Best Robot Dogs In 2018 (Top 10 Reviews)

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Do the kids keep pestering you to get a pet dog but the expense and responsibility of caring for a real dog are too much?

Or perhaps someone in the home has allergies. Whatever the case, you can make the whole family happy by getting a robot dog!

A robo dog can behave just like a real dog, especially if you get a realistic robot dog. But which dog is the best robot dog?

We’ve looked at 10 different products and detailed for you the features so you can choose the best robot dog for your family.

Robot dogs are much easier to care for than the real thing. Check them out!

(10 Best Robotic Pet Dogs In 2017)

Zoomer Interactive Puppy – Shadow


Shadow, the robot dog by Zoomer, can do double the tricks. He acts like a real puppy in that you can teach him how to sit, speak, rollover, lay down, shake a paw, and plenty more.

You can program him to understand your voice in 3 different languages (English, Spanish, and French) plus he can bark, scoot and play just like a real dog. It’s best for children ages 5 and up. No need to feed him or clean up after him either. Simply charge him up using the included USB cable and enjoy your robot dog!

Things to consider

This plastic dog is just what the family needs. If you’ve wanted a dog but don’t have the time or finances to put the proper care in that a living, breathing dog needs, Shadow is a perfect compromise. Keeping him up and running is easy by charging him with the USB cable. Since he behaves just like a real dog, he’ll be fun for everyone in the family.

Paw Patrol Robo Dog Action Pack Pup & Badge


If your younger children love Paw Patrol, they’ll love RoboDog. This robot dog comes with a Pup Pack that turns into wings, exactly like the one in the cartoon. You can also collect the other Paw Patrol action figures that are sold separately. No batteries are needed. Just a love for Paw Patrol and plenty of imagination for a good time.

Things to consider

RoboDog is made for ages 3 and up. It’s a great option for kids that love Paw Patrol. While there are no batteries, the downside is that it is only fueled by imagination. In other words, it doesn’t move on its own. If you want a robot dog that acts like a real dog, you’ll want to consider the other robot dogs on our list. If you want to make a small child that loves Paw Patrol happy though, this is a nice choice.

Electronic Pet Dog Harry


Meet Harry, the robot dog. He is a little longer than 7 inches in length and stands proud at about 6 inches in height. Harry can walk and bark, plus make other dog sounds too. An adorable robotic Dalmatian dog, he has sensors that respond to human touch. He can play and chase on any smooth surface. Bump n’ Go keeps him walking. And if you want him to sing and dance, simply touch his head for quite the performance. There’s one more thing you should know about Harry. If you touch him on the backside, you’ll get a surprise!

Things to consider

If you’ve always wanted a Dalmatian but can’t handle a large dog, Harry is a great choice. He requires 3 AA batteries which are included with purchase. As far as robot dogs go, he’s a good boy. Though we can’t say what the surprise is when he’s touched on the backside, since he is electronic, you can be sure it won’t stain your carpets.

Hi-Tech Wireless Robot Interactive Puppy Dog With Remote – For Kids


Dada is the intelligent robot dog that everyone loves. You’ll never have to worry about him biting you or the kids. Use the included remote control to get him to do as you wish within a 50-foot radius.

His eyes can light up and change shapes along with the different actions and sounds that he makes. He also has a variety of modes to entertain you. Let Dada sing, dance, crawl, and even pass gas. Additionally, you can get this new dog to teach your kids new tricks. He has a study mode that enables him to teach the kids the alphabet. You can recharge him when his batteries run low and he’ll be back to barking and farting in no time!

Things to consider

With a dog like Dada, you won’t miss owning a real dog. He’s entertaining as well as educational. The robot dog and the remote control run on batteries though it isn’t made clear if those are included in the purchase. The option to make him fart certainly is amusing, however you’ll have to use the remote to control him. If you want a hands-free robot dog that behaves more intuitively, this isn’t the right for you. If you like being in control, Dada will be great for your family.

WowWee CHiP Robot Toy Dog – White Color


Check out CHiP, the highly trainable toy dog that’s as affectionate as he is smart. He responds to you via touch as well as the SmartBand you’ll find included. You can also control him with a free app. SmartBand enables this robot dog to not only recognize you but follow you as well. He can play fetch with his SmartBall too.

Best of all, when CHiP has a low battery, he automatically goes to his SmartBed to charge himself so you’ll never forget to charge him! How cool!

Things to consider

For those seeking a realistic robot dog that is incredibly intuitive, CHiP is a fantastic choice. You have 3 ways to control him and you can train him as you wish in many ways. What really knocked our socks off though was that he can go charge himself when his battery is low. Very impressive indeed!

Zoomer Interactive Puppy (Good For 5 To 10 Years Old)


Zoomer the robot dog is able to learn twice the tricks as the previous model. He is able to learn everything from sit, lay down, speak, shake paws, and rollover, plus many more. You can train him in English, Spanish or French too. Zoomer is fun and easy to work with, plus he’ll never chew up your favorite shoes. When his battery runs low, you can charge him with the USB cable that comes included too.

Things to consider

Since you can teach Zoomer all sorts of tricks, he’s an ideal robot dog to get instead of a real dog. Caring for him is easy and so is charging him up. Kids ages 5 and up will adore him!

SainSmart Jr. Robot Smart Dog – Pink Color


Get a robot dog that truly acts like a real dog. This dog can do all sorts of things like walk, shake head, dance, sing, lie down, wag tail, stretch, crawl, and run. It can even pee too though we presume it’s of the electronic sort and won’t stain your rugs. What sets this dog apart from the others is that it has different emotions based on the sounds and actions it can make. You’ll see it anxious and excited as well as some others too. Additionally, you can buy it without worry as it comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month warranty.

Things to consider

This rechargeable dog is a fantastic option for those that aren’t sure about buying a robot dog. With the risk-free guarantee and the warranty, it makes it easy to give it a try. Owning a dog is hard work, but owning a robot dog takes all the difficulties out of owning a real dog away leaving behind nothing but the fun stuff.

Georgie – Interactive Plush Electronic Puppy


Georgie is the only robot dog on our list that’s plush. He’s interactive and quite friendly. Voice activated, he can do things like high five, sit, stand, dance, play tug-o-war with his included rope toy and much more. He’s able to do over 100 different things randomly, making him seem as real as ever. Plus, the packaging can be used as a carrier to take him anywhere you go. He’s snuggly and adorable, and looks great with his neck bandana too. An included training guide helps you become Georgie’s master.

Things to consider

A more lifelike option, Georgie’s plush feel is different from all the plastic options. We love how he randomly does things like an actual dog would, making him seem more realistic. Voice commands make him more real too. Georgie is an excellent choice for a robot dog for the family.

Zoomer Zupps – Litter 1 – Interactive Puppy


Zoomer Zupps are robot dogs that respond directly to your interaction. The more attention you give them, the more they’ll give you. They can even bark out an “I love you!” The eyes light up and you’ll get a response when you pet its head or touch the nose. What makes Zoomer Zupps unique is that each one has a secret trick that’s unique. You can adopt the whole litter or just one, though all of them are sold separately.

Things to consider

Do you have more than one kid? If so and they fight over what’s theirs, it would be really cool to get more than one Zoomer Zupp. We love the interaction on these and how they seem like more emotional and living creatures than just a robot. They are for ages 4 and up and they require the use of 3 LR44 batteries which come included with each of these robot dogs.

WowWee CHiP: The Lovable Robot Dog


For a dog that loves you back, try CHiP. You can train him to recognize your voice and your face. He’ll follow you and respond to your voice, or you can make him obey by installing the app on any smart device. With his SmartBall, you can play games together. CHiP will automatically go off to his SmartBed to recharge when his battery runs low too, making him one smart robot dog!

Things to consider

Are you the kind of person that forgets to water the plants? If so, CHiP is a great choice because he basically takes care of himself. He’s easy to use and train and will make the whole family happy.
Final thoughts

Each of these robot dogs is impressive though if you’re looking for one that acts more like a real dog, choosing one of the more intuitive models is your best bet. These are all quality robot dogs and any of them will be fun for your family.

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