Best Double Jogging Strollers In 2018 (Top 9 Reviews)

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Whether you’re expecting twins or you have a baby while your first child is a year old, a double jogging stroller is just the solution for you. These strollers allow you to be active and maneuver across all kinds of terrain while safely transporting both of your children.

If you’re looking for the best double jogging stroller, you’re in the right place! We’ve taken a look at the 9 best-selling double jogging strollers available and highlighted all the features so you can make the best decision for your growing family in 2018.

Buying any kind of stroller is much like buying a car. You’ll want to take a look at the features of these jogging strollers and then go out and “test drive” the best fits for you at a nearby store so you can truly get a feel for the handling. The ones on this list make jogging or handling urban surroundings a breeze.

(Top 9 Best Double Jogging Strollers In 2018)

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller


While it’s the 2016 model, the Revolution model is an ideal all-terrain double jogging stroller that can really handle it all. It’s designed to hold children ages 8 weeks old and up, with a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds for each seat.

While it’s the 2016 model, the Revolution model is an ideal all-terrain double jogging stroller that can really handle it all. It’s designed to hold children ages 8 weeks old and up, with a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds for each seat.

The front wheel has a swivel-locking feature that allows it to maneuver with complete ease through tight turns. It can also lock forward to provide greater stability as you jog or move or rough types of terrain. Because not every parent is the same height, the adjustable padded handlebar can be positioned in 9 different ways for the ultimate comfort. So if your spouse or the grandparents take the kids out in this jogging stroller, it can easily adjust to fit anyone’s needs.

One of the best features of this jogger is that it can fold up in two easy steps, making for a compact fit for transportation or storage. Plus, you can use it as a travel system when your babies are under 8 weeks for safe travel. It works with the BOB DUALLIE Infant Car Seat Adapter and the BOB B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat by Britax, both sold separately. It will also fit with any other major brand of car seat.

The state-of-the-art suspension system is adjustable to offer 3 inches of travel plus 2 stages of weight support. Coupled with the air-filled tires, this jogging stroller offers an incredibly smooth and reliable ride.


This is a wonderful double jogging stroller for 2018. We love the adjustable handlebar and the ease of folding it up and opening it. It has fantastic maneuverability too, making it easy to get out and about with both of your little ones.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller


Baby Trend brings you this Expedition model of the double jogging stroller. It offers a variety of features that are designed with making life easier for parents in mind. It can hold two children with a weight limit ranging from 6 to 50 pounds per seat. Children should be no more than 42” tall when riding in this stroller.

The seats have multiple reclining positions to keep the kids comfortable, plus they’ll stay secure with the 5-point safety harness. The rubber pneumatic bicycle tires are durable and all-terrain, making for a smooth ride. The rear tires are 16” while the front tires are 12”. The front swivel wheels can lock into place, plus they have a foot-activated rear brake for easy hands-free stopping power.

Parents will love the easy folding design, plus there is a large storage basket, a covered storage compartment, and a tray for parents that contains 2 cup holders, perfect for your bottled water or your morning latte.


This jogging stroller for 2018


Baby Jogger 2014 Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller


This 2014 model of the Baby Jogger Summit might be a few years older, but don’t let that stop you from considering it. It has some amazing features that you’ll see make it the reason why it’s one of the best selling double jogging strollers available in 2018.

For starters, it has a patented quick-fold that enables you to fold this stroller in one simple step so you can quickly stash it in the car or tuck it away at home when not in use. Another unique feature of this jogging stroller is that it has a remote swivel lock mounted to the handlebar. It allows you to flip the lever and lock the front wheel into a straight position when you go running or release it back to swivel mode without the need for adjusting the front wheel.

An all-wheel suspension easily absorbs bumps from uneven terrain to keep from bouncing and jostling the babies. Along with the air-filled 16” rear and 12” front tires, it’s one of the smoothest rides around. The rear brake is hand-operated to private more control on hills. And the large sun canopies are adjustable with side vents to allow proper air flow, plus they have peek-a-boo windows so you can easily see your children inside.

Padded seats can recline to almost flat, making it comfortable for the babies, the handlebar has a wipe-clean grip for those sticky moments, and the seatbacks feature storage compartments, as well as a large under seat basket.


It’s easy to see why this model is still so popular in 2018. It has all the safety features parents are looking for, plus it makes everything even more convenient. We love the one-step folding and the remote swivel lock. There are also plenty of places to keep all the things you need for your babies, making this a fantastic double jogging stroller.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Centennial


Baby Trend’s Expedition model of double jogging stroller comes in this Centennial edition. Like the other Expedition model, it is capable of holding two children between the weights of 6 and 50 pounds per child. Children should not be taller than 42” when riding in this stroller.

The seats can recline in multiple positions and come with 5-point safety harnesses to secure your little loves. Durable pneumatic rubber bicycle tires are all-terrain and feature 16” rear and 12” front. The front wheels can swivel and lock depending on your needs. Plus the rear brake system is foot-activated to help you stop on a dime without using your hands. It folds up quickly and with complete ease so you can put it in the trunk or store it out of the way when not in use.


While it is a little more basic than some of the other models, this double jogging stroller really stands up to terrain and has strong endurance. It provides safety and comfort for your babies while making it easy to manipulate around trails or through the city. We love the easy folding too, which makes it great to take along anywhere you go.

Schwinn Arrow Double Stroller


From the same makers of one of the best bicycle brands out there, Schwinn presents this twin jogging stroller for active parents. The 16” pneumatic air-filled tires have molded rims that deliver on performance. The rear dual shock system makes for a smooth ride over any surface so when babies are sleeping, they won’t be jostled awake.

A dual trigger folding mechanism provides an additional level of safety so it won’t collapse as you run. It achieves outstanding stopping power with a bicycle hand brake, and the rubberized grip provides comfort as well as protection from slipping.

The canopy is retractable so that you can provide shade as needed or allow for a cooler ride. The seats are fitted with removable seat pads made of fleece which are machine washable.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of this twin jogging stroller though is the canopy mounted speakers. While not necessary, they work with most MP3 players so you can play your favorite jogging tunes or put on some nursery music too. A parent tray and cup holders with fin grips add more parent-friendly features to love.


If you’re a music lover, this is the best double jogging stroller for you. We love the unique feature of being able to play your music out loud as you run. The shock system does an amazing job of keeping the ride smooth for your babies and allows you to really get moving up to speed without endangering your children.

Thule Urban Glide – Double Jogging Stroller


Thule’s stroller is designed for urbanites. The swiveling front wheel makes maneuvering easy, plus it can lock right into place when you go jogging. The handlebar is ergonomic for maximum comfort, plus it offers a range of heights to suit every parent’s size.

Folding is very simple with this jogging stroller. It’s designed for a one-handed fold, and folds up compactly for easy storage and transportation. The canopy can be adjusted into several positions to provide better sun protection. Plus, it has a view-in roof port so you can look in on your children without having to stop.

The hand-activated brakes provide increased control for steep inclines or declines. Plus, a large storage compartment can hold everything you need to take along and comes with a zippered cover that is water resistant.


This stroller for 2018 is a nice choice for a simple model. It provides everything needed for a safe ride and jog, and makes it easy to tackle the steep terrain. Sun protection was well-thought-out and there is enough storage for any parent’s needs. The view-in port in the roof is also a nice touch. By far though, our favorite feature of this double jogging stroller is the one-handed fold which is an essential feature for parents who will always be toting this around in the car to their destinations.

BOB 2016 Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie Stroller


For on and off-road jogging perfection, BOB’s Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie double jogging stroller is an amazing choice for families with two kids. It’s incredibly versatile with a swiveling front wheel that makes it easy to manage and maneuver through any tight spot. It also locks to provide stability when going for a jog or moving over difficult terrain.

An adjustable handlebar provides 9 different positions to fit the needs of any parent at any height. The ride is a smooth one with an incredible state-of-the-art suspension that prevents bumps and dips from waking the babies. One-handed seat angle adjustment makes it easy to position the children however they’re most comfortable.

Let’s not forget the two-step easy fold for your convenient travel and storage needs, the extra large cargo basket to hold everything you need, or how you can easily use this as a travel system with the BOB B-Safe 35 by Britax.


If you’re serious about your fitness, this is absolutely the stroller for you! With all the incredible safety features, ease of folding, mounds of storage and the other features parents look for when selecting a double jogging stroller, plus the fitness extras that come with it, you’ll have everything you need to keep up your routine and keep fit.

InStep Safari Double Swivel Wheel Stroller


Active parents will love this double jogging stroller. It features a swiveling front wheel that makes manipulating through crowds or whipping around tight corners a breeze. With a front wheel lock, you can easily snap it into place to go for that jog while keeping the babies safe inside. Pneumatic air-filled tires in the front (12”) and in the back (16”) offer outstanding performance.

When the kids get bigger, they’ll love the molded flip-open tray with cup holders. There’s a parent tray too with dual fin grip cup holders, making taking hot or cold beverages along possible. The rubberized handle grip adds comfort and prevents slippage. And to add to the safety, a dual trigger folding mechanism keeps this double jogging stroller from collapsing while in use.


Parents who want the best of safety features as well as those for convenience will enjoy this jogging stroller. It keeps the children safe while giving parents extra amenities they need. The tires make it easy to steer anywhere and combat any terrain for the ultimate in activity.

Baby Trend Navigator Double Jogger Stroller


This double jogging stroller provides both comfort and safety for your two children. You can use two Baby Trend infant car seats with it when your babies are small for the ultimate travel system. The seats can recline into multiple positions and you can jog while the 5-point harness system keeps them safe. The front wheels also lock into the forward position for when you jog.

The canopies are ratcheted to provide shade on a hot day and protect from the sun. The two snack trays and cup holders are fantastic for when the kids are bigger so you can let them snack anywhere you go. Plus, music can come along too with MP3 plug-in and speakers, making for a truly comfortable journey for parents and kids alike. The trigger folding ability makes it simple to fold up and pack away.


This jogging stroller has it all from safety features to comfort features, making it a fantastic choice for 2018. We love that it thoughtfully thinks of comfort for the future by including the snack trays for the kids. That means you can use this double jogging stroller for a long time.

Final thoughts

We love all of these double jogging strollers. They range from basic to ones with all the bells and whistles. Much of it will depend on your budget as well as how well you feel they handle when you try them out before buying. We thought the MP3 connections were a really nice extra touch, though we absolutely loved the Baby Trend model with the snack trays to keep your kids busy once they are bigger. That’s brilliant.

Others of you will want to side with the ones that fold up with one step or one touch, and we can’t say we blame you there. That’s the best choice for you if you will be in and out of your car all day. Happy jogging with those babies!


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