Best Postpartum Girdle In 2018 (Top 8 Reviews)

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Having a baby is a time of great joy as well as pain. Additionally, it leaves your body looking differently than before. But there’s no reason to be sad. You can still get your lovely figure back by wearing a postpartum girdle.

Postpartum belly bands and postpartum girdles are great for helping restore your body to a healthy and fit shape, especially in those tender first months right after having your baby.

Looking for the best postpartum girdle to help you get your body back? These 8 postpartum girdles will help you get back down to size in no time!

Top 8 Picks

Chongerfei 3 in 1 Postpartum Support  – Body Shaper Postnatal Shapewear


You’ll find this postpartum belly wrap to target 3 areas at once. The unique design wears like three belts at once and is very easy to put on by yourself. It helps cinch the waist, stomach, and pelvis to draw these areas in and help them recover post-baby.

Chongerfei’s girdle is made from a comfortable and breathable fabric so you won’t feel confined and uncomfortable as you restore your shape. It stays put and doesn’t roll up whenever you move or sit down. It helps support your core, both in your abdominals as well as in your back and keeps your posture perfect. The special design allows you to look slimmer in an instant so you’ll have renewed confidence as you work back to your pre-baby weight no matter what you wear.

Bellefit Postpartum Corset, C-Section Recovery


Bellefit’s Corset is a great choice for those who have endured a c-section. The adjustable front hooks help you pull it snug across your belly to help reshape the midsection. Recommended by doctors for helping to shrink the uterus back down to size and pull in your belly, it’s made from durable, medical-grade materials. It also includes a reinforced abdominal panel.

It’s designed to not only help with the belly but bring improvement to your posture as well and relieves pain in your back. Another marvelous feature of this product is that it has easy access to your groin with hooks that can be undone in seconds so going to the bathroom is a breeze.

Hip Mall Postpartum Belly Wrap Girdle


Most people don’t think of a postpartum girdle as something comfortable, but Hip Mall has taken care to use quality, comfortable material that is both lightweight and stretchy to give you the perfect fit. It stays put without rolling up when you sit or move about. It wears under your clothes comfortably without anyone noticing so you can feel more confident in an instant.

The unique material also allows airflow so you won’t overheat. The one-piece design is flexible so you won’t feel like a robot trying to bend over to pick up your baby or while nursing. It adjusts to your size and helps you draw in your midsection to get the results you desire, all while supporting your lower back to keep you from pains.

Bestnewborn 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Girdle C-section Recovery


Bestnewborn’s girdle is a set of 3 belts in one. It’s designed to trim your belly, waist and pelvis to speed up your postpartum recovery. Made from comfortable, lightweight, breathable and stretchy material, it fits your body and helps draw it in to its original shape. Wear it seamlessly underneath your clothes as you go about your day without anyone noticing.

With instant slimming capabilities, you’ll feel more confident immediately. The built-in boning helps bring support to your lower back while providing improved posture. You’ll find that wearing it will get you back to your pre-baby size fast!

Hip Mall 3 in 1 Postpartum Girdle Support


This breathable and lightweight fabric on this 3-in-1 postpartum belly band helps you easily get back down to size after baby by wearing it comfortably under your clothes. No one will be the wiser as you go about your day looking instantly slimmed.

The adjustable closure with Velcro brings support to your belly and back and allows you to tighten or loosen to your desired fit. It also stays in place without rolling up when you’re on the go, or even when you sit down so you can be sure that wherever you go, you’ll have the best support for your stomach, hips and back.

Shinymod Postpartum Compression Belly Band


Shinymod makes this postpartum girdle to pull in your belly and strengthen your back without making you feel constricted. Comfortable to wear, it is designed to not only reduce belly fat but also rid you of cellulite and keep your baby belly from lingering post-birth. The material is of seamless Lycra and comes with three rows of adjustable buckles made from stainless steel.

It is fitted with steel bones that are anti-curling and is ergonomic, ensuring a comfortable fit that slims you down with each and every use. It’s also designed to keep from slipping and rolling no matter what activity you’re doing, making it a prime choice for your postpartum girdle needs.

Bellefit Postpartum Girdle with Zipper


Bellefit’s postpartum belly band and girdle offers a strong and proper fit. Recommended by doctors, it’s made from durable medical-grade materials that include an abdominal panel with reinforcements to give you the support you need. It’s ideal for post-birthing recovery as well as improving posture and relieving back pain.

You’ll find a side zipper closure for easy wearing, plus going to the bathroom is a snap with the easy access hooks located at the groin so you don’t need to undo the whole postpartum girdle every time you’ve got to use the toilet.

KUSMOO 3 in 1 Postpartum Support


Get your pre-baby body back in 3 ways. KUSMOO’s postpartum girdle is a set of 3 belts in one that pulls in all those post-baby problem areas including stomach, waist, and pelvis. With this postpartum girdle, you can get your shape back with ease. Wear it under your clothes without drawing any attention to your problem areas. It provides immediate slimming results and helps compress your post-baby body to restore it to the way it looked before you became a mom. Plus, it provides back pain relief, something all new mothers need.

Redefine your body and get back into your pre-pregnancy clothes faster. This brand also offers a full refund if there are any quality problems and offer top quality customer serviced that is guaranteed.

Things to consider

When shopping for a postpartum girdle, you’ll want to think about the kind of material used. Is it breathable? Can it stretch to fit? Is it easy to clean? These factors will most definitely affect your decision. By and large though, the biggest factor to consider for any woman buying a postpartum girdle is how it wears. Girdles that are easy to put on and take off are your best bet, because as any woman who has birthed children knows, the body takes some time to get back to normal on the inside too. That means you might be frequently using the bathroom even post-birth.

So considering that, making sure you order a girdle that gives you easy access to going to the bathroom is a must, especially in the beginning when your body is still gaining back strength in the lower regions.

Don’t forget to look at sizes. Each girdle has different sizing and it’s best you make sure to take their recommendations into consideration before ordering to ensure you get your best fit. Take a moment to measure yourself in all applicable areas. Plus, you can use those measurements to compare with how your postpartum belly band helps you get back down to size. Two birds with one stone!

Final thoughts

You won’t need to wear one forever, but a postpartum girdle is going to help your body heal faster after any type of birth. It will encourage your uterus to shrink back down to size and give you the confidence in your appearance that you had prior to having your baby. So enjoy your new little one and look your best at the same time with a postpartum girdle.

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