Best Rocking Horses In 2018 (Top 10 Reviews)

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The rocking horse is perhaps the most iconic toy of all time. Old people remember them fondly as well, and you likely had a rocking horse as a child too, didn’t you? Now is the time to buy the best rocking horse for your child.

We’ve selected these top 10 best rocking horse options for you. Each one has something wonderful to offer so read on to discover the features and find the right rocking horse for your child!

(Top 10 Picks)

Little Tikes Rocking Horse Blue


You can always trust Little Tikes for safe and fun toys. This is a classic plastic horse, made proudly in the USA. It’s small in size and the molded blue plastic is designed to keep your child from falling forward or backwards. It’s a safe and stable way for smaller children to rock back and forth without getting hurt. You can use this rocking horse inside or outside. The handles are easy for little hands to grip too.

Things to consider

If this rocking horse looks familiar, you’re right. This design has come back from our childhood. It was a great rocking horse then and it’s still one now. As a bonus, since it’s plastic, it is very easy to wipe clean, making it a no muss, no fuss rocking horse.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Base Plush Rocking Horse


Melissa & Doug is a brand that’s all about quality. This horse is 34in L x 16in W x 24in H with a rocking base made from solid wood. It’s capable of holding up to 150 lbs so even you could enjoy a little rocking! When you press the ear, the horse makes galloping sounds. The fur is incredibly soft so your child will love pretending this rocking horse is a real one. And speaking of realistic, the saddle and bridle are real, making for hours of fun imaginary play and rocking. The wooden handles are easy to hold onto too. This product is ideal for children ages 2 and up.

Things to consider

Because it’s a bit bigger of a rocking horse, this should be an option for those above the age of 2. Also, there are small parts so be careful with those. You will need to assemble this toy yourself, however it’s very simple to do.

KidKraft Derby Horse – Natural


This wooden horse is just like the classic kind that Grandma bought you when you were little. And as you rocked away, you had to listen to her prattle on and on about how she had one when she was your age. This is a rocking horse that not only provides entertainment for your child but also looks lovely in any child’s room and can be passed down from generation to generation. But it’s not just about looks either, which, with a wool mane as well as tail, look quite handsome. It has anti-tip sturdy solid wood rockers giving you complete peace of mind while your child rocks away.

Things to consider

If you want a horse with staying power, one that looks stunning in your child’s bedroom or play room, this is a fantastic horse. It’s classic and beautiful. It doesn’t make any sounds though but that’s ok. Your child can make them and use their imagination!

Qaba Kids Plush – Brown Color


It’s a pretty and plush horse that your child will love. If you squeeze the ears, the horse makes neighing as well as galloping sounds. It’s easy to rock back and forth and can hold up to 80 lbs. Children ages 2 and up will adore this plush rocking horse that feels soft to the touch and with the realistic sounds, can have hours of imaginative play.

Things to consider

Make sure you keep batteries around so this horse can keep making sounds. It’s a fun and soft rocking horse that all children will adore.

Cowboy – Tan Brown


This horse has that cowboy-feel to it. With a red bandana around the neck, it’s the perfect rocking horse for any cowboy. From the floor to the seat, the horse is 18 inches, so it’s best for kids that can reach that height. The plush faux fur is fun to pet and pretend that it’s a real horse. If you squeeze an ear, you’ll be treated to the sounds of neighing and galloping for over 10 seconds. It’s L 29.5″ x W 11.75″ x H 28.5″ so it’s not for tiny tots.

Things to consider

This product has a unique look with the cowboy theme, making it an ideal partner for little boys or girls that love to pretend to be cowboys. You’ll need batteries to keep up with the sounds the rocking horse makes but it’s well worth it to see your child smile and delight with this rocking horse.

Labebe Modern Plush Ro – Best For Little Toddlers, Boys and Girls


Ok, so this one isn’t a horse. It’s an elephant. But wait! It’s got an award-winning design. Melbourne and Nuremberg Toys Exhibition gave it the prestigious award for its dual function design. You can turn this rocker into a stroller without using any tools, and the wheels, which are wrapped with rubber to keep from scratching your floors, can be used on any surface…even beach sand!

This French design is super-smart and ideal for really little ones. But if you really want to, you can sit on it too. The solid wood structure can hold up to 150 lbs. It’s filled with PP cotton and superbly stitched for quality you can really see. Ears and tail make a sound when squeezed, adding to the delight for your baby or small child. It’s certified to be safe, plus the fabric is stain-resistant.

Things to consider

Think outside the box for a moment and consider this elephant as a viable option for your baby or small toddler. It’s completely safe for the smaller ones to ride on, plus the ease of which it converts into a stroller are prime selling points for this rocking horse. Err, rocking elephant that is.

JOON Princess Rocking Horse Pony – For Girls


For the girly girl who needs a pony, get her this rocking horse. In bright pink, it’s a perfect addition to any little girl’s room. From the floor to the seat, it’s 18 inches tall. It makes real horse sounds and also has flashing lights to add to the fun. It’s ideal for your little princess ages 3 and up.

Things to consider

This rocking horse is ideal for any child that adores pink. You’ll need batteries to power up the lights and sounds but that will be worth it to see her smile. It’s not for small children though so if you have a wee little girl, wait a couple years until she’s big enough to rock on it safely.

Qaba Kids Plush Rocking Horse-Style Bumble Bee Theme Chair


Here’s another rocking horse that isn’t really a horse. This one is a bumble bee. But the colorful yellow and black friendly-faced bumble bee will definitely be adored by the little ones, ages 9 months and up. The seat is comfortable and safe with a restraint to keep your child safely in it. It rocks back and forth gently, making it a fun and safe rocking horse, or in this case, rocking bee, for your child all the way up to 80 lbs.

Things to consider

If you want to get a best rocking toy for your baby, this is a great choice. True that it’s not a horse, your child won’t mind one bit as they get to rock back and forth in this fun and soft bumble bee character. It’s a terrific choice for the really little ones.

Rufus & Ted Infant Wood Rocking Horse By Little Bird Told Me


This handsome plush has a totally unique style. It’s a textured woven check fabric in chocolate and cream, and even has an plaid pocket which is ideal for holding the accompanying teddy bear. Make your little boy’s room look fancy and like it came out of a catalog with this sweet plush rocking horse that is soft and comfortable.

Things to consider

This horse looks good and provides fun for your child. The pocket and accompanying teddy bear are also a nice bonus. The pocket can hold anything else too if desired. Your child will love rocking back and forth on this beautiful rocking horse. Plus, it’s great for taking photos and can be passed along from one generation to the next.

Best Choice Products Rocking Horse Plush Brown with Sound


For a solid wood-based ride, this product will do a great job. Decorated with a bandana, saddle, and even metal stirrups, it’s just like a real horse. And speaking of real, this horse can make sounds too. It’s L 28.75″ x W 14.5″ x H 25″ and ideal for kids ages 2 and up. Rock on and on with this rocking horse which can hold up to 80 lbs.

Things to consider

It’s a fun cowboy-styled horse. You’ll need 2 AA batteries which are not included, in order to get this rocking horse to make those fun horse sounds. Children will love it for the realistic noises and design, giving them hours of rocking fun and opportunities for imaginative play.

Final thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best rocking horse, you can’t go wrong with one of these 10 options. But which one is right for your child? That depends on how big your child is now. If your child is a baby, it’s best to consider the rocking horses that are designed for children of that age. Otherwise you can be sure your little one will cry and carry on because they want to ride the horsie!

But if your child is bigger, around age 2 or 3, a real rocking horse makes for the best rocking horse. It’s at that age that your child can sit comfortably and safely on the rocking horse. Plus, they’ll love the imaginative play they can have. Should you get one that makes noises? Well, that’s entirely up to you. You’ll have to replace the batteries in the ones that make sounds so if that’s the kind you choose, do yourself a huge favor and make sure you have plenty of batteries at the ready. Happy rocking!


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