Best Lego Sets for 8 to 10 Year Old Kids

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Lego sets are loads of fun for any young boy. The pieces can be stacked together to create some awesome replicas or even be used to fuel one’s own imagination building an original creation.

Lego sets can keep boys busy for hours on end, making for a peaceful home and a creative mind.

If your son loves to build things, you might be wondering which are the best Lego sets to buy him. Lego sets for 8 to 10-year-old boys are extremely popular.

There are so many choices, so we’ve narrowed them down for you.

(Top 11 Best Lego Sets)

LEGO Star Wars Carbon-Freezing Chamber


This Lego set for 10 year old boys is ideal if he loves Lego and Star Wars. It features a control center that comes complete with a freeze bed that has a freeze function. There’s also an elevator and a staircase.

This set includes 3 mini-figures. There is Boba Fett with a helmet, Han Solo, and an Ugnaught. Once built, this Star Wars set will be endless fun for your boy as he reenacts scenes from the Empire Strikes Back.


It’s truly a cool Lego set for 10 year old boys. However, if you’re boy isn’t into Star Wars, this won’t get him as excited as other sets will. Star Wars fans will completely adore assembling this carbon freezing chamber and be playing with it.

LEGO Technic 8293 Power Functions Motor Set


If your son has Lego Technic models, this motor set will power up his creations and bring them to life. It’s a superb supplementary set works with the best Lego sets to make them move.

The Power Functions Motor Set comes with a medium motor, light cable, battery box, a switch, and additional pieces that allow for adding new features and functions to the Lego Technic models your son builds. Some of those pieces include a light cable that features 2 super-bright LEDs.


This is a supplementary set that is meant to work with Lego Technic sets. If your child has a Lego Technic set, he can use this one to turn it on and power it up for even cooler results. It requires 6 AA batteries which do not come included with the set.

LEGO Minecraft The Cave 21113


For the Minecraft and Lego fan, there is this Minecraft Cave set. This Lego set for 8 year old boys features mini-figures of Steve and a zombie. There’s also a spider and accessories.

Assemble all 249 pieces and enjoy the waterfall, coal, iron, lava fall, gold, obsidian, TNT, torch, ladder and other little details that bring the hit video game to life. There are other Lego sets for the Minecraft series too, and they can be combined with this one for even more adventures and quests.


If your child likes Minecraft, this Lego set will be a big hit. The little details are something anyone can really appreciate but a fan of Minecraft will adore this Lego set for boys so much more.

LEGO Creator Lakeside Lodge


Let your child create a cozy little world with this Lego set for 8 year old boys that forms a lakeside lodge. This lodge includes a stove, table, bed, outside wall lamp, campfire, designated wood-chopping area, water lilies, and pine trees. An included male mini-figure makes for fun imaginative play plus the set allows the building of a moose as well as a frog.

Other elements include an observatory and a small cabin. There are other details in the accessories like a fishing rod, fish, jar, cup, axe, chair, bucket, and a letter and quill.


This Lego set for boys is perfect for the boy that loves the outdoors, or perhaps hasn’t gone off the deep end into Star Wars or Minecraft yet. The nice little touches make it fun to assemble and even more, fun to play with.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon


Perhaps the most legendary of all the Star Wars starships is the Millennium Falcon, and this Lego set for 10 year old boys is the best Lego set for Star Wars fans. The updated design of the Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon set features a more finely-tuned design. The cockpit detaches and allows for 2 mini-figures to fit inside. There are rotating laser turrets on the top and bottom too.

Inside, the details continue and become more in depth. There’s even a secret compartment for weapon. This set also includes 6 mini-figures along with an assortment of weapons. You’ll find Han Solo, Chewbacca, Tasu, Finn, and a gang member from Kanjiklub, to name a few.


This is the best Lego set if your child is crazy about Star Wars. Nothing is more iconic than the Millennium Falcon. And having the chance to build it with his own hands is even more exciting for your son. The 6 mini-figures makes it even more fun to act out famous favorite scenes from the movies for non-stop thrills.



The best Lego set for Marvel fans is this Batmobile Lego set. The cockpit of the Batmobile is designed to fit two mini-figures. It also allows for the roof to pop off. The wheels are capable of multi-direction and of course, the Batmobile would not be complete without bat wings.

This set includes 5 mini-figures with Batman and Robin along with their capes, Man-Bat, and the Kabuki Twins. Additionally Batman has a brand new molded utility belt for spring 2017. Weapons are also included because how else would Batman and Robin protect Gotham City? The Batarang, Batman Merch gun, dynamite and the Kabuki Twins’ claws are all included.


For the ultimate Marvel fan, this Batman Lego set is absolutely essential. It’s the best Lego set for boys who love superheroes. There’s a lot of fun to be had with this Lego set because of the mini-figures as well as the removable cockpit. The wheels make it easy to turn in any direction and drive just like the real Batmobile.

LEGO City Volcano Exploration Base 60124


For the child that loves to build, dig and explore, this is the best Lego set. There is a mobile operations center to serve for a station of command, an excavator, a wheeled dumper, boulder rack, drone, and a volcano that has the capability of erupting.

As if that isn’t exciting enough, this Lego set for 8 year olds adds to the fun with accessories that includes 4 crystal elements, 4 boulders, a pickaxe, a shovel, walkie-talkie, crowbar, drill, camera, and metal detector. To bring the fun to life, there are 6 minifigures included in this Lego set. There’s a broad spectrum of male and female employees to work at the exploration base, making every child feel included. You’ll find a female scientist, a scientist in a heat suit, a male worker and a female worker, plus 2 adventurers.


Lego did a fantastic job with this best Lego set. It offers so many ways to expand and explore, plus both boys and girls will love it. Lego knows that even little girls love to build and have an adventure. It’s a thoughtful set that will keep any child busy (and quiet!) for hours on end.

LEGO Creator 31053 Building Toy


Get three sets for the price of one! That’s what this best Lego set is all about. Your child will love building the treehouse and having the minifigures hang out there. It can be folded out to make a double treehouse, complete with a fenced connecting bridge. Or your child can fold it together to create a treehouse with a very detailed center. The leaves even move, allowing your child to create a secret hiding place in the trunk.

If your child has always wanted a treehouse but it’s not possible to have one outside your home, the next best thing is this awesome treehouse set. Build it into a clubhouse or a tree fort too. Because of its versatility, kids will never grow tired of it. It comes with 2 minifigures as well as a blue jay and a frog.


We think this is a best Lego set because of its extreme versatility. It can be built in many ways, and by having those kind of options, it makes this a toy that feels new every single time. Your child will love being able to change it and rearrange it as well as create scenarios with the included minifigures.

LEGO Star Wars Eclipse Fighter 75145


For the Star Wars enthusiast that also loves Lego, this Eclipse Fighter is loads of fun. It has an opening cockpit for which to place your minifigures. It also has a place to stash those light sabers. Additionally, it can transform so that it reveals the hidden spring-loaded shooters to fire at enemies.

It comes with weapons too. You get Dengar’s blaster rifle and Naare’s light saber. You will also find Dengar’s turban and Naare’s hood and cape included. And yes, Naare and Dengar minifigures are also included so the hours of amusement and imagination will go on and on.


If your child is into Star Wars, this is a great set to have. It can be used on its own or be a great item to add to the growing line of Star Wars fleet vessels. Already have a Star Wars Lego collection going? Then don’t forget this key item!

LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Walker 75153


The AT-ST Walker just might be the coolest of the Star Wars Lego sets. It has posable legs and a wheel-activated section that turns on top. The cockpit and top hatch open, allowing for you to add one of the 3 included minifigures inside.

And the interior is ideal for minifigures, featuring very great details. The spring-loaded shooters and elevated front guns make this a force to be reckoned with. The minifigures include an AT-ST drive, Baze Malbus (with a heavy blaster), and a rebel trooper. Weapons are also included like a blaster pistol and blaster rifle.


Again, Star Wars Lego sets are among the best Lego sets for ages 8 to 10. Boys and girls too love recreating their favorite scenes from the movies as well as making up their own Star Wars stories

LEGO Creator Corner Deli 31050 Building Toy


This 3-in-one Lego set can be built three different ways to make for hours of fun times. Build it into a deli, a small townhouse, or a flower shop. You get accessories like a stool, plus 2 buildable sandwiches to make and serve. Plus, you get a man and a girl minifigure. This best Lego set for kids is ideal for those who want to create a living and working environment.

Very detailed, it has a cash register, opening hatches for serving, a movable shop sign and stairs that lead to the apartment and roof terrace. For a small town meets city experience, this is a fun Lego set for kids.


The 3-in-1 sets are always a great value. They give your child many ways to build and play. If your child is less into adventure and more into city and neighborhood life, this will be a fantastic choice.

6 Tips on Purchasing Lego Sets (Age Range 8 to 10 Years)

When it comes to buying Lego sets for kids from the ages of 8 to 10 years, you might think that these themed sets totally quash creativity. But don’t let that thinking take over. While it’s true that they come with intricate directions to help your child build the set as it appears on the box, there are no laws that say your child can’t make their own creations from the pieces, engage in interactive play, or even add to the design to make it better.

Wondering what you should think about when you’re purchasing Lego sets? Here are 6 tips from us on how to make a smart purchase.

1) Look for compatible sets

Lego sets are still incredibly versatile. Your child can combine Lego sets to make bigger items or use two built-up sets to play with simultaneously. A great example of this is the Star Wars sets. When Lego sets are compatible, it adds to the fun.

2) Think about what interests your child

Not all Lego sets are themed. And not every theme excites every child. Hard to believe, but there are kids out there that don’t want Star Wars sets. So what do they want? Look at your child’s interests and take it from there. If he likes robots, cars or buildings, find sets that allow him to build those things.

3) Don’t forget moveable options

Lego Technic is a whole range of pieces that provide functionality to moveable items like cars, cranes, motorcycles, and much more. They have power functions and can bring to life any of your child’s creations. Because Lego sets are so versatile, your child can truly create some magical items.

4) Lego sets give you a better price

Because more pieces are involved, you’re getting a better deal when you buy a Lego set. Not only that, but also you can mix and match your sets for even more fun. The ages of 8 to 10 are incredibly exploratory years where kids really like to test their capabilities alongside their imaginations to bring their visions to life.

5) Go for Lego sets that will motivate your child

On the surface, Lego sets might seem like just another toy to step on in the middle of the night. However, they offer a variety of learning options for your child. Find a Lego set that challenges your child to think outside the box. You’ll want it to match their skill level but if you buy something too simple, your child will tire of it before long.

6) Consider the minifigures

Lego sets generally include some minifigures. They help make it even more fun to play with the set once it is all assembled. Some sets have the same minifigures as others so keep that in mind when you’re buying Lego sets. In this way, your child won’t have the same minifigures and can mix and match them with all his Lego sets.

Advantages of Lego sets

So why should you get your child a Lego set? Lego sets help keep those fine motor skills strong. It takes a lot of skill to build a Lego set. Children from the ages of 8 to 10 are very good at this point, however, the patience required to see a project through is important to develop.

When children get Lego sets, they must learn to follow directions in order to build the set as specified. It’s true that they can deviate from the set, but for the initial building, it’s a good idea to encourage your child to build the set according to the detailed instructions. It will give them a sense of price when they complete the building, which will go a long way. When your child realizes he can make

Lego sets also help your child hone in on their own creativity. While it’s true the instructions should be followed to create the image on the box, part of the fun of Lego sets is using the imagination to come up with new ideas. So your kid can build the house or the castle they see, and then they can combine it with other sets or make their own creation that they’ll be excited to show off.

Playing with Lego sets gives kids a chance to learn new skills in a new dimension. Through interactive play with Lego sets, they become aware of space, find new ways to solve problems, make use of geometrical shapes, and so much more. Lego sets allow your child to play without fear of failure. Sure, there will be creations that won’t work out and don’t stack up as planned, however what your child learns is that they can start over again and learn from what went wrong. That’s a valuable skill that they can apply to all areas of life.

When you’re thinking of buying your child a Lego set, just remember the many ways it can be used. It doesn’t need to be just about building what’s on the box and leaving it in a corner to collect dust. It can be built and deconstructed and rebuilt again. It can be turned into a totally different piece. It can be combined with other Lego sets to make something larger than life. The point of Lego sets is to build upon creativity. By purchasing a Lego set for your 8 to 10 year old child, you can expect that their creativity will blossom in impressive ways.

Final thoughts

Each of these Lego sets for 8 and 10 year old boys will provide hours and hours of fun building and playing opportunities. The best Lego set for your child will be the one that matches his interests, so choose wisely to ensure the best Lego experience for your child.

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