8 Best Drones for Kids Reviews 2018

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For kids that have their heads in the clouds, drones for kids make for an outstanding gift that will get them playing outdoors and reaching for the sky above. The best drones for kids in 2018 are these 8 choices on our list.

What makes them all so great? It all depends on your needs and what your kid is capable of. You’ll want to consider ease of use, speed, controls, flight modes, and plenty of other things. If you are new to understanding drones, this helpful guide will help you compare all the features to make the right choice for your kid when it comes to drones for kids.

We’ve Lined Up The Best Drones For Kids in 2018.

Virhuck T915 Mini Toy RC Drone for Kids


It only weighs 1.48 oz. but it’s a mighty drone. It has a compact body with blue camouflage and features dual-colored LED lights in blue and white. Four powerful propellers and motors give this drone exceptional flight capabilities.

The remote control is ergonomic and capable of 2.4GHz. The functional buttons make controlling flights easy. With a 6-axis gyro system, flight stability is maximized. Choose from slow, medium, or fast modes. There are also modes that include pitch, yaw, roll, 3D rotation, 360-degrees, headless, 180-degree inverted and more.

This model can fly between 6 and 8 minutes at a time with only 60 minutes required for charging.


It’s a quality model drone for kids for 2018. We like the intense versatility in flying modes. There are so many options, making for lots of flight exploration. Plus, it’s easy to use so even a beginner to using a drone will know how to operate it expertly quite quickly.

UFO 3000 LED Drone Toy For Boys and Girls


For dark flights, this dronewill delight. It has bright red LED lights all over, making it easy to see at night. It’s also capable of doing 3D stunts as well as 360-degree flips. The controls make it simple. Just push the button to control it.

It goes fast, allowing for zipping through the sky quickly. Because of the easy-to-use controls, it is a prime choice for beginners and kids. The speed modes can be changed from low to high as well as high visibility for great control. The bonus battery helps extends the life of the flight. Each battery lasts between 7 and 9 minutes.


One of the coolest features of this kids drone is the night flight option. The bright LED lights make it easy to see and maneuver in the dark. The push-button design allows for easy control too so this is a fantastic choice for those new to drones or for younger children, perhaps around 8 or older. The extra battery is also a nice bonus, giving more flight time to your child.

Hasakee Mini RC Helicopter Drone


An ideal choice for beginners and kids, this drone provides a 0.3MP camera for picture and video. It is capable of 360-degree and 4-way flips as well as continuous rolls, providing outstanding performance. The headless mode makes for an easier flight. This is excellent for when the fuselage direction isn’t recognized and it will enter headless mode to continue flying. The speeds function in high or low to accommodate those new to drones. It gives off a stable flight with 2.4GHz and 6-axis stabilization, allowing for smooth flying all the way.


While it’s a bit simpler than other drones, this makes it perfect for beginners. It offers just enough excitement and zip without being overwhelming, making for easy control. Plus, with a camera allowing for picture and video, it can bring back some truly breathtaking results.

EACHINE E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter Drone 2.4G


This mini drone has an amazing feature. Thanks to a positioning system that’s built in, you can push the one-key return button to bring the drone back to wherever you are. It also has 3D rolling special effects, a compass mode that allows the drone to switch directions based on the direction the remote control is facing. Additionally, this 2.4GHz 6-axis model features a headless mode.


What makes this an exceptional drone for kids is the unique return key feature. One of the risks of owning a drone is losing it before it can fly back to you. Having this button prevents that from happening. It’s also a nice touch that the compass mode allows for easy change of direction. This is a superb choice for beginners or younger drone operators in 2018.

SainSmart Jr. Mini Drone Aircraft for Beginner, Nano Quadcopter for kids


This drone weighs less than ½ a pound and has a flight distance of 25 meters so there is no need to register it. Ideal for beginners, it has a built-in density baroceptor. It’s tiny too. It can easily fit into your pocket. Simple controls make take-off, landing, and maneuvering easy with the touch of a button. It is also capable of 3D flips and rolls in 4 different directions as well as 360-degree rotation in high speed. With LED lights, you can also fly it at night.


The small size makes it easy to bring along to any outdoor outing. This kids drone in 2018 needs no registration which is also a bonus. The controls are incredibly simple to use which makes this an outstanding choice for younger kids or beginners. The LED lights make it possible to use this tiny model at night too.

WowWee Lumi Gaming Drone Toy


This drone provides easy flight technology that instantly stabilizes the drone and allows for amazing tricks by the touch of a button. Connect it to a smart device to use with apps for even more fun.

The “Follow Me” mode of this drone is ideal for beginners. It follows the operator’s every move. It’s highly intuitive for today’s kids, allowing it to play fun games that unlock new tricks for it to perform. You can also program it to fly to the beat of the music you choose. It comes with a lithium polymer battery but the pod requires 1 AAA battery that isn’t included.


We really like this innovative model that links to technology, making it a great choice for drones for kids in 2018. It’s extremely intuitive with the “Follow Me” mode and highly adaptable via apps that teach this drone new tricks all the time so it stays new and exciting.

ToyJoy F8 SPACE TREK RC Nano Drone


This is a simple kids drone with a 2.4GHz radio control plus a 6-axis gyro that allows for hovering. The frame is lightweight yet durable. It utilizes a spread spectrum to provide longer distance without interference. It also features a 20level speed flip function that’s completely adjustable. It can perform stunts even at night with LED lights.


While it’s simpler than some of the other models, this drone in 2018 is a best one for beginners. It keeps things easy to control and use and still has enough features to make it a fun choice. Plus, the lights allow for night time flights and stunts.

BumbleBEE CX Smart Mini Drone w/Propeller Guard


This mini kids drone offers loads of features. It fits in your pocket with ease, making it fun to take anywhere. Controlling is very simple for even the newest of users. It allows for 360-degree rollover plus 3D flip function. The 6-axis gyro allows for stable flights and good performance. Bright LED lights make night flight possible. It offers 3 adjustable speed modes as well as variable directions. It’s a fun drone that is easy to control.


This versatile mini-drone has enough features for fun. It can move in all directions and gives a stable flight. It’s easy to make it perform stunts while maintaining complete control, even for beginners, making it a great drone for kids in 2018.

Final thoughts

Drones provide a fun remote controlled way to embrace the sky. These particular drones are all high quality and can perform exciting tricks. While we think all of these are wonderful choices, we especially loved the Lumi model because of its sharp intuitiveness, connecting it with technology to constantly update it with fun tricks and link it to apps for more gameplay. We also loved EACHINE’s return key feature, allow for a one-touch return to the controller so the drone won’t get lost.

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