer an opportunity for expansion to make the fun even greater. This is why we love the WolfWise Play Tent because it was so highly rated by customers, it was durable, and it offered ways to expand on the tent. You can connect it to other tents via tunnels, making it a really great way to keep kids entertained on outdoor camping trips or at home, both indoors and outdoors.

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