Best Lego Sets for Girls In 2018 (Top 10 Reviews)

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Just like the dollhouses, girls love to play with Lego sets too. That’s why a Lego set for girls is a great gift for your girl. With fun themes and her favorite characters, Lego for girls gives her the chance to build and explore the possibilities.

The best Lego sets offer hours of imaginative play along with focused building that will help her hone in on her skills. Want to find the best Lego sets for girls? They’re right here! Take a look!

(10 Best Lego Sets For Girls)

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle


It’s time for a cool adventure at Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle. This stunning princess castle Lego set for girls comes with an icicle tree, a sleigh, an ice cream bar, a secret staircase, and more.

It also includes Elsa, Anna and Olaf the snowman mini-figures. Have a cool blast with their exciting accessories. This Lego set for girls features skis, glittery wall things, ice skates, 2 capes, a tiara, hair bow, carrot nose for Olaf, and decorative stickers. Girls can make up their own adventures or act out the ones from the movie. There are so many cool possibilities with this Lego set.

LEGO Friends Heartlake City Pool


It’s colorful, vibrant and full of exciting fun. Andrea and Isabella mini-dolls are included to join in the super summer fun. The Heartlake City Pool is the kind of place every girl dreams of going to. It has everything fun to make a splash in this Lego set.

This girls Lego set comes with a pool, hot tub, diving board, waterfall, waterslide, changing room, and a toilet too. Don’t forget the snack shack for a refreshing treat. You’ll find accessories like an ice cream cone, cash register, drinks, money, basketball, and more.

Girls ages 6 to 12 will just love the summer fun they can act out with this Lego set for girls. They’ll love making the dolls swim and splash as well as let them catch some rays on the included beach chairs. In addition to the snack bar, there’s a café bar with pink umbrella and seats. And don’t forget the tree house, the ideal place to relax out of the sun.

LEGO Classic Creative Bright Supplement


Let her use her imagination with this best Lego set for girls. It’s a supplemental set that can complement any other set you own. It features Lego bricks in a variety of colors, 20 different ones to be exact.

Included are 4 sets of eyes so your daughter can build up animal friends too. The box shows pictures of models that can all be built using the items found in this set, and all of them can be built at the same time. If your daughter loves Lego and wants to add on to any set she has, this one is perfect. However, it’s also great for girls just starting out into playing with Lego.

LEGO l Disney Pets Royal Castle (Ages 5 – 12)


All royals need a loyal pet. That’s where the Palace Pets Royal Castle comes in. This Lego set for girls builds up a 2-story castle complete with 2 towers, a golden roof, music room, dining area, garden lookout and even a music room.

The opportunities for imagination are endless. Host a grand ball and an extravagant dinner with dancing on the revolving dance floor. Those Palace Pets sure know how to party!

Ideal for ages 5 to 12, this castle provides a special spot for each Palace Pet to sleep. Plus, the towers are interchangeable with other sets including Treasure’s Day at the Pool, Daisy’s Beauty Salon, and Pumpkin’s Royal Carriage so you can customize the building and playing experience.

LEGO 41125 Horse Vet Trailer Building Kit


This Lego set has everything she needs to be the best vet ever. It comes with a detachable trailer that opens up for easy ways to play inside. With Olivia and Sophie mini-dolls and a horse, your daughter will be able to expertly care for horses and save the day.

Inside, you’ll find a stretcher for the horse, vet tools, equestrian medical book, 2 medicine bottles, saddle, horse blanket and a carrot for a good horse. Open the trailer and it reveals a bed, table, horse compartment and room to store accessories in the roof. Olivia is dressed to ride with her riding jacket, jodhpurs and helmet. Sophie is ready to care for the horse in her vet attire. It’s loads of imaginative vet and riding fun with this girls Lego set!

LEGO Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster Building Kit 41130


Let her scream for delight with this Amusement Park Roller Coaster Lego set for girls. Emma, Andrea, Matthew, and Naya mini-dolls are all dressed for summer fun. They can ride in the 4-carriage roller coaster which pushes along the track. The roller coaster features control panels, camera, and so much more, even obstacles along the ride to make it even more thrilling to the Lego people. The fun never ends with this summer theme park Lego set for girls.

LEGO l Disney Princess Belle’s Enchanted Castle 


If your daughter loves Beauty and the Beast, Belle’s Enchanted Castle is the perfect Lego set for girls for her. The castle builds to 2 stories and features a ballroom, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and even a balcony. In the first-floor ballroom, a chandelier hangs from the ceiling, the dance floor revolves, and there’s even a trolley for Mrs. Potts and Chip.

Belle mini-doll is included, as is one for the Beast which transforms into the Prince. There’s also Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Babette, the Wardrobe, and the Stove. Hours of fun and castle excitement can be had with the included accessories. There’s a book, magic mirror, goblet, cakes, wig for the prince, and a frying pan. This is the best Lego set for girls ages 6 to 12 who love Belle!

LEGO 10727 Emma’s Ice Cream Truck – Best For 4 Year Old


Ice cream! Ice cream! We all scream for ice cream! And now your girl will too with Emma’s Ice Cream Truck. It comes with an open roof and side to make serving ice creamy treats easy. Andrea and Emma mini-dolls are included, along with a puppy who can beg for ice cream. The set also features ice cream and cones, ice cream sign, camera, handbag, cash register, bottles of toppings, ice cream cone holder, freezer, and so much more. It makes for a sweet way to beat the heat when your daughter plays with this girls Lego set.

LEGO Elves Queen Dragon’s Rescue


This 2-story castle tower Lego set for girls has a bedroom with a cave. Bet your girl wishes she had that. The dungeon gates open, plus there are chains and shackles to tie the Queen dragon down. The ballista shoots “poison” which is also a nice touch.

You’ll find a Book of Dragons, capes for Emily Jones and Azari (included mini-dolls), Elanra the Queen dragon, Dusti the evil fox, a mouse, hourglass, fish, crystal heart, potion, cheese, and much more. It’s a little more complex so girls ages 9 to 12 will appreciate this highly-detailed fairytale set the most!

LEGO Friends Heartlake Puppy Daycare Building Kit – 41124


Get ready for puppy daycare with this Lego set. The building has an opening door, grooming station, bath, dog beds, feeding area and everything needed to care for dogs in mini-form.

Andrea and Mia mini-dolls are included as are a Husky and a Pug. There’s a garden with an agility course that has a turning roundabout and drinking fountain. There are many included accessories too like a grooming brush, dog shampoo, computer, phone, dog biscuits, feeding bowls, fire hydrant, a ball, trophy and so much more.

If your girl loves dogs, this is a wonderful Lego set to choose. She’ll have hours of fun grooming and  playing with this girls Lego set.
Final Thoughts

Lego sets for girls cater to the imaginations of girls. With girl-power themes and princesses, these Lego sets are the best Lego sets for girls because they offer hours of endless play. From castles to poolside retreats, there are so many fun ways for your daughter to build up fun one Lego at a time. Please be advised that due to small parts, Lego sets are not for children under the age of 3.


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