Best Fetal Doppler for Home In 2018 (Top 7 Reviews)

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Wusic Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor


With a fetal Doppler, you don’t need to wait until you go to your checkups to hear your baby’s heartbeat and the other sounds he or she makes while snug inside your womb. Womb Music makes it possible to hear every sound your baby makes.

This safe and non-invasive baby heartbeat monitor helps you bond with your baby throughout your entire pregnancy. It comes with two earbud sets so both of you can listen in at the same time. You can record the sounds directly to your computer so you can enjoy listening to them again when your baby is grown. Share them with remote family members too. Plus, you can use this fetal Doppler to record your own heartbeat to play back to your baby as a soothing sound to lull him or her to sleep.

The package contains the lightweight Womb Music monitor, two sets of earbuds, computer recording cable, and a splitter. It also comes with a 9 volt alkaline battery. For the best results, you’ll want to use it after the 16th week of pregnancy in order to hear the heartbeat better. Lubricating gel should also be used to get the most out of the experience and reduce static sounds, which is not included.

Bjingles Heartbeat Baby Monitor – Best Fetal Doppler With Pregnancy App


This lightweight baby heartbeat monitor gives moms and dads the chance to listen to the baby’s heartbeat and movements while growing in the womb. It’s ideal for bonding, plus it works with the Bjingles app on your smartphone. You’ll have access to soothing music for the baby in your belly, be able to take photos, record messages for the baby, take measurements of your belly, and create an album of your pregnancy that you can share with friends and family and look back on when your baby is much bigger.

This safe and non-invasive fetal Doppler comes with two sets of headphones so that both parents can listen in simultaneously and share the bonding experience together. It also comes with a 9 volt alkaline battery and a recording cable.

BundleTumble BabyBlip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier


Why wait for your ultrasound to hear from your baby? BundleTumble fetal Doppler amplifies all the sounds your baby makes inside of you including hiccups! With an included recording cable, you can preserve the precious sounds your baby makes as a special keepsake for years to come.

The audio comes in crisp and clean. Both parents can listen at the same time with dual headset sockets, plus the easy-to-use controls make operating it stress-free.

Little Martin’s Baby Sound Amplifier and Recorder


Choose the FDA-approved lightweight fetal Doppler that will give you the best bonding experience with your baby during your pregnancy. You’ll hear all of Baby’s sounds with this safe-to-use device. It amplifies the sound and has a detecting probe that makes it easy to capture all those sweet baby sounds that go on inside you.

Use it to record and save sounds from your baby to your smartphone or computer. You can make compilations to share with loved ones or to save for memories down the road. Play the sounds on loudspeaker by connecting it to the unit base or listen with earphones.

Because it is battery-operated and runs on low levels of power, it is safe to use throughout your pregnancy, however it is recommended to use after 9 weeks, ideally after 12 weeks, for the best listening results. Minimal assembly is required for this fetal Doppler. It also comes with a satisfaction guarantee and adorable animal stickers which the baby will appreciate when he or she is bigger, or use them to decorate the nursery now!

FIGERM Pocket Unborn Baby Sound Amplifier – Good for Home Use


For a simpler version of a fetal Doppler, try FIGERM’s model. It’s higher in sensitivity, allowing you to hear every sound your baby makes. It features 3 working modes and an LCD display, making it easy to use. It includes two 1.5 volt batteries. While it doesn’t include headphones, it does fit all headphones.

It has one jack output that allows for joined listening together so there’s no need to fight over who gets to listen first. With a one-year warranty, you can buy it with confidence. Overall, this is a best Fetal Doppler for home use.

LANSOR Pocket 3MHz Probe Baby Monitor – Update (Not Available)

Listen in with LANSOR! This fetal Doppler is ideal for listening in on all the sounds and movements created by your baby. With accurate FHR detection, clear sound, and a high sensitivity interchangeable probe, it gives you the best results outside of your ultrasounds.

It’s safe to use, approved by the FDA and non-invasive so you can listen in on your baby anytime you wish. Built-in speakers with volume control allow you to listen out loud or you can choose to plug in earphones to listen. It also connects to your computer or other audio device so you can record or play the sounds baby makes on them too.

The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use, plus you’ll never be left in the lurch with the low power battery indicator. For best results, a lubricating water gel is recommended to reduce the sounds of static. In this way, you can better hear every movement your little one makes while inside of you. It’s also recommended for use after the 16th week to ensure you can hear a strong heartbeat and the other sounds your baby makes. LANSOR includes the baby heartbeat monitor and a free lubricating water gel. Batteries are not included.

Medi-K Heartbeat Baby Monitor


Want to get to know baby before he or she comes into the world? Use Medi-K’s baby Doppler. This device is a safe and effective way to listen in on baby between doctor’s visits. It’s 100% safe and non-invasive, allowing you to have peace of mind as you bond with your baby.

Hiccups, kicks, and the beating of your baby’s heart will all come through loud and clear. You can even record it too and save it forever. Simply touch it to your baby bump to hear it all! It comes with 2 jack ports allowing both parents to listen at once.

This product comes with a 5-year warranty as well as a 100% money-back guarantee, assuring your complete satisfaction with this product.
Advantages of a Fetal Doppler

Why buy a fetal Doppler? Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life. And her partner will also find it a magical time too. As you bond over the baby in your belly, you get to feel all the kicks and movement inside of you, but your partner does not. When you go to your doctor’s appointments, you get to see and hear the baby together, which brings you even closer together.

Imagine being able to listen in on baby anytime, not just at the doctor’s office. It will help give you more unity and bonding with each other, not to mention with the baby. It’s also great for grandparents and other family members and friends. Usually, these special people are not included in our checkups and being able to record and share the adorable sounds made in the womb by your baby is priceless. When we were kids, recording us on cassette tape or later, by VHS recorders, was a wonderful keepsake. These days, smartphones make it easy to capture everything but the one thing that can’t do is get into your baby bump to record the sweet sounds from your baby.

Once your child is all grown, you can share with him or her the special recordings you made before they were born. Some models of fetal Doppler allow you to record sounds for the baby too. That means you can sing him or her songs or simply talk to share your voice for something comforting. And as you’ll soon find out, babies can be difficult to get to sleep, especially as newborns. Recording your own heartbeat is possible with a fetal Doppler and it’s a sound all babies find soothing and reassuring.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fetal Doppler

One of the most important things to know before you buy a fetal Doppler is that it is simply a device that allows you to hear the sounds your baby is making in the womb. It is not intended to be used as a medical device. You cannot use it to diagnose your baby or to skip out on your checkups with your doctor. What you can use it for is to listen in for peace of mind, to create recordings you’ll treasure forever, and to bond with your baby while he or she is still growing inside of you.

Another thing to consider is that you need to buy the lubricating water gel to go along with it. You can use it without the gel, however the gel greatly reduces the sounds of static and makes it a better experience to get a crisper quality of sound.

The good news is that these 7 fetal Doppler baby heartbeat monitors are ranked as safe items. They can be a great tool for novelty purposes as well as giving you peace of mind during your pregnancy.


A fetal Doppler is a safe way to check in on your unborn baby and listen to the sounds coming from within. It provides precious bonding moments for you and baby as well as for you and your partner, not to mention for your partner and the baby too. While it isn’t for medical use, this novelty item provides you with an excellent way to record memories that you can share with your child when he or she is older. It’s also wonderful to share with other family members who live far away.

Because these devices are easy to connect to computers and smart devices, sharing and preserving these memories is easier than ever. It also makes a fantastic gift for new parents. While most baby shower gift registries have cutesy clothes the baby will outgrow within a few weeks, getting the expectant couple a baby Doppler is a unique gift that they’ll use again and again to listen to their baby and make recordings that they’ll treasure forever.

Fetal Doppler models are available in different varieties. There are very simplified models as well as others that come with all the bells and whistles. Choosing the right one for you depends on how many features you want. Even the basic ones are safe though, and give you a chance to get close to your baby before he or she decides to come out into the world.


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