Best Sandboxes for Kids In 2018 (Top 10 Reviews)

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Looking for the best sandbox? The best sandbox for kids should be a great match for your backyard. It should have plenty of room for your little ones to dig, play and explore in and provide hours of outdoor entertainment.

If you are shopping for the best sandbox, take a look at the top 10 best sandboxes for kids to see if one of these is right for your children.

(10 Best Sandboxes For Kids)

Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox


The iconic classic plastic turtle sandbox we remember from our youth is available for your children today. This kid’s sandbox is molded on the bottom to give greater depth for digging. Your kids can sit in the sand and dig away the day, or these can sit on one of the two seats that are molded on the outside.

It has the capacity to hold 150 pounds of sand which isn’t included. No assembly is required so simply take off the removable lid, fill it with sand, and give your kids toys to dig and play with in the sandbox. When it’s not in use, put the lid back on top to preserve your sand.

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table


Like the idea of your kids digging and playing in the sand but don’t want them sitting in it? Then this sandbox for toddlers is perfect. This design is elevated at just the right height, so they can dig without sitting in sand. You can fill this elevated sandbox for toddlers with up to 40 pounds of sand (not included). What it does include is a molded cover that not only protects the sand but also provides a die-cast car race track for racing fun.

It also comes with digging toys. You’ll get 2 shovels, 2 claw rakes and a bucket, ideal for playing with a friend. Elastic tie-downs on the lid help keep the lid in place when not in use so your sand stays clean and dry.

KidKraft Activity Sandbox with Canopy


A sandbox for your backyard is great for keeping the kids busy. But on hot and sunny days, it may cause you to worry about too much sun exposure. Plus, every parent knows how hard it is to get kids to come inside when they’re having fun. This sandbox for kids comes with a shady canopy to keep your kids cool and out of the harmful rays of the sun. So they can stay and play and you don’t need to nag.

It comes with 2 plastic sand and water bins so they can play with sand and water at once. It’s also big enough for many kids to play together so no one is left out. The wooden panels are reinforced to keep it from warping or weathering in the elements. This smart and sturdy construction will keep this best sandbox with canopy functioning well for years to come.

FUNZ Kidz Rule Play Sand Box


Get ready to have some fun in the sun. This sandbox for kids looks great in any backyard. With a sunny theme, it’s fun for little kids to dig and play in. The lid is easy to remove for play time and just as easy to secure so that sand doesn’t get out and unwanted items don’t get in.

There’s plenty of room for everyone to join in the fun. You don’t need to assemble it either, which is great news for parents. Simply fill it up with sand (it holds up to 200 pounds of sand, not included) and let your children dig and play in the yard. It’s great for parties too because the adults can talk without being interrupted since the kids will e too busy playing in the sand.

You can also turn it into a gardening area for little ones who will love to pretend to garden beside you while you attend to your plants and gardening.

Step2 Splash N Scoop Bay


Why settle for a sandbox or a splash tower when you can have both? Make fun in the sun cool and refreshing with this fun elevated sandbox for kids that also features water play for the best of both worlds! It’s split into two sides to keep the water and sand (not included) apart from each other. That way, when your kid wants to make a splash, simply cover the sand so it doesn’t get ruined.

It comes with accessories including a water tower, slide, removable cup, shark scoop, spinner, cup, and shovel/rake tool combo.

The drain plug is also included so you can easily release the water out of the compartment when play time is over. It’s a great and fun way for your kids to enjoy their time in the backyard.

Kidkraft Backyard Sandbox


This large, wooden kids sandbox is great fun and good-looking for any backyard. There’s plenty of room for all the kids to play together at once. Have them grab up their shovels and buckets for a day of digging. The wooden panels are reinforced to keep them from warping or succumbing to the elements of the weather.

The construction is very sturdy, and with detailed step-by-step instructions for assembly, you’ll have it put together in no time. You’ll need to add your own sand, however after you do, when it’s not in use, you should use the mesh cover it comes with to protect the sand.

Be Good Company My Little Sandbox – Big Builder


No room to set up a sandbox outside? Then get your kid this little wooden sandbox for sand play anywhere. It’s a 10″ x 10″ x 2″ wooden sandbox, 20″ x 20″ that comes complete with a no mess play mat and super-fine sand. Named the Dr. Toy Top Toy Winner, this is a much neater way for your child to explore with sand and is ideal for families in apartments or other places where yard space is nonexistent.

Your kid can dig in for some fun with an included construction vehicles, tiny little boulders, safety cones, a bag of gravel, a digging shovel and grooming rake, builder blocks and even a construction crew! For families that don’t have the option of space for a sandbox, or those who simply don’t want to be bothered with the mess, this is a great choice.

American Plastic Toys Sand Table


This sturdy best kids sandbox table is made from plastic. Molded expertly, it holds plenty of sand in an elevated table form. It’s easy for little ones to reach but you’ll never have to worry about them sitting in sand, wet or dry. Let them bring any toys they want to play with in the sand. It also comes with a sturdy cover to protect the sand from rain and wind when not in use. It’s big enough for fun but is smaller than many other sandbox options, which is ideal for smaller backyard setups.

KidKraft Pirate Sandboat


Oh no! Did someone say pirates? This super cool wooden kids sandbox is shaped like a pirate ship. The clever design makes it large enough for all the kids to play at once while the pirate “sails” work as a canopy to provide shade and protection from the sun on hot sunny days. A steering wheel adds to the theme, as does the colorful pirate-themed artwork.

You’ll need to assemble it yourself, however it does come with easy to follow detailed instructions for assembly. It’s worth it because this sandbox is just too cool. It also contains two storage compartments, making it easy to stow away buckets and shovels as well as any other toys that get relegated to the sandbox all in one convenient place. Because everyone has a kid that would bring sand-encrusted toys back into the house.

Swing Town Oakley 51″ Hexagonal Sand Box with Rain Cover & Lining


Some think it’s hip to be square, but this hexagonal kids sandbox begs to differ. A nice retreat for them in your backyard while looking aesthetically pleasing, it is made from weather-resistant cedar. It features wide seat boards so your child can opt to sit on the side to keep clothes cleaner or hop right into the sand. A smart lining prevents weeds from growing through the bottom to keep your sandbox always look its best.


The right sandbox for your child will be one that fits well into your yard. If you have limited space, the smaller options are best. So are the elevated tables. Parents of toddlers will appreciate the elevated table models of sandboxes because that means less mess. We also liked the ones that provide water areas too, which give the best of everything. As far as creativity goes for larger sandboxes, we love the pirate ship. With a canopy and storage, it’s a parent’s dream come true.

Which of these sandboxes will you choose?

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