Best Outdoor Playhouses (Top 10 Reviews)

For Kids And Toddlers

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An outdoor playhouse is a fun place for kids to play in the yard.

Pretending they have a home of their own, an outdoor playhouse is an ideal retreat any time of year where kids can make believe and spend hours of imaginative play.

Are you looking for the best outdoor playhouse? You’re going to find it right here on our handy list of the playhouses.

Top 10 Picks

Step2 Playhouse Neat & Tidy Cottage


This cute little cottage is an ideal playhouse that can be used any season. Made from durable and easy to clean poly construction, it can withstand any of the weather elements. The exterior looks like wood and stone, with great attention to detail applied to make this playhouse look like a real house.

The kitchen table is molded into the floor and there’s a sink with faucet, a stove with burner and a built-in seat. There are Dutch doors and shutters that open and close and a pass-through mailbox. While mail isn’t included, give kids some paper and crayons and watch the imagination and letter-writing begin!

It also comes with an electronic phone and doorbell, both of which make realistic sounds. You’ll need to add in your own AA batteries (4 of them to be exact) in order for this playhouse to make its sounds. One last feature parents will love is that it has drain holes molded into the floor so when it rains, the outdoor playhouse will drain of water.

Little Tikes Cape Cottage – Best For Toddlers


For the little ones, what could be better than this playhouse? Designed for use inside or outside, kids will love it. The exterior features a contemporary design that looks just like a real house. It comes with 2 working doors and windows that have working shutters. A mail slot makes for great ways to have fun. Give your kids some paper and crayons and let them make their own mail. There is also a flag holder. While a flag isn’t included, you can let your child pick one to put there.

It’s very lightweight so if you want to move it inside when the weather is too cold or outside when the weather is just right, you can do so with ease.

Backyard Discovery Timberlake Wood Playhouse


This playhouse is made from cedar and features a wooden roof with wide vista windows for taking in the view. Open them up and let the breeze come in. The front door is designed to open in half for pass-through fun. Side windows complete the realism of the house. They even come with flower pot shelves, though you will need to add your own flowers.

Inside, there is a play stove, sink, and a cordless phone for loads more fun. It’s easy to pass through snacks from the snack window to make for a great play date. Parents will additionally love that this outdoor playhouse can be assembled in less than one hour.

Little Tikes Deluxe Playhouse


This open design-style playhouse is a great deal of fun for summer! It has a working door and plenty of play areas. There is a kitchenette with a stove and sink. They all have clicker knobs too, making for a more realistic experience. The workbench station gives kids more activities. Plus there’s a sand and water table that comes with accessories.

It also has a handy cover which makes it easy to keep everything inside neat and tidy and free of bugs or debris when not in use. Proudly made in America, this outdoor playhouse requires some assembly but is relatively easy to do.

Stoneycreek Cedar Wood Outdoor Children’s Playhouse – FSC Certified


This playhouse gives your child a safe place to play outdoors. The craftsmanship of this cedar playhouse is made from 100% FSC-certified cedar to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Inside, a play kitchen features a stove and sink with accessories. There’s also a picnic basket that comes with toy food. The 2 spinning chalk signs allow for changing messages every day. And your kids will always know what time it is with the 2 play clocks.

The 5 windows offer plenty of breeze to come in, and the exterior details are absolutely charming. Faux stone walls, a chimney and a working doorbell make this playhouse even more fun. Let’s not forget the mailbox complete with flag, the play phone and the flower box either. This is one fully-loaded outdoor playhouse that looks just like home!

Step2 All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse


Need a summer retreat? This playhouse has a cool pavilion-style layout that is perfect for the backyard. It features a grill and sink that has a swivel faucet. Kids can use the play grill to hold their own barbecue while the grown-ups attend to a real grill. The sand and water area comes with accessories to keep the kids cool and busy. A lid makes it easy to keep it clean and neat when not in use. The kids don’t even have to come in for snack time. A snack table offers a nice place to take a break.

There’s also a dish set included so kids can play more or even open their own food or lemonade stand. This outdoor playhouse truly provides plenty of room for fun for everyone!

Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse


With the open design, this playhouse makes it easy to keep an eye on the kids while they play. Here, your kids will discover a pass-through mailbox so they can make their own letters and deliver them, a realistic doorbell, and there is also a molded-in flower box that can be used to add flower decorations, though they are not included. The Dutch doors and shutters make it easy to open and close for plenty of fun and breezes.

Inside, there’s a fireplace, a kitchen seat, play phone, wall clock, built-in shelves for toy food storage, a kitchen table, and a faucet. Plus, no matter the weather the built-in floor comes with drain holes to keep water from pooling up and ruining the fun.

KidKraft Modern Outdoor Playhouse


A cute little outdoor playhouse, this one features a picnic table with 2 benches that are attached on the side. A functioning front door plus a mailbox with flag add those touches of home your child is looking for. There’s also a play outdoor grill with a removable lid, ideal for copying what Mom and Dad do on their big grill.

Parents will love that the wooden panels are reinforced to keep from warping and that it’s built to last and resist the weather. Weather-resistant treatment will keep this outdoor playhouse looking good for years to come.

ECR4Kids Indoor/Outdoor Buccaneer Play Boat


Take playtime to the next level with this playhouse that is a pirate ship! It bright and fun, and can even be used indoors if you’d prefer. The moveable wheels lets the captain “steer” the ship. Plus all the molded details like the parrot, anchor, and pirate’s flag add just the right touch for inspiring imagination.

It’s also Greenguard Gold Certified for keeping chemical pollutants down and upholding high air quality. Adults will need to assemble it but it won’t take long.

American Plastic Toy My First Playhouse


This is a beautiful firstplayhouse for kids. It comes with a working doorbell and also has a mailbox with a flag on it. Your kids can have tons of fun playing here. Plus, it’s light enough to move from room to room whenever you want to.

Things to consider

When buying an outdoor playhouse for your kids, you’ll want to think about the materials it is made from. Do you prefer wood or a durable blend of poly construction? You’ll also want to decide if you’ll be using it outdoors or indoors, or both. Then the next factor to think about is size. Do you have enough room for the outdoor playhouse that you want? And if you’ll be taking it indoors in the colder months, can you fit it somewhere?

Some parents prefer the open designs of the outdoor playhouse so they can easily keep an eye on the kids while they’re in the yard. The kids stay busy playing and the adults can keep on talking, glancing up to see the kids playing nicely. Others will be most concerned about the features inside the outdoor playhouse.

Final thoughts

In order to choose the best outdoor playhouse for your child, you’ll have to consider the factors mentioned above. However, buying an outdoor playhouse for your child is one of the best things you can do. It will give your children plenty of room to play and imagine in a home that is their own!


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