8 Best Kids ATV Reviews 2018

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ATVs are loads of fun. And now they’re fun for all ages because you can find kids ATVs to have your children ride along with you. Make the most of the summer by getting the ATV for your child.

If you’re wondering which is the best kids ATV to choose for your child, you’ll want to consider certain factors. Much of it depends on the age of your child too. Here, we’ve put together this handy guide of kids ATVs so you can choose from best kids ATV for your child in 2018.

Electric four wheelers and gas powered fun await you! Find out which ones we recommend for your child right here!

(Top 8 Best Kids ATV – 2018 Reviews)

Razor Dirt Quad – Best For 8 Years Old


Razor is a fantastic brand with a huge selection of on-the-go products, particularly scooters. They’ve delved into ATVs now and bring you this Dirt Quad model. Black with fun design and style, this mini off-road dirt vehicle is electric so there’s no need to worry about gas. It features authentic quad geometry plus droop-travel terrain-tracing rear suspension. The coil shocks offer supreme absorption to bring a smooth ride.

This kid ATV is built strong to effortlessly glide through bumpy terrain and trails. The high torque motor along with the twist-grip acceleration make it easy to go go go. Other features include rear disc brakes that are hand-operated, 13” knobby pneumatic tires, adjustable riser handlebars to grow with your child, and front brush bar.

It is designed for ages 8 and up and can support up to 120 pounds of weight. The rechargeable battery offers up to 40 minutes of use continuously. For ideal enjoyment, it is recommended to charge the battery for 12 hours. There is also a rear carry handle and a storage space for added convenience. The tubular frame is powder-coated to withstand all weather elements.


If you have a child that is 8 or up in 2017, this is a great choice for kids ATV. It has a strong and sturdy build and the kind of features that will make it exciting for a child in this age range while still being safe. Battery power means that your child won’t be near gasoline which many parents can appreciate. With exceptional handling capability, this ATV makes going off the road a fun experience.

Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw


Peg Perego’s Polaris Outlaw ATV is a cool-looking ride your child will love to show off. It’s strong while offering a sleek and sporty look. Proudly made in America, this ATV features 2 speeds – 2.5 mph for beginners and 5 mph once your child gets the hang of the ATV. It can also go in reverse with a 2nd gear lockout control to keep it from going reverse fast. The battery is a 12-volt rechargeable with an included charger.

Capable of cruising over any terrain thanks to the all terrain wheels, it’s easy to get through grass, gravel, dirt, or pavement. Ages 3 to 7 will love this fun kids ATV which can host a maximum weight capacity of 85 pounds. This model also comes with a free 2nd-year extension on the warranty when consumers participate.


We like that younger children can develop a love for ATVs by using this safe model. Electric powered, there is no need for fueling it up with gasoline. The speed restrictions make it easy for parents to feel confident in allowing children ages 3 to 7 to ride. The only downside is that once your child does become comfortable with the ride, you’ll need to consider a faster model to cure that need for speed. However, this will still give your child many years of fun before that time comes.

MOUNTOPZ 110cc Four Wheelers 6″ Tires ATV


This affordable ATV for kids presents a 4-stroke 110cc motor with an air-cooled engine. The automatic transmission makes it easy to drive for older children. Rear hydraulic disc brakes make it easy to stop. It’s an ideal choice for casual riding through the yard, across fields or along trails. It also features a remote control shut off and speed restrictor to keep it safe.

Additionally, there are luggage racks on the rear so gear can be stored for a longer ride with the family. Go riding together and take along what you need for your adventure without compromising the ride.


This kid ATV features an automatic transmission, making it a low-maintenance and easy to use ATV. The safety features with the remote ability to shut it off as well as the speed restrictor allow parents control to ensure your child is safe while riding. Too much speed for new riders can be dangerous, but with these controls, it makes it easy for your child to learn how to use the ATV at lower speeds first before increasing them.

Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle


Another entry by Razor, this mini off-road variable-speed electric 250-watt motored model provides low down and dirty fun on the trail. Capable of supporting up to 120 pounds, it features a high-torque gear ratio that allows for climbing with ease. The chain-driven variable-speed electric motor runs quietly while still being powerful. Rear suspension is smooth thanks to droop-travel terrain-tracing capabilities.

Another excellent feature is that this model can be stored either horizontally or vertically depending on your storage space, making it easy to keep out of the way when not in use. Twist-grip throttle acceleration allows for outstanding control. This ATV is ideal for children ages 8 and up.

The battery requires 12 hours for charging which allows for up to 40 minutes of continuous riding. It comes with a UL-approved battery charger as well as tools too.


We really love this ATV for kids by Razor. It’s a quality built off road vehicle. The electric power makes it safe to use. Because it has a quieter engine, it won’t disturb nearby neighbors with the noise. It’s easy to use and sturdy so it can handle all the terrain it encounters. Splash-proof and durable, it’s a wonderful kid ATV. One more feature it has that others don’t is the ability to store it vertically. This is a great advantage for families that don’t have much space for storage.

ICEbear 110cc Kids ATV Four Wheelers


This simple kid ATV will give your child the off-road action they seek. It features an automatic 4-stroke 110cc air-cooled engine. It’s a streamlined design that allows for plenty of four-wheel fun. And speaking of wheels, the tires are 6 inches, perfect for gripping any terrain.

The spider black design makes pretending to be a ninja zipping through the trails a very real and fun fantasy!


As a newer model kids ATV, there is not much information to be found on it. However, it offers fully gripping tires to take on any terrain. The engine is also just powerful enough to help it climb over anything, allowing for loads of off-road fun.

TaoTao ATA-125D TaoTao Kids Gas ATV – 110 CC


Get ready to go with TaoTao’s kids ATV. It provides outstanding power witan an 110cc engine. It has a speed limiter built in to control the speed when your child is first starting out riding ATVs. Then you can increase the speed as they become more experienced. Another safety feature is the remote shutdown capability.

Because it is gas-powered, certain states are not allowed to purchase it. That would be California, Texas, Hawaii and Arkansas. It requires certain registration documents as well.


This gas-powered kid ATV has the power to really ride and go fast when you don’t limit the speed. However, because of this, it needs to be registered as a vehicle like a car when you purchase it. Also, if you live in California, Texas, Hawaii or Arkansas, you will not be able to buy this ATV. If your family does a lot of off-roading together, then this model will be worth the paperwork. If not though, you might want to consider an electric model that requires no papers.

Go-Bowen Gobi 350W Electric ATV


For ages 6 to 8, this ATV provides parental speed controls for both forward and reverse. It is capable of moving forward at speeds of 5 or 9 mph. The enclosed chain drive system and 350-watt brush motor make for easy driving. A foot activated safety switch provides automatic shut off while the tough steel frame provides incredible long-lasting durability. Front and rear disc brakes make stopping easy and responsive. It also has 4” high traction tube tires and can contain a load of up to 165 pounds.


This is a great ATV for kids between the ages of 6 and 8. The parental controls make it easy for kids to start riding more slowly to get comfortable with driving the ATV. With a max speed of 9 mph without speed restriction, it goes just fast enough for fun. Instead of being remote though, the safety switch is controlled by the foot which might not make some parents happy. However, it is a durable and safe model that responds well over any terrain it encounters.

TaoTao ATA-110D TaoTao Kids Gas ATV – Best For Girls


This pink camo color of the TaoTao ATV gives incredible power with an 110cc engine. It has a speed limiter built in to control the speed when your child is first learning to ride. Then you can increase the speed as they become more experienced. Another safety feature is the remote shutdown capability.

Because it is gas-powered, certain states are not allowed to purchase it. That would be California, Texas, Hawaii and Arkansas. It requires certain registration documents as well. This fully automatic ATV is like the other TaoTao model but may appeal to girls with the pink color scheme.


Just as with the other TaoTao model, this one requires registration. It’s the same as the other model except for the color being pink camo. If you live in California, Texas, Hawaii or Arkansas, you will not be able to buy this ATV. Families that do a lot of off-road riding will find this model worth the investment and registration. However, if you live in one of the forbidden states or don’t wish to register another vehicle, you’ll be better off choosing another model.

Choosing the Best ATV for Kids – Things to Consider

Are you thinking of buying an ATV for your child? If so, you might be wondering how you make the best decision for purchasing one. It’s not something to enter into lightly so you’ll want to make the best decision to ensure your child’s safety.

ATVs can be a little intimidating. After all, they are motorized vehicles. However, the ones made for children are built with children specifically in mind and are suitable for use for children under the age of 13. They were designed with the features needed for younger children in mind so while they are ATVs, they aren’t like the kind an adult would ride.

So here is what you should consider when you’re choosing the best ATV for kids.

1) Pricing and budget considerations

You’ll need to decide what a comfortable price point is for you. ATVs are not cheap though you can find them at a great value. The prices vary though depending on the size of the engine, the brand, and any add-on options you choose.

2) Brand

There are many reliable ATV brands out there, but you might like one better than another. Make sure you look into each brand and decide which one makes you feel most comfortable.

3) Age of your child

There are ATVs for different age ranges of children. ATVs for kids can come in a variety of sizes. For small children, they make ATVs that even a 3 year old child can safely ride. The speed is restricted and it has more safety features than an ATV designed for an older child, giving parents peace of mind when they buy. All ATVs for kids have a recommended age and weight range so make sure you look at that and factor that into your decision making. Generally speaking, the ATVs designed for kids aged 3 to around 8 years are more like toys than real ATVs, but if off-roading is something your family enjoys or you have a more rural setting, it can be a great way of getting your young children into riding ATVs while being safe.

4) Think about where you’ll ride

ATV stands for “all terrain vehicle” so it stands to reason that you can ride an ATV on just about any surface. But where will your child be riding this ATV? If it’s in the backyard, the terrain will be a lot easier to handle for any model. If you’ll be taking it out to rugged trails, then you’ll want something that can hold up to all that roughness without missing a beat.

5) Safety features

And finally, one of your biggest considerations when buying an ATV for your child is safety. All ATVs that are designed and created for children are meant to be used by children only, however that doesn’t mean you can ignore safety warnings. You should always be sure that the ATV is being operated correctly and in accordance with the guidelines from the manufacturer. It’s important to listen to recommendations about age and weight. Underage children should be accompanied by an adult and should be wearing safety gear like helmets. Even without an adult on board, parents should make use of helmets to ensure safety.

Other things to watch out for are teaching your child how to use the ATV. While little kids on an ATV made for a 3 year old can’t go over a certain very low speed, older kids should know exactly how to drive it properly. Before allowing your child to ride anywhere, you should also inspect the terrain to make sure it’s safe before letting your child ride. Taking these steps will prevent injuries and allow everyone to enjoy the fun safely.

Are Kids’ ATVs safe?

There are always dangers lurking at every turn with even some of the most simple things in life. When it comes to ATVs for kids though, they are designed for smaller riders and centered around their safety. Great measures have been put into place by the manufacturers of kids’ ATVs to ensure their safety, however you’ll have to do your part to ensure your child is being safe on the ATV.

Some general rules of guidance have been released by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in order to help you keep your child safe while riding an ATV.

– Don’t operate on paved roads

ATVs are designed for off-road terrain. They are not meant to drive on paved roads. They can be more difficult to control and run a larger risk of flipping. Plus, on paved roads, cars and trucks can pose a hazard. Be sure your child rides off the pavement on a trail you approve of.

– Don’t let kids ride or drive an ATV for adults

Children younger than the age of 16 should only be on an ATV designed for their age level and equipped with a speed restrictor. As long as you check the labels on the ATV for the right age group for that model and follow it, it will be safe.

– Make sure only one person is on the ATV at a time

ATVs were not designed to host more than one person. Adding another person to the mix, even if they do not exceed the weight limit total can overload the weight distribution on the ATV which means it provides less control to the vehicle and could result in tipping.

– Wear the right gear

The CPSC recommends that riders of ATVs always wear helmets and goggles and dress in long clothing that includes long sleeved shirts and long pants. Shoes should be sturdy boots that come up over the ankles, and gloves are always a good idea. Should an accident occur, injury will be less likely when the proper gear is used.

– Take a safety course

Of course, you can’t make your little toddler take a safety course for ATVs, but older children should take one and learn the ins and outs of the ATV model they have. They should also learn proper riding and how to care for their ATV.

By taking the proper precautions in regards to safety, you can let your child ride without worry on their ATV. But don’t just let the kids take the ATVs out alone. Be an active parent observing and ready for anything. With small riders, you’ll most likely not let them out of your sight. However, older children should be supervised as well so that in the event of an emergency, you can take care of things.

Again, being prepared truly prevents ATVs for kids from being dangerous. Along with proper safety equipment and speed restrictors, they give the fun of the off-roading experience without the major dangers. If you teach your children proper safety and respect for ATVs while they are young, they will grow up to exercise these same cautions on adult models of ATVs once they are old enough to ride on them.

Final thoughts

Each of these kids ATVs have reviews for 2018. Older children will enjoy the models created for them while younger riders will develop a love for riding with the speed controlled lower-speed models. For the best kids ATVs, we particularly liked Razor’s Dirt Quad that can be stored horizontally or vertically, which added a unique element of convenience.

If you don’t want your child around gasoline, go for an electric model. But whatever one you choose, make sure to order a helmet along with your purchase. Even with the utmost care and safety precautions in place, accidents can still happen with kids ATVs so it’s important to protect your child from head injuries.

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