Top 10 Best Nasal Aspirators for Babies (2018 Reviews)

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It’s hard to say who has it worse when a baby gets sick – the baby or the parents. When your little one’s little nose gets stuffed full of snot and gunk, he needs help getting it out so he can breathe. Babies and toddlers can’t blow their noses so keeping a nasal aspirator around your home for these moments is a brilliant idea.

A nasal aspirator is designed to gently work on little noses and bring about safe and instant relief. There are many nasal aspirators for babies and toddlers out there, but we’ve narrowed down our list to these 10 best nasal aspirators for babies so you can make a better decision faster.

Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator By FridaBaby


Don’t let the gross moniker of “Snot Sucker” put you off. This baby nasal aspirator will be your hero when your baby gets sick. It provides an easy and natural way to remove snot out of your baby’s nose. You have to suck it out but the disposable filters keep anything gross from coming your way. It’s effective and risk-free. Plus, it is easier to clean. Made with materials free from BPA and phthalates, this safe and hygienic product from Sweden might just make it more famous than IKEA.

Graco NasalClear Nasal Aspirator, 1 Count



Graco knows babies and this baby nasal aspirator proves it. The design allows you to safely clear your baby’s snotty nose with ease so she can breathe better and sleep better for a faster road to recovery. The design is well thought out to be easy to clean in the dishwasher for prime sterilization. The clear plastic collection cup makes it easy to see just how congested your little one is, allowing you to make accurate decisions regarding her care. It operates with 2 AA batteries and it also plays 12 different kids’ songs to help provide a fun distraction while you’re busy extracting the mucus. It’s a very next-level tool for any parent to keep on hand for those stuffy nose moments.

Bubzi Co. Nasal Aspirator



Give your baby instant relief with a baby nasal aspirator that unclogs the congestion in 30 seconds or less. The BPA-free soft silicone tip is hospital grade and made for little noses. It’s simple to use too because it was made with parents in mind, knowing full well that most parents have never used something like this before coupled with the stress of trying to care for a sick baby. It’s easy to clean effectively too so that you can avoid mold growth when not in use. It doesn’t require filters either. Just use it and wash it and that’s it! Plus it comes with a 100% money back guarantee to assure you’re happy with it.

BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator — The Snotsucker



Using your own suction, you can safely and effectively clear out your baby’s congestion. Since you control the suction, it makes it safe. You don’t need to buy filters either. You can simply use a regular tissue as your filter. It protects you from coming into contact with the germs and mucus. A mesh pouch makes for a handy way to store it. When you’re done, wash it in the dishwasher for a completely sanitary experience. It’s made from materials that are free of BPAs and phthalates too. And you’ll also get two different sized soft nose tips to fit your child at the newborn stage and toddler stage too.

BoogieBulb Baby Nasal Aspirator for Newborns and Toddlers



This guaranteed baby nasal aspirator promises to clear out the snot stuck in your child’s nose or your money back. All you do to work it is twist the bulb back on and suck the snot out. There are no BPAs, phthalates or latex products used in making this baby nasal aspirator. You can use it on babies from 8 lbs to 25 lbs for effective nasal congestion relief.

Baby Nasal Aspirator by BabyBubz



This aspirator helps you unclog the congestion from tiny little noses. When babies get sick, that generally means no sleep for you…unless you have one of these to clear the way, allowing baby to breathe easier and letting you sleep longer. It’s completely safe to use and hospital grade so you can trust it to be an effective tool for wellness in your home. Free of BPAs and phthalates, it is the safe way to unblock baby’s nose. Plus, you can take it apart and put it back together again in seconds, making cleaning a breeze.

 Baby Nasal Aspirator By Little Martin’s Drawer



This FDA-approved baby nasal aspirator provides plenty of suction to get the mucus out of little noses without causing any harm. It comes with 2 different nozzle sizes made from soft silicone to fit gently into your baby’s nose. With electric power, this palm-sized baby nasal aspirator is one-touch activated for easy use. It’s waterproof so you can rinse it with water without damage. The collection cup and nozzle are removable to allow for sterilization by way of boiling.

OCCObaby Baby Nasal Aspirator



This baby nasal aspirator offers quick and easy nasal decongestion to stuffy-nosed babies. It comes with 3 different soft and reusable silicone tips to provide the perfect fit for any nose. No filters are needed for this model either. It’s an FDA-approved device that was tested by the medical community for effectiveness and safety so you can feel confident using it to clear the way for your baby to breathe easier during a nasty cold. The mucus cup is easy to clean with hot and soapy water so you’ll never have to worry about mold and mildew building up and lurking dangerously within. It also has a 90-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked and a 1-year warranty, making it an ideal option.

Baby Nasal Aspirator by vlcooly



Get a baby nasal aspirator that’s easy to clean, free of BPAs and safe to use. This one presents flexible silicone tips that are irritation-free and can be reused. It’s easy to clean so there won’t be any harmful bacteria left trapped inside. Disposable filters are used to help keep things safe and hygienic.

Wowly Baby Nasal Aspirator



Choose a baby nasal aspirator that’s hospital grade so you can suck out snot with confidence. This model assures you that no mucus will be transferred to you. Plus, it’s non-invasive, making it less upsetting to babies and small children. It is designed to be placed on the nostril, not inside of it and removes snot instantly and effectively. It’s free from BPAs and phthalates so you can trust the material. You’ll also get a 100% money-back guarantee just in case you’re not happy with this incredible nasal aspirator.

Things to consider

When you’re choosing a baby aspirator, you have a lot of options out there which is a good thing. But you’ve got to think things through. Some models require you to use your own suction to get the snot out. While these models are safe and prevent that snot from transferring into your own mouth, some parents may be less than enthused about this method. If you’re one of them, you might want to choose a different model.

Other models have bulb shapes which can collect mold and mildew if you don’t carefully clean and dry them. But with proper care, they can be effective and safe. And there are other models that run on batteries so you really have to do nothing at all.

Aside from the type, you want to look at the features too. We found the 10th item on our list to be interesting because it is the only baby nasal aspirator that we’ve seen that can suck out the mucus without being put inside the nose. Babies are squirmy on a regular day so it stands to reason that on a day they’re congested with too much snot, they’re not going to sit perfectly still while you remove the congestion.

However, all of these models work to suck out the snot super-fast, within just seconds. All of them are safe and free of harmful toxins in the materials. So it’s all really a matter of preference in the features provided. Think about how easy it is to clean and if you need filters or not. That should help you make the right choice.

Final thoughts

It really sucks when your baby gets sick but something that sucks even more is a baby nasal aspirator, though it sucks in the good way. Get one and keep it handy for when your little ones come down with a cold and you will have one less worry to deal with.

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