Best Infant Thermometer In 2018 (Top 10 Reviews)

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One of the worst things to experience as a parent is when your baby gets sick. Sometimes, it will be a simple cold while other times, there will be a fever involved. When you have a baby, you should always have a baby thermometer in your baby’s nursery. An infant thermometer can help you determine how serious the fever is and if it has gone down or gone up.

The best thermometer is one that makes it easy to take your baby’s temperature without a struggle. Older models were notoriously difficult for taking the temperature of babies, but thankfully technology has come a long way. Now thermometers are much easier, much more accurate and give instant results.

Are you looking for the best infant thermometer? We have 10 of the best thermometers for 2018 right here. Take a look and compare them so you can buy the one that suits you best.

Top 10 Picks

ANKOVO Digital Medical Infrared Forehead and Ear Thermometer


This is the only baby thermometer you’ll ever need. It has two modes. You can use it on the forehead for all ages, and you can also use it as an ear thermometer, but only for children above the age of 3 months. That gives you versatility for taking your child’s temperature. It’s safe, reliable and accurate. Plus, it gives you up to 20 of your child’s previous temperature readings to help you discern any changes of the body temperature.

It’s easy to use so even in those times of stress, you’ll be able to operate the infant thermometer quickly to read your baby’s temperature. It reads within 1 second so there’s no waiting around anxiously for good or bad news. It beeps to alert you when it is done and when the temperature reading on this infant thermometer rises above 37.5℃/99.5℉, it emits another warning along with an LCD flicker to notify you.

iProven Best Digital Medical Thermometer, Easy Accurate and Fast


For a fast and accurate read, this infant thermometer can be used orally or rectally to ensure speedy temperature readings. In just 10 seconds, you’ll get the result within 1/10th degree of accuracy without mercury involved. The tip is flexible which means it’s softer in the mouth and prevents slippage. You’ll know in an instant if your child has a fever, or if the temperature is normal or even too low.

Additionally, during the stressful times that your child is sick, you have one less worry with the last temperature memory function that helps you track whether or not the temperature has risen or lowered since your last reading.

This waterproof thermometer can read in both Fahrenheit and Celsius for your convenience. It’s easy to use, bringing you peace of mind during your child’s illnesses.

Enji Prime Best FDA Fast 10 Second Reading Digital Medical Thermometer


This FDA-approved digital thermometer gives you a fast and accurate reading in just 10 seconds. It also comes with a full lifetime guarantee to ensure your satisfaction so you can feel confident every time you take your child’s temperature that you’re getting the correct information. Enji Prime also includes a free e-book of home remedies that help you find solutions for healing some of the most common ailments like stomach aches, bug bites, runny noses and more, all using natural ingredients found in the home.

It also comes with a storage case, a battery, and covers for the probe so you can use it from the moment you get it without having to think of anything else except for taking care of your baby!

OCCObaby Clinical Forehead Baby Thermometer


OCCObaby presents this fast and reliable instant reading thermometer. What makes it so amazing is that you don’t need to touch your child, wake her up or poke her unnecessarily with probes. It reads accurately in 10 seconds. The non-contact infrared sensor can be used on the forehead without interference. It also comes with a flexible waterproof tip for rectal readings, which are recommended for children under the age of 3. It is doctor tested and approved by the FDA for absolute quality assurance.

Additionally, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee and a one-year replacement warranty should anything happen to your thermometer in that time.

Summer Infant Pacifier Thermometer, Teal/White


Fevers are especially uncomfortable for infants. This thermometer is in pacifier form, making it a brilliant choice because of its ease of use. The glow feature indicates when there is a fever and emits beeps when the reading is complete. It also has a memory recall feature that tells you the temperature of the last reading so you can stay on top of your child’s illness and see if the temperature has fluctuated between readings.

It’s comfortable for babies and the protective cover keeps it clean for traveling or storing away. You can use it to read in both Fahrenheit and Celsius for whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Purple Safety Baby Digital Thermometer – For Infants, Babies, Kids


This digital thermometer is FDA and CE approved so you can use it confidently. In just 30 seconds, you’ll get an accurate reading that will tell you your child’s temperature. The soft and flexible tip is specially designed for comfort and safety to be used with little ones. It’s waterproof too, which allows you to sanitize it without worry so you won’t spread illnesses between your children. An extra battery is included for your convenience.

It also comes with a 100% money back guarantee to assure your satisfaction and stand behind the quality of this infant thermometer.

Paryvara Temporal Medical Thermometer Forehead Ear


Get the most reliable reading of your child’s temperature anytime with this digital thermometer. After passing clinical testing for reliability and consistent readings, it is a top choice among pediatricians. With the press of a button, you’ll get the reading of your child’s temperature in just seconds. A complimentary pouch is included for sanitary storage as well as easy travel.

You can measure temperature for children and adults in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, get a recall on the last 20 temperature readings, and it comes with batteries included (AAA). Additionally, there is a money back guarantee as well as a warranty, which means you can buy this thermometer without worry.

FullLight Tech Medical Baby Forehead & Ear Thermometer


See the last 20 temperature readings you’ve taken with this FDA-approved digital baby thermometer. You can use it on the forehead or take your child’s temperature in the ear with complete and instant accuracy. Only 1 second later, you’ll know whether or not your child has a fever and can act accordingly. It notifies you with a red back light warning and a beeping sound when your child’s temperature is over 100.4℉ (38℃).

This infant thermometer comes with a lifetime replacement warranty or full refund warranty that guarantees its quality and accuracy, making it the thermometer you can trust.

Preve Non Contact Infrared Medical Clinical Forehead Thermometer


This thermometer is no-contact, and one of the most accurate forehead thermometers on the market. You get accurate and trustable temperature readings in just one second. It has a color-coded screen to help you detect fevers and can be used on babies, children and adults too. You can use it to measure the temperature of the body, room temperature and surface temperature for all around health. Because it can measure these other things, you can check the temperature of baby milk bottles and things like that to ensure the proper temperature has been met.

It comes with 2 AA batteries and is FDA certified. You’ll also get a 2 year warranty that guarantees the quality and effectiveness of this thermometer.

Metene Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer, Infrared Digital


Use this digital thermometer on the forehead or in the ear to detect the temperature of your child easily. It utilizes the latest medical infrared technology to provide you with an accurate and reliable reading that you can trust. FDA approved, it can recall up to 20 previous temperature readings for everyone from babies to adults so you can keep track of the temperature trend. Readings are done within 1 second and are guaranteed to be accurate and precise.

It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee that’s hassle free and a 1-year manufacturer warranty that stands behind the quality of this baby thermometer.

Things to consider

Your baby’s health is no joke so you should make sure to buy an infant thermometer that will give you a safe and accurate reading of their temperature. Baby thermometers have come such a long way since we were children. Back then, there were only mercury-filled thermometers that weren’t just dangerous but also difficult to get an accurate reading on. Plus, it is next to impossible to get a baby or small child to sit still long enough with old-fashioned thermometers. These 10 best baby thermometers make short work of taking temperatures so you can go on to the next plan be it visiting the doctor or cheering that the fever has finally broke.

Each of these models of baby thermometers has their own unique benefits. Accuracy and FDA approval are very important, and these are quality infant thermometers. However, it might be best to select the kind that gives you a speedier reading. Some of them offer readings in 10 seconds, but the best are the ones that offer 1 second of wait time because it minimizes contact with your child and keeps the experience from being unpleasant.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider how well it can record temperatures. It’s beyond handy to have a reference of the last temperature that was noted. This way, you can check your child’s progression. Is her temperature on the rise? Or does it seem to be going down each reading?

Finally, you’ll want to look at the method of determining the temperature. The least invasive ways are always the best in regards to getting your child to hold still long enough to take their temperature. Although experts will say the rectal method is the best way to get the most accurate reading, for most parents, it is incredibly difficult to get your child to cooperate for that. Baby thermometers that allow you to touch to the head or even in the ear are best in this regard because you can zap the temperature and then make your game plan for wellness.

Final thoughts

Every parent should have a digital baby thermometer in their home from the first day they bring baby home. The one you buy should be easy for you to use and read and not take too long to give you the information you need accurately. Before you bring your new baby home, invest in one of these quality baby thermometers. And if you know someone who is expecting, a digital baby thermometer like one of these top 10 best baby thermometers is a great and thoughtful baby shower gift because it’s something that most new parents really don’t think of buying until it’s 2am and their sweet little baby feels hot to the touch.

So get a baby thermometer you can trust for fast, easy and accurate readings by buying one of the ones listed here. Each one stands behind the quality and can be trusted to give you the information you need in just seconds, with no unpleasant struggles or wrestling needed in order to use it on your child.


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