Best Scooters for Kids – (Top 7 Reviews)

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Scooters are a fun way to get around, especially for kids. What better way to spend a summer afternoon than to scoot around the neighborhood on a scooter for kids? It makes a great gift for your young child or grandchild and gives them a chance to work off their energy outdoors instead of being hypnotized by the TV all day.

Give your child the toy of activity by choosing a scooter. The best scooter for kids will vary from person to person, but we think these 7 scooters for kids are the top choices for 2017 and will give your child hours of outdoor fun!

(Top 7 Best Rated Scooters For Kids )

Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar


Designed for children from the ages of 5 to 12, the Micro Maxi is a Swiss-designed kids scooter. It is highly durable and high quality to ensure outstanding performance. The T-bar design helps make steering and balancing easy. The steering is unique with a lean-to-steer action just like what is required of a skateboard but allowing for more control and easier maneuverability. In fact, it was where the lean-to-steer technology for scooters was born.

Plus, every part on this scooter has the ability to be replaced so you can truly keep this scooter forever. The wheels are fashioned from the best quality PU, rendering a smooth glide across the pavement.


While you will need to assemble it, it’s comforting to know that as parts wear down over time, you can replace them with ease. That makes this a smart choice for a scooter for kids. The lean-to-steer technology is also a wonderful bonus that makes for a more fun and easy scooter ride. Customers absolutely loved this scooter for kids, and in 2017, it’s a highly-rated scooter to choose for your child.

Razor A2 Kick Scooter – Best Scooter For 5 Years Old


Considered as the original kick scooter, the Razor A2 is a sturdy offering that requires no assembly. It features a patented T-tube and deck design that folds up easily to carry and store anywhere. It also has a patented rear fender brake which is a blessing for those quick stops. A wheelie bar is all-new for this model, making showing off a breeze.

This is a great scooter for a 5-year-old child or older. The wheels are inline-style and made of urethane. They have a springless shock system to enable a smooth ride.


A great thing about this product is that there is no assembly required. It folds up with ease and provides a smooth scooting experience. It comes with a 6-month warranty.

Deluxe Black 3 Wheel Glider Scooter


This OxGord scooter has 3 wheels, making it an easy to balance ride. Made with metal and tough nylon composites, this model features a T-style handle bar that locks into place.

With 3 wheels, it makes for a stable ride for children of any skill level. The PU wheels are quality-made to provide a smooth, quiet ride. The rear brake is easy to use. Once pressed, it provides a fast, controlled and secure stop. OxGord also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.


The 3-wheel design makes this a great choice of scooter who still need help balancing. The rear brake makes stopping easier for new riders. It requires some assembly and instructions are very easy to follow . Overall, this is a great scooter for kids to start out on.

Razor A Kick Scooter


The Razor A scooter is a kick scooter with Razor’s patented t-tube and deck and rear fender brake technology. It’s lightweight and folds with ease. This model is credited with being the scooter that started it all. The classic design is fashioned from aircraft-grade aluminum, making it light and easy to carry. It’s designed for children from ages 5 and up and can handle weight up to 143 pounds.

The handlebars are adjustable and feature foam grips for a comfortable ride. Urethane wheels make for a super-smooth inline ride.


Razor is one of the top-rated brands that manufacture high-quality scooters. It’s one of the best basic offerings out there, and suitable for ages 5 and more. It’s a quality kick scooter for 2017.

Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter


The Micro Kickboard kids scooter is best for children between the ages of 3 and 5. For the littler children, it’s an ideal scooter for a 4 year old. It’s a fun and safe way for them to learn how to use a scooter. The lean-to-steer design and 3-wheel body make for easy and fun scooting all day long.

Thanks to this kind of steering, children learn how to balance better with their body weight.

The flexible fiberglass deck is reinforced and along with the high-quality wheels, it provides a smooth and quiet ride. Bumps on the sidewalk are no match for this scooter. Another great feature is that the wheels are non-marking which means you can breathe a sigh of relief should your child practice riding the scooter inside your home.


This kids scooter is ideal for younger children. The 3-wheel design along with the lean-to-steer technology helps young riders balance. It’s also won many awards including the ASTRA Best Toy Award, Gold and SNAP Award Seals, Parents’ Choice Award and much more. It’s an excellent option for 2017, however, if your child is older than 5, you’ll want to consider something else.

Zycom Zing 3 Wheel Adjustable Mini Kick Scooter with T-Bar


This scooter for kids was created for the 3 to 5 age range. It features 3 wheels for better balance, pivot steering, and self-righting technology that is patented. The adjustable handle bar means you can adjust it as your child grows. Polyurethane wheels provide a smooth riding experience and the rear brake makes it easy to stop quickly.

The deck is fashioned from non-slip plastic, making this a lightweight and easy scooter for kids. It allows for a maximum weight limit of 66 lbs.


If you’re hoping to buy a scooter for your child in 2017 and have them use it for years to come, this might not be the right model for you if your child is 5 years old. Because children grow very quickly, you’d need to buy a bigger scooter to accommodate your growing child. If your child is younger, though, this is a cute little scooter to start with.

Tooge Four Wheels Child Push Scooter


This four wheel scooter has a unique deck that splits from the front to let the back wheels be separate or close together as your child desires. It’s made for use by children from the ages of 3 to 10. It features flashing wheels and music that are powered by batteries and can safely accommodate weight up to 110 lbs.

It’s a self-propelled product that offers easy control along with a leg-brake for easy and fast stopping power.


This is a solid scooter and there are awesome lights on the wheels. On the downside, it doesn’t come with the batteries, however, it only requires 2 AA batteries for the lights and sound. Additionally, as your child grows, they may not find the frog design to be “cool” anymore and may prefer a more “grown-up” model, but ideally, there will be plenty of years to enjoy this one.

Final thoughts

The best scooters for kids in 2017 really depend on your child’s needs. For smaller riders, you’ll definitely want to choose one of the scooters that are made for them. Of those, we felt the Micro Kickboard was the best because of its non-marking wheels which mean you will have one less thing to yell about in your home when your child starts riding it up and down the hallway.

For bigger children, we loved the Razor A2 because there is no assembly required and it’s easy to use. It’s durable and well-adored, making it is best choice for a scooter in 2017. Whatever your needs are should be what you consider when purchasing a scooter for kids. The ones on this list are definitely the ones to check out, though!

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