Best Sprinklers For Kids In 2018 (Top 9 Reviews)

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Ready for some hot fun in the summertime? No doubt your kids are ready too.


Get a sprinkler for kids and you’ll be able to sit back and watch them run around for hours while you sip your ice cold lemonade or other refreshing beverage of choice.

The best kids sprinkler gets them all wet and keeps them entertained in the hot weather. Whether you have your own pool or not, having a kids sprinkler is a surefire way to keep the kids busy this summer.

Buy one of these best sprinklers for kids and you’ll be on your way to the coolest summer ever!

(Best Sprinklers for Kids In 2018)

Melissa & Doug Blossom Bright Sprinkler


Is it a beautiful bouquet of flowers? No, it’s Melissa & Doug’s Sunny Patch Blossom, the perfect pretty kids sprinkler for your backyard. The Sunny Patch Friends keep the kids entertained by spraying them with water. It attaches to any ordinary garden hose. Let the good times flow with this sprinkler for kids!

Melissa & Doug Splash Patrol Sprinkler Toy


Alert! Alert! The Splash Patrol is ready to cool you down! This sprinkler for kids has 12 adorable Splash Patrol characters, each of which is capable of squirting water. The materials are durable and parents just might find they like getting in on the splashing action too. Let the kids run in the yard while staying cool. Simply connect it to your garden house and the fun begins!

Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler (88 Inches)


What’s more fun than a beach ball? How about a giant beach ball that sprays out water! Your kids will truly have a ball with this kids sprinkler. You inflate it and then attach it to your water hose. It’s that easy to have a good time! Plus it received the Parents’ Choice Award so it’s proven to be awesome summer fun for everyone!

Banzai Wiggling Water Sprinkler


Ready for real water action? This wiggling water sprinkler is 12-feet in length and comes with 15 differently colored soft and flexible wigglers that spray water. Attach it to your garden hose and turn on the water for some seriously wet and wild summer fun. The frame is made of sturdy plastic, ensuring it lasts and lasts all throughout the dog days of summer.

Melissa & Doug Scouts Sprinkler Toy With Hose Attachment


The Grub Scouts are here to make sure your summer is super fun. This kids sprinkler is fun for little ones with adorable Grub Scout characters that spray the water everywhere for a cool and fun time. Sturdy and long-lasting, it attaches to the garden hose in seconds. Just turn on the water and let the good times flow!

Fun Splashers Fire Hydrant Garden Hose Sprinkler Splash Sprays


The adorable fire hydrant design of Fun Splashers’ sprinkler for kids will have them laughing and splashing for hours. While it’s just 8 inches tall, it’s capable of splashing water as far as 8 feet away. It spins and sprays the water all over the place, keeping kids wet and happy in the hot summer sun. All you need to do is hook it up to your garden hose. Maybe keep it away from the family dog though…you know what they like to do to fire hydrants!


Disney Frozen Water Sprinkler Spray Mat


When summer ends, your kids won’t be able to let it go. But until then, have plenty of wet fun in the backyard with this water sprinkler for kids. This Disney design features Elsa, Anna and Olaf on a 35-inch splashing mat. Connect it to your hose and watch the kids jump and play on it. It also comes with a repair kit so should it suffer any tears, there will be no tears from your kids.

Melissa & Doug Flower Sprinkler Toy


Decorate the backyard with pretty flowers that you don’t need to water. They water you! These 12 Pretty Petals flowers all squirt out water for cool and refreshing summer fun. It’s a great sprinkler for kids that encourages them to run and play in the water and makes being outside on even the hottest day so much more fun. Grownups can try it too!

Hydro Twist Pipeline Sprinkler


Get ready for big fun with this super size water sprinkler for kids. It’s a pipeline capable of spouting and blasting water. The water comes from two fountains, plus there are multiple wiggle tubes that blast out water at Tidal Force. With flexible pipelines, they can shoot water way up in the sky. It’s loads of entertaining summer fun in a variety of colors. Easy to attach to your garden hose, it will be the coolest thing about your summer vacation!

Final thoughts

There are so many great sprinklers for kids out there. All of these have something fun to offer kids of all ages. The Melissa & Doug designs are adorable and perfect for younger children. Our favorite though, hands down, has to be the kiddie pool/sprinkler combination. It comes with a pool, slide, a dinosaur that eats balls, a running waterfall and sprinkler. Talk about amazing summer fun! If you want the kids to stop pestering you because they’re bored, you’ll never hear them say that if you choose this one.

For bigger kids, the longer versions of kids sprinklers are an ideal choice. They can run through it like an obstacle course and you won’t have to worry about them tripping and getting hurt. All in all, each of these kids sprinklers is designed to provide hours of cool and wet fun for everyone.

And just because they are made for kids doesn’t mean that adults can’t get in on the fun too. Get some exercise with the kids in the yard and run around. Invite friends and family over for the fun and get wet too, or sit back and take photos and videos of the precious summer moments you’ll all get to share together.

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