Top 10 Best Humidifiers for Babies (2018 Reviews)

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To keep your baby healthy, especially in colder drier weather when the heat is on, a humidifier is an excellent idea. Humidifiers for babies are a smart solution for keeping your baby or small child comfortable any season. They help make breathing easier, especially for the allergy prone or during illnesses. They are a welcome addition to any room too. Keep baby feeling comfortable and happy with a humidifier. We’ve done all the hard work and found the best humidifiers for babies! Read all about them below!

URPOWER 2nd Version Cool Mist Humidifier


With this humidifier, you can diffuse essential oils to add a pleasant and calming fragrance to your baby’s room. Prevent dry skin and dry sinuses by using this baby humidifier that features 7 color-changing lamps to suit the mood. It also has a nightlight and can be programmed to for different cycles as well as to turn off or on. Once the water runs out, it will automatically shut off to prevent it from being damaged. You can run it up to 6 hours and the mist settings are adjustable. Set them to continuous or intermittent to suit your needs. It’s quiet as can be and is a smart addition to any baby nursery.

Crane USA Humidifiers – Blue & White Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist


This baby humidifier gives you even more humidifying power with a one gallon tank. It can run for up to 24 hours! Plus, it is made with anti-microbial material to reduce mold and bacteria growth. The cool mist can humidify up to 500 square feet to provide better breathing and better sleep. You don’t need a filter for this baby humidifier either though if your home has hard water, you should get one to prolong the life of this device. It shuts itself off automatically when the water level gets too low to ensure your safety and prolong the life of the baby humidifier.

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier – For Bedroom, 3.5L


Get 20 to 36 hours of continuous operation with this cool mist humidifier. It can hold 0.9 gallons of water and offers a mist control setting for easy breathing all night long. It features a longer mist stream than other models, allowing it to give more humidifying power and it doesn’t leave behind condensation on the floor. The materials used are of premium quality and prevent the growth of mold. It’s advised you use distilled water with it keep this humidifier in good condition for years to come. The design thoughtfully prevents leakage while functioning quietly so it won’t cause disruptions in sleep.

URPOWER Humidifier, 5L Large Capacity For Home Bedroom


This humidifier has a larger capacity, allowing it to hold 5 liters of water to dispense over an entire night. The cool water vapor helps babies breathe easily. It has a sleep mode that turns off the indicator lights to prevent disrupting sleep. Choose from low, middle or high mist output. It can run for 14 to 17 hours at a time and comes equipped with an auto shut-off function when the water level gets too low to prevent overheating or damage. It’s simple to operate yet entirely effective for keeping dryness away from your baby’s tender skin and sinuses.

Aennon Cool Mist Humidifier, For Home Bedroom Baby Room Office


Make baby’s room clean, fresh and help hydrate her sweet skin with this baby humidifier. It provides a healthy and gentle mist that keeps air from getting to dry and keeps bad smells at bay. It can run all night without requiring a refill so you won’t have to tiptoe into baby’s room at odd hours of the night. It fulfills the duties of humidifier, moisturizer, nebulizer, ionizer, air purifier and aroma diffuser all in one device. It has a 7-color LED night light to give off calm and comforting vibes for a peaceful sleep for anyone in the family. You can set it to a preferred color or let it flow automatically through all the colors. It’s ETL safety approved and shuts off when the reservoir runs empty. Quieter than a whisper, you won’t have to worry that it bothers the baby while she sleeps. Plus, when little hands come near, you don’t have to panic that they’ll get burned as it’s cool to the touch. It comes with 2 eBooks, an eCourse and 3 scented sachets too.

Crane USA Humidifiers – Frog Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


This baby humidifier provides a one-gallon tank to run quietly for a good 24 hours. The materials assure you that bacteria and mold won’t grow so you can humidify baby’s room without worry. The cool mist can tackle up to 500 square feet of space to make breathing easier for everyone. You don’t need a filter, but if you have hard water in your home, you should get one for demineralization purposes. It also senses the water level and when it’s too low, it turns off to prevent damage.

 Cool Mist Humidifier – for Baby Bedroom


Using ultrasonic technology, thishumidifier is safe to use to add moisture to the air for 10 to 16 hours. It can hold 2 liters of water and offers high and low mist control options to suit your needs. An optional timer allows you to choose 1, 3, or 6-hour operation before automatically shutting off. Also, the cord detaches which allows you to go pour out the water in a sink or tub without having a cord to trip over in the night. You can also turn on the soft blue night light if you wish to give your baby a gentle glowing light while she sleeps and breathes in the refreshing moisturized air.

Safety 1st 360 Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier


This humidifier allows you to have 360 degrees of cooling mist around your baby’s nursery to provide proper moisturization to the air for fresher breathing year-round or when baby is feeling under the weather. The mist control is variable through two rotating mist outlets allowing you to be in control plus the large tank allows for a maximum of 24 hours of cooling mist that can be set in any direction. That’s a fantastic feature if you have 2 kids in one room and each one is on a different side of the room. That means this baby humidifier can ease both of them at once. It’s quiet and filter-free, plus the auto shut off keeps everyone safe.

1byone 6L / 1.59gal Humidifier


This humidifier can host 6 liters of water for an all-day (or night) mist in a super-quiet way. Peaceful and relaxing, you’ll find this an essential tool for your baby’s nursery to keep the air from being too dry and bringing comfortable breathing particularly during colds or if allergies flair up. Control the mist, even in large rooms. Plus, you can add a few drops of aroma to the included diffuser to add a gentle fragrance to any room. The 7-color night light can be set to your favorite color or rotate on a cycle of all the colors to add an even more relaxing ambience.

VAVA Cool Mist Humidifier, 60oz/1.8L


This baby humidifier is a space-saving design that still provides perfectly humidified air to any space. It’s easy to choose your mist options with the simple controls, plus it’s lightweight too. The tank can hold 1.8 liters and is easy to carry with one hand to add water effortlessly. The strong fan allows for quiet and discreet use so it won’t cause disruptions in sleep. The nozzle is 360 degrees to control the air flow, plus it notifies you via LED indicator if water levels are too low or it’s otherwise being used improperly.

Things to consider

If you’re going to get a baby humidifier, you should consider a few things. First of all, the capacity of the water it can hold is important because you don’t want it running out in the middle of the night and leaving your child uncomfortable. You also want to be able to adjust the mist. In some cases, it might be too much to have the mist on high. In other cases, low might not be strong enough.

Another factor to think of is how long it can run at a time. The ones with programmable features are great because you can set it and forget it. For baby humidifiers, we really like the ones with color lights because it adds a realm of peacefulness that babies find very soothing. Although all of these claim to be quiet when they run, we find that a non-issue as babies tend to like white noise. However, the quiet running of a baby humidifier will come in handy in later years when your child needs a humidifier to help battle a cold or allergies so they won’t complain the sound is disturbing them.

You may also find that choosing one that you can add fragrances to is something you’d prefer. After all, these baby humidifiers can be used in any room of your home or even your office so it’s nice to know you can get much use out of it.

Final thoughts

For a humidifier, it’s important to think of your needs. We really found the idea of the baby humidifier that offered rotating mists and could cover 2 sides of one room simultaneously to be a smart move for parents with 2 kids in one room, however this might not apply to you. Ultimately, even if you go for a basic model, all of them feature safety features like auto shut-off and can hold enough water to run through the night.

Why use a baby humidifier? Because the air can get quite dry in some climates or when the heat is on during the winter months. This dry air can dry up the sinuses and make it painful for your child to breathe. Skin can dry out too, so having a baby humidifier in your child’s room will help prevent that from happening and keep her comfortable while she sleeps or plays every day.


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