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Kids want to smell their best too. In hot climates or when summertime rolls around, the pressure to stay fresh-smelling is on. It’s especially important for kids who are active in sports, but around the age of 8 and on up, children want to keep from clearing out a room with an unpleasant odor.

Kids Deodorant is just the solution for your active kid, or for helping your kid stay odor-free in the hot weather. The best deodorant for kids depends on your child’s needs as well as gender. We’ve rounded up the 7 best deodorants options so you can choose the effective deodorant for kids that best matches your kid’s needs.

Keep It Kind Fresh Kidz Boys Natural Deodorant


For kids and tweens, there is now a deodorant specially formulated for their younger, more sensitive skin. There is nothing harmful in this formulation. All the ingredients are natural. You won’t find parabens, aluminum, or even alcohol in it.

This formulation has been shown to effectively prevent body odor for 24 hours. It won’t leave marks or stains on clothing either. All it does is use natural ingredients to provide effective protection all day by keeping odor-causing bacteria from developing. Additionally, it won’t clog pores so skin can breathe easy.


It’s a natural choice for deodorant for kids, allowing you to give your child confidence by controlling their scent without giving them chemicals to prevent it. We also love that the formula is as breathable as it is natural, meaning skin won’t be suppressed.

Truly’s – All Natural, Long Lasting Organic Cream Deodorant For Kids


If your child has sensitive skin, Truly’s Natural and organic formula is an excellent deodorant. Apply in the morning for complete all day long protection that is organic and GMO-free. There are no ingredients that cause stinging. Plus it doesn’t leave stains or white marks on clothing.

With no fragrances or chemicals, it’s a natural choice for deodorant. There are no nasties here. It is free of aluminum, parabens, and propylene glycol. The ingredients are simple and wholesome. Plus you can pronounce them all. This product is made with organic coconut oil, baking soda, beeswax, and organic powdered sugar.

Yep! That’s it! Truly’s devotes itself to creating natural products that prevent odor-causing bacteria from showing up. It’s the same great formula for Truly’s adult line. Simple, natural, and effective, it’s a deodorant that won’t expose them to harmful chemicals.


The simple list of ingredients in this deodorant for kids includes edible ingredients. And while your child will hopefully not attempt to snack on it, it’s nice to know none of these ingredients are harmful. It’s the same formula as Truly’s makes for adults though, just repackaged to appeal to children. If you are searching a kids deodorant under $10 then this is a great choice.

Tom’s of Maine Teen Girls Natural Summer Deodorant


Kids Deodorant is important, especially for active teen girls who want to feel confident about the way they smell. Tom’s is well-known for creating other wholesome and natural products. It makes sense that their deodorant would be natural and safe too.

This deodorant provides clinically-proven 24-hour odor protection. It’s completely natural with fragrances from nature and nothing synthetic. You won’t find parabens, aluminum, phthalates or fake fragrances in this product, plus Tom’s never tests on animals nor does it use animal-based ingredients so it works with your vegan lifestyle.


In addition to containing only safe and natural ingredients, Tom’s is an effective deodorant for kids that will keep foul odors away and keep confidence up. Plus, it’s not made with any animal products so if your family keeps to a vegan lifestyle, this is a choice you can feel good about.

Junior Varsity Naturals Kids Natural Deodorant for Girls – Unscented


For safe, gentle, natural and effective deodorant for kids, Junior Varsity has your girl covered. This formulation for girls is free of aluminum chlorohydrate, propylene glycol, and parabens. It goes on clear to keep from staining clothing or leaving telling deodorant marks. No matter how active your kid is, this deodorant is designed to keep up, keeping foul odors away and allowing your child to shine naturally and confidently.


Just like the version for boys, Junior Varsity’s deodorant that is made for girls is a fantastic option for keeping your girl feeling cool and confident without putting her in direct contact with harmful ingredients. The natural formulation allows you to rest easy, knowing that you can let your girl feel confident in sports or on any adventure without applying chemicals to her body.

Kids Natural Deodorant for Boys – Junior Varsity Naturals


Junior Varsity makes this deodorant for boys. It’s natural, gentle, and effective. If you’re worried about giving your child something with harsh chemicals, you can rest easy with this brand, knowing it’s a natural choice. There is no aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, or propylene glycol contained in this product.

It is made with natural antibacterial ingredients and has been tested for effectiveness. It goes on clear to keep from leaving white residual marks on clothing too. Designed for busy and active kids, it is ready to tackle even the sweatiest of boys, ensuring a fresh feeling and odor-free existence all day long. Plus, the Citrus Sport scent is refreshing.


It’s nice to know that you can give this deodorant to your son without worrying that the ingredients used to make it could cause him harm someday down the line. Instead, you get peace of mind in this natural product and your son will enjoy the effective benefits of being odor-free without harsh chemical additives. Win-win!

Fresh Kidz Girls “Purple” Natural Deodorant and Body Wash Set


This certified vegan natural deodorant and body wash set provides 24 hours of odor protection. Formulated for girls 8 and up with a trendy design, she’ll love it for how confident and cool she feels from shower to beyond. And you’ll love it because this roll-on deodorant contains no parabens, alcohol, or aluminum. It’s all natural and allows for the skin to breathe too.

The clean scent is enjoyable plus the formula, which is not animal tested, is safe for all skin types. It keeps bad odors away while providing breathable coverage to the skin without clogging pores.


Deodorant is one step in keeping odor away. The other is keeping skin clean. We love this set for girls so that she can feel fresh from the shower to long after she’s dried off and dressed for her day. The cool design will make her happy to try it. Plus, you’ll love it for the chemical-free formula. It harms no animals and fits in line with a vegan lifestyle too.

Fresh Kidz Boys – Natural Deodorant and Body Wash Set – Blue


Give your son 24 hours of odor-free protection with this certified vegan, natural deodorant and body wash set for boys. It’s made for boys ages 8 and up that has cool designs she’ll love. Active in sports or just plain active, any boy will gain confidence in odor-free protection with this set. Shower on fresh scent and keep fresh all day with the roll-on deodorant for kids that contains no parabens, alcohol, or aluminum. It’s all natural and allows for the skin to breathe too.

The clean scent is enjoyable plus the formula, which is not animal tested, is safe for all skin types. It keeps bad odors away while providing breathable coverage to skin without clogging pores.


Just like the wash set formulation for girls, the one for boys is marketed to appeal to them with the same great features. No animal testing, vegan-friendly and completely chemical-free, it’s a wonderful choice for keeping your son fresh and odor-free.

Final thoughts

While each formulation of these deodorants for kids is slightly different and targeted toward boys or girls, the end result is the same. They all offer natural ways to stay odor-free. They each make a wonderful choice for your child so that they can confidently stay dry and free of foul smells and you can feel good about choosing a product made from natural and pure ingredients. If you live a vegan lifestyle, you’ll want to go for the vegan-friendly options. Otherwise, any of these will be a wonderful choice that will keep your child smelling nice no matter their level of activity or the type of heat radiating from the outdoors.


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