Best Glass Baby Bottles For 2018 (Top 10 Reviews)

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Ages ago, the only bottles for babies to use were glass baby bottles. Back then though, glass bottles were heavier. And of course, being that they’re made from glass, they are easier to break than modern plastic baby bottles. As times changes, those plastic bottles all but took over the world. But then, researchers would find that these plastic bottles were made from harmful toxic ingredients and parents everywhere panicked.

While the government put bans on using toxic chemicals like BPA on newer plastic baby bottles, there were still many parents that weren’t convinced that the chemicals used in these so-called safer plastic baby bottles were any better. After all, they didn’t know BPA was bad until fairly recently. To alleviate their concerns, these parents shifted the trend back to glass bottles, and in 2018, that trend is still going strong.

Should you use glass bottles for 2018? We think that if you’re about keeping an organic lifestyle and keeping free from chemicals that you will find glass baby bottles to be a better choice for you and your baby.

Philips AVENT Bottle, 8 Ounce


Whether you’re using breast milk or formula, these bottles by Philips AVENT provide a safe way to nourish your baby. The silicone nipple is BPA-free and is wide, designed with the shape of the breast in mind to allow for a natural latch. This is ideal for breastfeeding moms that work outside the home. The nipple features an anti-colic system that helps prevent gas buildup and discomfort after feeding. There are no hard-to-clean parts either. This glass is a premium quality, made from borosilicate glass which keeps it heat and resistant to thermal shock. Open it up for easy cleaning and filling with the wide neck.

This package of three bottles comes with a nipple for 1-month and a nipple for slow flow, which gives you more choices for feeding baby.

Philips Avent Natural Starter Set, SCD296/02


Another set of glass baby bottles by Philips AVENT, this set will have you ready for feeding baby in 2018 with no problem. You get a soft and wide-shaped nipple on each that makes it easy for baby to nurse from the bottle and nurse from your breast without any confusion whatsoever. The design features a twin-valve design to prevent colic by venting air into the bottle so digestive issues won’t plague you in the middle of the night. Plus, you get a bottle brush, formula dispenser and one of the best gifts of all, a Soothie pacifier. This glass baby bottle set makes an ideal gift for the new mom in 2018.

Evenflo 8 Ounce – Twist Bottles


This modern version of a classic glass baby bottle from the days of yesteryear is sure to please parents. It features a tempered glass bottle that makes sanitizing simple and is in line with your views for reducing your carbon footprint. The silicone nipple features micro air vents to keep the nipple from collapsing. It also reduces gas so colic, spit-up, and digestive issues won’t bother your baby’s tiny tummy. It’s easy to hold and it’s also free of BPA so it’s a glass bottle that solves all your problems.

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle – 4-Ounce


This bottle will put all your fears to rest in 2018. It comes with a protective silicone sleeve of medical grade that is durable and has a non-slip surface that grips. You can wash it in the dishwasher, making sure to put the cap parts and the nipple on the top rack. The ring, cap and stopper are made from polypropylene while the nipple is made from silicone. You can feel good about this purchase because all of these materials are free from BPA, BPS, and phthalates. And it’s been FDA-approved so there’s even further peace of mind for you when you choose this glass baby bottle.

Evenflo 3 Pack Classic Glass Bottle, 8-Ounce


This three-pack of 8-ounce glass baby bottles is your best glass baby bottle choice for the early months of your baby’s life in 2018. Each one features micro-bents that let the liquid flow evenly which prevents gassy problems for the baby. These bottles come with slow flow nipples and are ideal for newborns on up to 3 months. They also prevent nipple collapse so baby can nurse properly without any upset, especially in the tummy.

Philips Baby Bottle Sleeve, 8 Ounce (Colors May Vary)


Here is another option for you with Philips AVENT. This baby bottle sleeve is the ideal addition to your 8-ounce Philips AVENT glass baby bottle. It insulates the bottles to keep the liquid within at the ideal temperature of warm or cool. Plus it’s machine washable as long as you keep it no more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The sleeve opening makes it easy to see the milk in the bottle and the feeding scale. It’s a great way to protect your glass baby bottles from damage so you can use them for this baby and the next baby and more babies after that too!

Joovy Boob Glass Bottle, Clear, 8 Ounce


Here’s a great baby bottle for 2018 that makes us feel like the future is already here. It doesn’t absorb colors, odors or tastes so every glass bottle full of milk or formula will always taste super fresh. The clean flow vent is made from one piece which makes it easy to clean. It also keeps leaks from happening and reduces colic as well as other digestive issues because it creates a consistent flow of liquid. The unique design of the nipple keeps it from collapsing and helps promote the proper latch. It also makes it easy for baby to latch onto breast and to bottle seamlessly with no confusion between the two.

This bottle includes a stage 2 medium flow nipple that is ideal for use for babies that are 3 months old and older. You’ll also love it because it is free from BPA, PVC, lead, and phthalates.

Dr. Brown’s Options Wide 3 Piece Neck Glass Bottle, 5 Ounce


Dr. Brown knows how to get down with glass baby bottles for 2018. This 5-ounce glass baby bottle is the first of its kind. It’s convertible so it can be used both with or without the unique vent system. It reduces all feeding problems associated with gulping down too much air. That means less colic, burping, spit-up, and gas. They create no vacuum which means digestion goes smoothly. The flow is controlled so your baby can feed at her own pace. And Dr. Brown’s special bottle design helps preserve the nutrients found naturally in your milk to help ensure your baby gets the most nutrition from every feeding.

Baby Brezza Baby Bottle


This natural glass baby bottle is easy to clean and easy to feed baby making your 2018 a lot less stressful from the start. It only has two parts and the design is wide so you won’t need a brush to clean it. The nipple is wide and designed to be like your breast so it makes for an easy transition between the two with zero confusion. Each nipple features a built-in anti-colic system to keep your baby swallowing milk instead of air.

It comes with a 9-ounce bottle and medium flow nipples plus a leak-proof cap. You won’t find BPA in this glass baby bottle either so now you can relax and have a beautiful 2018.

Dr. Brown’s Options 3 Piece Wide Neck Glass Bottle, 9 Ounce


If you liked the Dr. Brown’s 5-ounce glass baby bottle, then you’ll love it in this 9-ounce size. It comes with the silicone sleeve too so you get more volume and more protection with this version of the convertible bottle that won the hearts of moms everywhere for 2018.

Things to consider

When you’re shopping for glass bottles, you’ve got to consider a few things in order to make the best purchase for you and your family. All of these glass baby bottles are ideal choices for 2018 but everyone has different needs.

1) Ease of cleaning

When looking at glass bottles, you’ve got to be sure you can clean it easily. So does it make short work of cleaning and sterilizing it? Or do you have to spend a lot of time cleaning it? If you don’t care about the time it takes, then any glass baby bottle will do. But if you care, you’ll want to opt for simpler options, especially ones with wider necks, to make cleaning a breeze.

2) Nipple flow

Just as you would with plastic bottles, you must consider nipple flow on glass baby bottles. If you will be home with baby for the first few months and plan to breastfeed exclusively, then you may not have a use for the nipples designed for newborns and babies up to three months. These things can usually be customized though however, it’s smart to look out for it before you order it and find the nipples aren’t a match for your baby’s stage.

3) Protection

Ok, so with glass bottles you do need to worry that you don’t drop it and break it. These all have the option to get a silicone cover though so it makes breakage less likely in the event of a fall. With glass bottles, you need to be sure to protect it so it doesn’t chip or crack. If it does, you’ll need new bottles which is why most of these brands recommend the silicone sleeve.

Benefits of glass baby bottles

Even though you have some things to consider for glass baby bottles, you’ve got to look at the benefits. For one, there are no chemicals. This is the best advantage. Also, milk fat sticks to the sides of plastic bottles but that doesn’t happen much with glass baby bottles. So your glass baby bottles will always be cleaner off the bat.

You can more easily heat milk in glass bottles too. And the best part of that is that there are no chemicals in the glass to bind with your milk or formula too. So you can safely heat things up (watching the temperature of course) without worrying that you’re adding toxins into the milk your baby is drinking.



When you use glass bottles, you’re making a better and safer choice for your baby’s health. The glass bottles that are on the market are completely different from those old-timey bottles from ages ago. While some manufacturers take care to add that nostalgic style, if you don’t like it, you can find many on this list that are made from glass with more modern stylings to suit you better.

If you’re buying glass baby bottles, you obviously care about the environment and the health of your little one. The toxins that are in plastics can cause serious health problems and while many toxins have been banned and these products must be regulated by the FDA, there is still much we don’t know out there. And even companies with the best of intentions might not realize that the materials they’re using could be damaging down the road.

Also, glass bottles help us reduce our impact on the environment. They last longer and are easier to clean completely. You can easily invest in glass bottles for your first baby in 2018 and use them again for your next baby in a few more years. And years after that, have another baby and still use these same glass baby bottles! That’s how long they last! You can also give them to a friend having a baby when you’ve finished forming your family.

Speaking of giving, these bottles make a great gift. They’re traditional and healthful and some of these offer great sets to make getting started into the world of bottle feeding simple. Even for moms that will breastfeed, having a natural place to pump the milk into or store it is ideal, and every mom needs a break from her children. Having glass baby bottles really aid in the peace of mind that knowing your baby is getting the purest form of your breast milk without contaminants in it makes it even easier for you to go have that brunch with the gals or head to the supermarket without worry.

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