Best Easels for Kids (Top 10 Reviews)

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Sooner or later, every parent discovers that their child wants to express themselves through art. Unfortunately, it’s usually in the form of crayons and markers on the wall.

If you want to prevent this from happening to you or to help foster your child’s creative side before she takes it to your antique furniture or freshly-painted walls, get an easel for kids.

There are a variety of easels for kids. Choosing the best easel for kids depends on many factors. All 10 of these options are marvelous choices depending on your needs and your child’s age. Take a look and see which is the best easel for kids for your kid!

Top 10 Picks

Step2 Easel For Two


Step 2 makes this easel that features 2 sides. One side is a dry erase board and the other side is a chalkboard. It comes with 77 foam letters that can attach magnetically to the surface of the dry erase board. On the chalkboard side, there is a deep tray ideal for housing art supplies like paint and brushes, dry-erase markers, chalk, and chalkboard erasers, however those supplies must be purchased separately. Both sides of this easel for kids come with a large paper clip that can hold craft paper (also must be purchased separately) to draw and paint on. Pencil ledges are ideal for holding onto supplies while in use.

Parents will love that this model sets up fast so 2 kids can enjoy it at once, and it folds up flat so you can store it out of the way when it’s time to clean up. It’s a fantastic product that will provide hours of creative activities and can hold all the art supplies you buy for your child to experiment with.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing


Melissa & Doug is a trusted brand for children’s toys so it comes as no surprise that they’ve created this deluxe standing easel. The dual-sided model features a chalkboard on one side and a dry-erase board on the other. It also has a locking paper-roll holder so you can buy art rolls of paper to use with it. Kids ages 3 and up will enjoy being creative with it for painting, drawing, writing in chalk, and so much more. There is also a child-safe paper cutter included as well as 4 easy-clips to display one’s works of art. Two large removable plastic trays are ideal for housing your child’s art supplies (not included) and can be cleaned with ease.

This easel for kids is very easy to clean up, and it’s also easy to store with a flat-folding design that tucks it out of the way when not in use. The height is adjustable too so your child can use it even as they grow.

Little Partners 2-Sided A-Frame Art Easel


Little Partners has created this dual-sided easel for kids that will give them plenty to do and create. On one side, there’s a chalkboard and the other side is a dry-erase board. Made from real quality pine wood, this product is strong and will last long even after years of use. It can be used for painting and drawing, plus you can attach a paper roll up to 17.5” to it too.

It comes with storage shelves along with two large bins made of fabric that give more than enough space for art supplies (art supplies are not included). There is also an art tray and cup holders at just the right level for easy access while in those moments of creativity.

Little Partners offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee too so you can buy this easel for kids with complete peace of mind.

Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid’s Art


Made with handsome wood with a non-toxic finish, this adjustable and double-sided easel is the perfect place for creative minds to create. A magnetic whiteboard is featured on one side while the other side houses a chalkboard.

Children ages 3 to 8 will adore being able to create here. And parents will love that the surfaces are water resistant to make cleaning up simple. There is also a drip tray to catch paint messes. It can also be used for storage of art supplies.

One of the best features is that this easel comes with a replaceable roll of paper, clips for hanging art, and three paint pots. You’ll surely need more art supplies than that but it sure is a great and thoughtful start to your young artist’s collection. It also adjusts in height so it can grow as big as your child’s imagination.

KidKraft 62043.0 Storage


KidKraft’s double-sided easel is a simple yet fantastic product. One side features a chalkboard. The other side is a dry-erase board. It comes with a paper roll that can attach at the top for paintings and drawings. It also has 2 plastic trays that will be able to hold and organize all the art supplies you purchase for your child to create with. There’s so much to do when your child has a double-sided easel to create art upon.

ECR4Kids 3-in-1 Premium Standing Art Easel


This kids easel comes with a variety of artful activities any child is sure to love. One side features a dry-erase board capable of holding magnets and even comes with 6 magnets your child can use to hold the paper from the included paper roll steady when creating. The other side features a chalkboard. Other items included with this product include 3 paint cups, a selection of multi-color chalk, storage tray, a dry-erase market, plus erasers to clean both sides.

It grows with your child too, with easily adjustable legs so children of various heights can still enjoy it. When not in use, you can store it away easily by folding it up. Plus, you can feel good about the purchase too since it is certified by Greenguard for the reduction of chemical pollutants and it helps to improve the quality of the indoor air.

US Art Supply Cardiff Children’s Art Activity Easel


Made from handsome solid pine, this easel offers a large workspace on both sides for children to draw, paint and create upon. It hosts chalkboard and whiteboard surfaces on either side, plus it comes with a roll of paper that is hidden down the middle and can be fed over either side of the easel. What’s more, this easel includes 6 paint cups that are no-spill along with tops for them, and 2 large bins for storage of art supplies from paints to markers to pencils to crayons and everything in between. Art supplies must be purchased separately, but the included features on this product really get your child ready to make a great start in art.

And as your child grows, you’ll know that you can adjust the legs with ease to accommodate them along the way or help your child share with a smaller sibling or friend. Height can be changed from 46” up to 54”. Light assembly is required by an adult to put it together but it is very easy to do, even for those that wouldn’t consider themselves handy.

KidKraft Deluxe Wood


The deluxe model by KidKraft is made of natural wood for a look that fits in anywhere. It comes with both a whiteboard and a chalkboard. A paper dispenser is nestled at the top with the capability of being refilled with ease. It comes with 2 patented paint cups that are anti-spill so you can relax when your kid gets out the paints.

There are trays that can hold all the essential art supplies like chalk, crayons, dry-erase markers, brushes, and all kinds of other items that you’ll have to buy separately to foster your child’s creativity. It’s a best easel for kids with plenty of potential for creative projects.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Standing


This sturdy wooden easel ages 3 and up by Melissa & Doug hosts both a chalkboard and dry-erase board. It comes with a paper guide, locking paper roll holder, tear bar for cutting off those works of art, and 2 art supply trays that are easy to remove so you can clean them up when they get gunked up with stuff. It also includes 39 magnets of letters and numbers for more fun ways to play. You can use the easy-turn knobs to adjust it to three different heights too so your child won’t outgrow it and will be able to create, paint, draw and more for years and years to come.

Crayola 3 In 1 Double Easel (Best For Toddlers)


Crayola is a brand many parents know and trust for art. This toddler easel features a chalkboard as well as a magnetic dry-erase board, each one endowed with a clip to hold paper in place. Children ages 3 and up will love this easel that comes with a handy and spacious storage tray to hold all art supplies, 77 magnetic letters and numbers, an eraser, 3 cups for paint, 3 brushes, a 12-count pack of chalk, and a place to hold the chalk too. Adults will need to assemble it but it’s easy to do.

Crayola also offers a limited manufacturer warranty up to 60 days from the original purchase.

Things to consider

With easels for kids, your primary focus is finding an easel that allows for your child to express their unique creativity. Each of these easels has both a dry-erase board and a chalkboard for creating. Most come with a paper roll holder so that your child can create paintings and drawings, but each one seems to have some way to attach paper to either side in order for creating on paper surfaces.

Other things you should be thinking about are where your child can put their supplies. The storage is an important consideration, but equally as important is what these easels come with. The Crayola model come with quite a lot of things, which makes it a ready-made gift that can be used immediately upon opening. However, you have the option of truly customizing your child’s easel with the things they’ll love to use most by buying your own supplies separately. Most parents like to opt for paints that are washable in case of spills.

Another thing to look at is if you can adjust the height of the easel. This will make it more useful to you as your child grows, or if you have younger children that will be using it too. You’ll also want to choose one that is easy to clean between uses to ensure that it lasts a long time and gets plenty of use. It might be helpful in small spaces to choose one that folds flat so you can tuck it out of the way when your child isn’t creating on it.

Final thoughts

The best easel for kids is the one that gives your child enough space to be creative. It should also have places to put brushes and chalk and other items for convenient reach. Ultimately though, it’s a creative space and the one you choose should be conducive for achieving that creativity.


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