Top 10 Best Diaper Bags for Twins (2018 Reviews)

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There are diaper bags, and then there are diaper bags for twins. What’s the difference? Well, parents of twins can tell you that you need double of everything when you have twins. So that simple outing to the supermarket? You need a diaper bag that can hold enough diapers, wipes and essentials for 2 babies. Because the minute you don’t carry enough stuff in your diaper bag will be the time when your babies both make the smelliest diaper messes of all.

That’s why parents that are expecting twins need to get a diaper bag for twins. It’s roomy enough to carry everything you need for both kids, plus has room to spare for your personal effects too. So without further ado, we present the best diaper bags for twins.

Diaper Bag by Hip Cub – Baby Changing Pad


This diaper bag is so fashionable that you’ll want to carry it even after the twins are grown. There’s a matching changing pad plus stroller straps that make it easy to take the weight off your shoulders and keep your hands free too. Strapped to the stroller, it’s easy to grab out everything you need. There are 7 pockets perfect for packing. The main compartment features a secure zipper, plus there are 2 side pockets made for bottles and there are also 2 external pockets that work well for wet clothes or blankets. Inside the main compartment are 2 more internal pockets for your convenience.

It’s large enough to hold everything for both babies without being bulky and weighing you down. It also comes with a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag – Solid Navy


So it’s not as pretty as the first one, but if Dad is taking the twins anywhere, the style of this diaper bag for twins isn’t going to have him gawked at. It’s a handy diaper bag though that will have you singing its praises. There’s a quick access window where you can stash wipes so you’ll never be fumbling around for them during an emergency. It also contains a specialty pocket which is so special it has its own name – “The Diaper Hammock.” What it does is keeps your diapers at the top of the pack while keeping them neat and clean. The main compartment is spacious and opens in a clamshell design to easily retrieve anything you need. The interior also smartly uses light colored fabric so that it is easy to find all your things without endlessly rifling through your diaper bag.

There are 2 bottle pockets that you can get to from the outside of the bag, each capable of holding 2 bottles apiece, making it an ideal diaper bag for 2 kids. Oh, and the stroller straps make it easy to lock it into place and keep on rolling in one easy move.

Diaper Bag, Nappy Bag by Maman


Fashion and function converge with the design of this diaper bag for twins. There’s plenty of room here with 10 (yes, 10!) pockets to tote around all your things. The main compartment features a secure zipper, plus there’s a front zippered pocket that can hold your personal items like your keys, phone and wallet. Two side pockets are ideal for bottles and drinks while the external back pocket holds your changing pad (which is thoughtfully included in this diaper bag!). There are external magnetic front pockets that make it easy to quickly grab out your most important items while inside, 2 interior pockets for diapers and wipes and 1 more interior pocket with a secure zipper for stashing money complete the diaper bag. Oh, and did we mention it’s waterproof? So if you fumble the bottle and spill it all over the bag or get caught out in the rain or, heaven forbid, both twins spit up all over it at once, it can be wiped clean in seconds flat.

Stroller straps mean you can fasten it to the stroller and go. But should you not be happy with this amazing diaper bag, there is a 100% money back guarantee.

Diaper Bag Chevron w/ Changing Mat, by NimNik


This diaper bag can do it all! It’s built to last so you can use it before your twins arrive, while your twins are babies and toddlers, and even a weekend bag once the kids are all grown. The beautiful Chevron design is made from a 100% non-odor polyester which happens to be BPA-free and phthalate-free too. Inside, you’ve got loads of pockets to stash all your essentials for your twins. Plus, it comes with a changing mat and wet bag for those gross messes on the go. Satisfaction is guaranteed so you can purchase without worry knowing the hassle-free full refund policy has you covered.

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag, The Monarch


This machine washable diaper bag is treated with Teflon on the exterior so stains will never stick. Agion on the inside keeps odor-causing bacteria, mildew and mold from forming. Metal hardware assures you that nothing will break off when you’re trying to zip or unzip anything. Inside, you’ll find 6 mesh pockets that hold it all plus 2 exterior pockets lined with 3M Thinsulate magnet closures for bottles, and there is a full zip-down pocket just for moms so you can gain quick access to your ringing phone.

The lifetime warranty means it’s the only diaper bag for twins that you’ll ever need!

Double Signature Carry All Travel Diaper Bag – Skip Hop


This handsome diaper bag is ideal to attach to any side-by-side double stroller thanks to its patented Shuttle Clips. You get 16 pockets that give you more than enough room for all the twins’ stuff. One of them is a zippered pocket just for you and your personal items while there are 2 side pockets that can hold bottles or cups. Strap choices mean you can wear it as a messenger style or carry it like a tote. All the pockets closes with magnets except the main compartment which has a sturdy zipper to seal it shut. Plus a cell phone pocket and pen holders make it extra convenient to use.

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag


Stains are no match for this diaper bag! It’s treated with Teflon on the outside so they virtually bounce off. Inside, Agion keeps smells and bacteria, mold and mildew away. Durable metal hardware, mesh pockets and 3M Thinsulate magnet-sealing pockets for bottles are just a few more of the fabulous features of this stylish diaper bag. Easy access to your things is a must and it totally has you covered, including with a lifetime warranty that’s in the bag!

Diaper Bag for Girls and Boys by 7Senses


Don’t just buy any diaper bag. Buy one that is built to last with quality that will see you through the newborn phase until long beyond the toddler years. You’ve got enough room in this bag to carry everything for the twins and for you too. It comes with a matching changing pad and stroller straps, adding more convenience to your life. There are 10 handy pockets to hold it all in including the zippered main compartment. Messy things cPreview (opens in a new window)an go in the big magnetic pockets so they don’t spread wetness or odor to your belongings. You can fit enough toys and diapers in this thing that you’ll never run out during your outings.

Filberry Messenger DIAPER BAG for DADS & MOMS


This diaper bag is something even the dads will want to carry. With a messenger bag style, it allows for easy access. The top zipper feature makes it easy to get in and grab what you need in seconds. There are 11 pockets, one of which is waterproof. Another is insulated for bottles or snacks and the parent pocket holds all your personal items. It comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee and even includes a free accessory set normally worth $30 that includes an extra large changing pad, a cell phone holder and a wide insulated bottle bag.

Skip Hop Duo Double Signature Carry All Travel Diaper Bag


This diaper bag for twins can fit effortlessly on a double side-by-side stroller. You get 16 pockets perfect for holding double everything like you need for twins. It can hold it all. Plus the patented Shuttle Clips keep the bag in place with ease on your double stroller. Magnetic closures mean things stay put yet open instantly when you need something. You’ll find an easy-access cell phone pocket and pen holders so you can get what you need in seconds flat. Plus, the contrasting lining inside means you’ll never waste time scrounging around for things that are hard to see. It’s free of phthalates too so you can use it with complete peace of mind.

Things to consider

When you have twins coming into this world, you need a bag that can pull double duty. After all, you need double of everything. But why get two bags? That’s silly! Using a diaper bag for twins is the most efficient way to hold all their things and yours too. When deciding on which one to choose, we feel it’s best to think about the materials used. Is it easy to clean? Is it safe for your child?

Also, you want think about the pockets and how much space you get. If you bottle feed, having a diaper bag that can hold enough bottles is more important to you, for example. If you are outside a lot, one that is water resistant might be best. Plus, you need to like how the diaper bag is laid out. Can you get to your phone and keys fast? Will your personal items stay safe or could they become the victim of a leaky bottle spill? Thinking these things out first is important. Additionally, if parents are sharing the duty of the bag, it might be best to choose one that has a unisex design so that both parents are happy to carry it.

Final thoughts

A twin diaper bag is designed to hold double the items that a regular diaper bag does. Invest in a quality one and you will find that it holds up for years, all through the crazy years of childhood and will still be something you use to tote things around in even after the kids are grown.

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