Best Dollhouses For Girls In 2018 – (Top 10 Reviews)

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Every girl needs a dollhouse. The best dollhouse for girls is one that suits their age range and fulfills their dreams. There are so many options to choose from too.

We’ve gone through the best dollhouses for girls and narrowed our search down to these 10. They’re a girl’s dream come true! Check them out and see which girls’ dollhouse is best for your girl!

(Top 10 Best Dollhouses For Girls In 2018)

Barbie Dreamhouse


By far, the Barbie Dreamhouse is every little girl’s dream dollhouse. This girls dollhouse has three floors with seven rooms. It even has a working elevator! Over 70 accessories can snap into place for an interactive furniture experience with lights and sound. Some even move, like the aquarium! The fish in it swim and it makes bubbling sounds.

Rooms include a kitchen, dining room, and even a pet room. There’s also a walk-in closet and a garage. Oh, and let’s not forget the swimming pool. It’s got everything you’d want in your own home and more. Girls ages 3 to 10 will absolutely love this girl’s dollhouse. Dolls, pets, and car are all sold separately.


If your daughter loves playing with Barbies, she’s going to love this dream house. It really does have so many features that it will make you jealous for your own home. The interactive items make it even more fun and entertaining. It’s a classic choice for good reason!

KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture


This doll cottage is adorable and comes with all the things you’d hope a girls dollhouse would. There are 17 included pieces of furniture, plus two staircases and three different levels of space to imagine with. The windows open and close too.

It’s large enough for multiple children to share and play at the same time, plus it can be a great home for 4-inch mini dolls. Girls ages 3 to 7 will find it delightful. Dolls are sold separately.


This is a cute girls doolhouse with just enough to keep them busy. It lacks interactive features, however it leaves everything up to your girl’s imagination which can entertain her for years.

Melissa & Doug Classic Heirloom Victorian Wooden


For older girls ages 6 to 10, this gorgeous Victorian is made of wood and features hand-painted shingles, elegant staircases, and other intricate details. Each room is unique in design. Furniture sets are sold separately so your daughter can choose how to decorate her dollhouse. Dolls are also sold separately too.


While it doesn’t include any furniture, this product is so gorgeous that it will be fun to decorate the interior with her own choices. Another great thing parents will love is the ease of assembly. Since it only utilizes one type of screw to put it all together, it takes the guesswork out of ensuring you’ve put it together correctly.

Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse


For younger girls ages 2 to 5, this product by Fisher-Price is a good dollhouse to start with. It features three stories and five rooms, and comes with a handful of accessories. There is also a mom, dad, and baby that come included.

Little girls will love imagining and playing with this dollhouse. Plus, it provides the chance for them to develop more dexterity with hands and fingers.


This girls dollhouse is adorable, however it is for younger children. While it will be ample fun in her younger years, you’ll need to buy a more suitable dollhouse for her when she gets bigger or else she won’t be as entertained with it. Knowing that though, this is a great dollhouse to start with.

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse – Best For 7 Years Old

It’s a big wooden dollhouse for girls! What else would you expect from a mansion? It has fun and interactive features. You’ll find 34 pieces of furniture and accessories, among them a grandfather clock and a kitten. There are 8 rooms, an elevator, a garage and wide open windows too.

There is much to do and play with in this mansion that will delight girls ages 3 to 7. Plus, it’s big enough that it can work with Barbie dolls too, giving you another option to make your daughter happy with a dollhouse for girls should you prefer wood.


If you’d prefer a wooden girls dollhouse that can accommodate Barbie’s height, this is a great choice. It comes with a generous set of accessories too, and offers comparable features to the Barbie Dreamhouse. It’s durable and will make for many years of enjoyment!

Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse – Best For 3 Years Old


Here’s another best dollhouse from Fisher-Price. It can open up wide to allow for easy access to play. There are 4 floors with 6 incredibly spacious rooms and a balcony too. There are also fun sounds, making it a highly interactive playtime experience for girls.

Included in this dollhouse is a mom, dad, baby, sofa, and a baby seat on the swing set that folds out. And speaking of folding, the whole dollhouse can fold up for easy storage when it’s not in use with the accessories easily stowed inside. There is also a doggy door, however no doggy is included.


Young girls ages 3 to 6 will delight in this dollhouse. It’s a nice dollhouse to start with, considering it’s easy to use and interactive. There aren’t gobs of pieces to keep track of either so it’s ideal for the younger crowd. The folding up option makes it easy to keep rooms clean at the end of a day of play too.

Imaginarium Modern Luxury Dollhouse


Toys ‘R’ Us presents this amazing luxury dollhouse for girls. There are three stories and four rooms that are all gorgeous in design. Furniture is included with 11 pieces like a sink and counter, stools, toilet, flat-screen TV, tub, coffee table, couch, lamp, and bed.

With an open design, it makes it easy to play with. There is also a working elevator that can access the first and second floors. Dolls are sold separately for this dollhouse for girls but it will most definitely provide your girl ages 3 and up with loads of imaginative fun.


There is plenty of room for imagination with this best dollhouse. It’s a nice basic dollhouse that has enough extras to make it fun. It’s not interactive though, but your young daughter will be more mesmerized with the beautiful rooms and arranging the furniture as she wishes. Plus, you can separately choose the dolls she wants and buy those for her to use in the dollhouse.

Melissa & Doug Fold and Go Wooden Dollhouse – 2 Dolls


Take this dollhouse on the road! It’s a portable dollhouse for girls that’s made of wood. It opens wide to give easy access. And best of all, it’s fully furnished! No need to hunt down the best furniture sets for it. The doors all open and close, plus there are 11 wooden pieces of furniture. There are also 2 wooden play figures that are flexible.

The pieces of furniture include a table, 2 chairs, an armchair, sink, toilet, TV, TV stand, bed, stove, sink, and bathtub. With shapes throughout, it helps encourage learning while playing imaginatively.

My Girl’s Dollhouse for 18” Dolls – Good For Older Girls



This beautiful wooden dollhouse is ideal for dolls that are 18 inches or less. It’s tall too at 6 feet in height so it’s ideal for bigger girls, ages 8 and up. This dollhouse has five big rooms plus an attic on the 3rd floor. It also holds room for clothing storage. No furniture or dolls are included so your daughter can customize it to her liking with separately purchased furniture sets and dolls. It will provide loads of fun with imagination and her own designs to add her own special touch.


While nothing extra is included with this girls dollhouse, it allows for full and unique customization through separate purchases. That’s ideal for girls who want to create their own special dollhouse with the furniture items they like best in styles they want. Because it is so big, you’ll need to have plenty of room for it so if you have a small space, you might want to consider a smaller dollhouse.

Hape All Seasons Kid’s Wooden Doll House Furnished with Accessories


This wooden dollhouse gives your daughter all the options she could ever hope for! There are three different levels with multi-access from the front back, sides, and top too. The rooms are unique and full of moving parts for interaction. Plus, you can choose it fully furnished or without so that you have the option to customize it with separately purchased furniture sets.

The finish is non-toxic and assembly is easy for parents. Girls ages 3 to 8 will love this dollhouse. Should you go the route of customizing the interior, you can choose from a bathroom, living room, dining room, kid’s room, baby’s room, and even an outdoor set. What’s more is that there are different types of family sets sold so your daughter can pick her own perfect family to live in her dollhouse. There’s a pet family that comes with pet homes and food accessories. There are also an African American family, a Caucasian family, and an Asian family to choose from.


This dollhouse really gives plenty of options for girls dollhouses. We love that you can buy it ready to go with all the furnishings included or that you can buy it bare-bones and customize it. The different variety of families is nice too so that your daughter can choose the doll family that she likes best to live in her dollhouse.

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Dollhouse for Girls

When it comes to choosing a dollhouse for your girl, there are so many choices available that you might be wondering how to choose the right one. It’s something that you hope she’ll play with for years to come so you’ll want to choose wisely. There are so many factors to consider before you make your purchase. These 8 tips will help you make the right dollhouse decision for your daughter.

1) Size matters

You’ll need to think about where this dollhouse will go. Take measurements to ensure the one you’re considering will fit. You don’t want to buy one that’s too small so that your child will lose interest fast or one that’s too big and you have no good space for. Finding a happy-medium is best when it comes to size.

2) Choose one that’s age appropriate

Dollhouses that are made for small children are safe and contain no small, dangerous little parts. They offer an engaging and fun way to play with dolls in a safe space. Meanwhile, dollhouses made for older girls are more intricate and detailed, and she’ll love being able to customize furniture and other bits to truly make her dollhouse her own. Choosing one that is suitable for her age is the smart move.

3) Think about the style

Dollhouses are like real houses in that they come in so many varieties. There are contemporary styles as well as classic Victorian ones, and just about everything in between. Which one will your daughter like best? If she’s into interactive features, she may find something that has automated features more thrilling than one where she must solely rely on her imagination.

4) Stick with your budget

The great thing about dollhouses is that they come in so many varieties that fit any budget. Think of how much you’re comfortable with spending and then look at all dollhouses that fall into your budget. Just because it’s the most expensive doesn’t mean it is the absolute best. Consider all the other factors as well before shelling out a pretty penny on a dollhouse.

5) Think about the dolls that will live there

If your child has dolls that she loves playing with already, chances are she’s going to want them to play in her new dollhouse. So if the dollhouse has small interior spaces and your daughter’s dolls are all Barbies, she may feel disappointed because she can’t really play with them inside her new dollhouse. Some models of dollhouses come with dolls though and that might be a nice option.

6) Don’t forget to consider the layout

If you have more than one daughter, you’ll need to think about how easy it is for the dollhouse to be used by more than one child at once. Some models open up wide and allow for plenty of space for 2 or more children to play together at once. If you have one child, this will be less problematic unless she likes to have friends over to play, however having the option of a dollhouse that is more open gives children much more room to imagine and play.

7) Think about bonus features

A dollhouse doesn’t have to have all the bells and whistles, but they sure are nice! Lights and sounds add to the fun. Add a ringing doorbell, lights that really light up and other fun sound effects and it’s a huge delight for any little girl. In order for these features to work though, you’ll need batteries. Consider how easy it is to change the batteries that the dollhouse requires. Some of the newer models make it really easy and even include batteries though in time you will need to replace them yourself.

8) Explore the possibilities with accessories

Some dollhouses come with every piece of furniture included while others come empty, allowing your daughter to customize the interior as she sees fit. The latter option is ideal for bigger girls because they get to express themselves while younger girls won’t be happy to play with an empty dollhouse. There are so many accessories you can choose to fill the dollhouse with to make it a real home for dolls. Furniture can come in sets or individual pieces for any dollhouse room. Sofas, coffee tables, even grandfather clocks can all be added.

Additionally, there are bits of décor to choose too like tiny area rugs, wall art, and little plants. There is a whole entire world of accessories devoted to cozying up any dollhouse that includes outdoor furniture, cars for the dollhouse garage and even appliances like TVs and microwaves. Again, this is really something that’s more geared toward older girls who will truly appreciate the art of decorating their dollhouses.

Now that you’ve thought about these important factors to think of when buying a dollhouse for your girl, you can make a great decision on a dollhouse for her. You can confidently buy a dollhouse knowing she will love and cherish it and play with it for many years to come. And if your daughter is small now and you buy her a dollhouse for preschool-aged girls, you’ll know when she’s ready to upgrade to a bigger and better dollhouse.

Dollhouses teach our girls to use their imaginations. They also help them work through social situations and think about what is right in the home. The right dollhouse for your daughter will keep her engaged and happy for hours of play every day so take these tips along to help you pick a dollhouse for your girl!


Final thoughts

Dollhouses are such important toys for little girls. They encourage imagination and creativity and make for a way to express themselves. We love the Barbie Dreamhouse because it’s the iconic dollhouse from our own childhood, however, the other 9 are equally lovely in their own right.

Wooden dollhouses are a nice option because they will last a long time and are more natural than plastic. That’s one thing to consider. Another thing you want to think about is whether or not the dollhouse includes furniture and accessories. The plus side of having those things included is that you do not have to buy anything else for the dollhouse. On the downside though, there is a lack of individuality and being able to customize the dollhouse might be something your daughter will enjoy much more.

That being said, the right dollhouse for your daughter will be the ideal age range for her too. If she’s on the cusp of getting bigger, the dollhouses designed for smaller children might not be as exciting to her. Like a regular home, a dollhouse is an investment and something you buy so that your daughter can play with it for years to come.

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