Best Sit and Stand Strollers In 2018 (Top 7 Reviews)

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Why get a sit and stand stroller?

Quite simply, it’s the most versatile and most necessary parenting tool you’ll ever get. Many double strollers are made for babies of the same age. That’s great for twins or even for siblings that are a year apart. But when the age difference is greater, it’s a struggle for moms to corral the older child along while putting the younger one into the stroller. Plus, many big kids don’t want to sit in the “baby stroller” which adds more stress and arguments prior to every outing.

By using a sit and stand stroller, your bigger child can stand on the platform so you get to control him and keep him always in your sight without having to stop and chase him in a public place.

And when he gets tired, as all small children tend to do, it’s very easy to adjust the sit and stand stroller so that he can sit down for a rest, keeping whining to a minimum. Additionally, most sit and stand strollers come with the option of being able to fasten a car seat into it, which is ideal for newborns. As they adjust with the ages of your children, it becomes easy to modify the stroller to your children’s growing needs.

Plus, they all come with storage, cup holders and snack trays so it makes it easier than ever to take both small children with you without losing your mind completely. Many of the best sit and stand strollers offer compact and easy folding and have taken care to be easy to maneuver so the old problems you encountered in the past with cumbersome steering and manipulation don’t exist anymore.

Top 7 Best Sit and Stand Strollers

Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller


This sit and stand stroller by Graco doubles up on the fun for moms and kids alike. Parents that have two small children to care for will love that this stroller accommodates both a small child and allows for standing for the larger child. It features a front seat that can go into multiple positions, even fully-flat for nap time. The rear bench seat is the place for older kids and features padding for comfort should he want to sit down. It easy for him to stand here too.

To make things even easier, you can simply click in your Graco car seats to this model, making it very snap-and-go. And when you need to stow it, it folds up with one hand. Swiveling front wheels have built-in suspension that make this sit and stand stroller easy to maneuver. They also lock in place for assured stability on uneven pavement.

And there’s even more for parents to love too. There’s a parent tray with two cup holders plus extra space for essentials like keys, wallets and phones. The front seat of the stroller also comes equipped with a tray that can host bottles, sippy cups, and snacks.

A large storage basket is also available. This is the ideal mode of transport for families with little kids. It makes it easy to take everyone and everything along without missing a beat. Oh and did we mention it’s easy to clean too? Because life is full of spills, you can easily machine wash the removable seat cushions, making this a very fuss-free option.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller


Sit, stand and be in command. This best sit and stand stroller offers multiple seating options for your children. The front seat can accommodate an infant car seat, or you can seat your smaller child directly into the seat. Your older child can sit or stand in the back. Another seating position allows you to add the infant car seat while your older child sits in the front seat, making this a sit and stand stroller full of versatility.

Child cup holders and parent trays make it easy for snacks and drinks on the go, which keep everyone happy. A parking brake keeps this sit and stand from rolling away, plus front swivel wheels make it easy to navigate whether you’re at the park or the mall. A large storage basket means stowing blankets, favorite toys and baby essentials is a piece of cake with this model of sit and stand stroller.

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller


Tandem strolling couldn’t be any easier with this sit and stand stroller. This model is versatile with the size, weight and easy maneuvering of a regular single stroller but amped up with the features you need to host two kids of differing ages.

Many strollers for two are large and bulky, adding a larger headache for moms that have one smaller child and one big kid. This sit and stand stroller is different. It converts quickly and easily from double compact stroller to a stand-on tandem style, allowing your older child the choice of sitting on a bench seat or standing on a platform.

The universal car seat adapter fits most brands too so you can just pop in and lock in your infant. Thanks to its ultra-maneuverable style, it’s not at all cumbersome and something you can use for years to come.

Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller


Once again, Graco grows with your family in this easy to use double stroller that functions as a sit and stand stroller. Click in your infant car seats with ease, and never need another stroller again from this point on because it grows with you. It provides 12 different riding options that can accommodate both your kids of different ages and stages as they grow.

It glides smoothly over the ground, has two front-swivel wheels that can lock and is easy to maneuver. It also allows for a place to stand for when your older child gets bigger and doesn’t want to sit. And when they do feel like sitting, the seat can face you so you can talk to and interact with your child.

Ready to get back into the car? One-handed folding makes it a literal snap. Plus the parent tray with cup holder means you can tote along your own coffee. Extra-large storage basket holds everything you need and a removable child’s tray makes it easy to serve snacks wherever you are. Graco has thought of everything to make the ride comfortable and easy for everyone, which means you can go places without worry!

Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller


If you have two kids of differing ages, this sit and stand stroller is a must-have. You get the features of a double stroller while enjoying a more compact size. The profile is slimmer than the previous model while still delivering the features you want for the best sit and stand stroller. Your big kid will feel more independent when they get a choice to stand or sit while your smaller child is safely locked in.

Riding options allow you to face your larger child forward, backward or stand while riding. For the little one in your family, this tandem stroller has a universal car seat adapter, making it work with just about any model. Just snap and lock and go.

The front seat is easily manipulated into 3 different position, plus a large canopy with extended visor keeps your kids from getting too much sun. With a snack tray, it’s the ideal choice for taking your show on the road.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller


Why settle when you can have it all? This sit and stand stroller gives you multiple riding position so your children can choose to sit or stand. Plus, the option to use an infant car seat in either the front or rear facing seats or both is always there.

Infant car seats are sold separately however they are easily accommodated by this sit and stand stroller. When not in use, you can fold this sit and stand stroller up compactly so it won’t take up too much space in your trunk or in your home. A large storage basket makes toting along favorite toys, blankets, snacks, drinks and anything else you’ve got an absolute breeze.

The foot activated brake makes it easy to stop anytime, anywhere. Seat your older child so they can face you or face forward. Or let them stand. Anyone with kids knows that giving them a choice is empowering and keeps the peace.

The child tray swings away if needed so that even your big kid can ride up front. With great versatility, this sit and stand stroller makes going places with the kids a much more pleasurable and simple experience. Oh, and don’t forget the parent tray with covered storage and cup holders to make your life even easier!

BravoFor2 2-Passenger Double Stroller


Take the whole family along without a struggle with this sit and stand stroller for two. This multi-functional double stroller can accommodate your baby’s car seat and seat a toddler, or host a big kid and a baby, making it a versatile way to get out and about when you’ve got two kids in tow.

Chicco’s model allows both your kids to grow up together and ride together in this quick-folding stroller that makes it easy to take them both along. The main seat of the stroller can fold forward to attach a car seat while the back is for your bigger kid.

The seat in the rear folds easily to make a nice and safe space for standing. You get a stroller seat for older babies that can sit on their own plus a platform for your big kid who wants to stand up and surf the ride.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Sit and Stand Stroller

Before you buy a sit and stand stroller like one of the 7 fantastic ones on our list, it’s important to really consider your needs. If you are pregnant with your second child, now is definitely the time to get one of these for your family. However, if you’re planning on expanding your family even further, you might want to hold off, or plan on selling yours down the line. Or even consider wearing your smallest baby in the future while pushing about your other two.

The thing with sit and stand strollers is they are very versatile. Each of these offers the opportunity to snap in a car seat. While some brands are easily able to accommodate any brand of car seat with a universal adapter, others are not. Regardless, even if you have a name brand car seat, it’s wise to check and be certain your infant car seat can be accommodated by your sit and stand stroller.

Other things to consider are if you want your older child to be able to face you or not. All of these feature the option for the older child to stand and ride on the platform or to sit, but it’s the positioning of your child while seated that might make all the difference. You’ll also want to think about things like your own personal storage. Does it have the kind of room you need for holding all those kid-necessary items? Does it have cup holders that will take on your giant coffee? While these are less important features, your ultimate comfort is something to consider.

Speaking of comfort, one of the biggest things to consider is how comfortable this sit and stand stroller will be for all of you. Do the seats seem comfortable enough for your children? How about the steering? Can you easily manipulate the stroller with one hand if you need to? Are you able to fold it without a fuss? It’s for this reason we recommend test-driving the sit and stand strollers first before deciding on one to buy.

The Advantages of Sit and Stand Strollers

Sit and stand strollers are a handy parenting tool and traveling device all in one. If you have more than one child, particularly with an age difference between them, a sit and stand stroller is an efficient way to go places with your kids. Are your supermarket excursions a dizzying outing that has you chasing your older child down the aisle while your youngest cries in the stroller? Or is your eldest whining about having to sit in a stroller like a baby? Stop the madness with a sit and stand stroller.

To learn about the many advantages of sit and stand strollers and how they can benefit you, read on!

1) Handle both children at once

When you have kids that are born a few years apart, a sit and stand stroller saves you from having to wrangle an unruly toddler wherever you go. And all toddlers at some point will insist upon walking and then they will whine about having to walk. A sit and stand makes it more fun because the older child has the option to sit in a seat or ride standing on a platform, which makes the experience like skateboarding but incredibly safe. You can even use this as a tool for manipulation and watch your child hop on with delight to ride around the supermarket without incident.

2) Gives independence to your older child

Toddlers truly have minds of their own. They’re just trying to exercise some individuality and independence. As mentioned, your older child will likely want to walk but that will only last a good 5 minutes before that whining that their perfectly-capable legs are going to fall off because they’re soooooooo tired. Insert eye roll here. With the sit and stand stroller, your older child can take a seat on the cool stroller with the younger sibling or stand and surf the terrain.

3) Saves you time

You ever watch how slowly a toddler can walk when you really need to be somewhere or get something done? It is truly like watching a sloth or a tortoise moving along. It’s this kind of thing that can cause any parent to lose their patience. Fortunately, a sit and stand stroller makes it more fun for big kids to ride on and hence, you can wheel both kids wherever you’re going quickly.

4) Keeps both kids safe in busy places

Some moms find it hard to enjoy the moment in busy places like malls or festivals because while they know their youngest is strapped safely into the stroller, the eldest is walking along. All it takes is for a large group of people to walk by and your older child could get separated from you. Or he could have seen a bug he just HAD TO look at in the middle of everything and you didn’t notice and kept on going. If you’ve ever had that fear of going places because you’re worried you’ll lose the older child, a sit and stand stroller can put your fears to rest. Plus, you can bribe him to ride on it nicely with the promise of a treat.

5) Plenty of storage

And just like tandems and double strollers, the sit and stand strollers all come with plenty of storage space. This means that toys, snacks, blankets, diapers, wipes and all the stuff you need to take along to care for both kids on the go can be tucked away with ease. Storage is a blessing on strollers, especially on sit and stand strollers. Because of the extra storage space, you can have your older child take along his favorite action figures and when he gets antsy, have him sit or stand on the stroller with his toys. That will keep him happy and quiet while you get things done.

As you can see, sit and stand strollers give parents with two children of differing ages more options than tandems and doubles. While those might be good options for children that are closer in age or twins, when you have one older child, it’s not always easy to get them to sit in a stroller like they did when they were little. The sit and stand is great for that because of the option to stand. It also brings you peace of mind knowing you can keep both children together and safe on any outing.


The best sit and stand stroller for you and your family will be the one that addresses your needs. Buying any type of stroller is just like buying a car. Ideally, it will be something you will use for many years to come so investing in the right one for you is imperative. Don’t just go for a low price. Go for quality and features that make sense for you.

As we previously mentioned, test driving these strollers before you commit to buying them is critical. You can love all the features and the design of it on paper but when you push it around the aisles of a store, do you like the way it handles? You don’t want to order something that doesn’t fit your needs so really take the time to go out and find these 7 sit and stand strollers and push them around the store. Fill them up too with your bag and other purchases and see how they handle when they’ve got some weight in them. Just about every stroller ever manufactured is easy to push along when it has nothing in it.

The floor models are there for testing so don’t be shy. It’s an investment, and while certainly not as costly as your home or your car, it’s an important one because you will use it to transport your children. These 7 sit and stand strollers are all well-rated so you can buy them with confidence, however the right one for you and your family may be different than the right one for your neighbors. Go with the one that works best for you and it will be the right choice.

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