5 Best Stroller Fans – (Top 5 Reviews)

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Once spring weather gives way to summer temperatures, it’s hard to stay cool. It’s even more uncomfortable to babies and small children to suffer in the sweltering heat.

If you go on many outdoor outings to parks, picnics, or the beach, having a stroller fan will really help you keep your little one comfortable and cool.

Searching for the best stroller fan isn’t as hard as you think. We’ve found 5 fantastic stroller fans that will help you and your family beat the heat this summer!

(Top 5 Best Stroller Fans)

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan


While the name suggests it’s for your desk (and it could pull double-duty doing so), you can easily use this fan to clip onto your child’s stroller. This portable compact clip fan has a high-quality motor that provides a maximum wind speed of 75 feet per second. Providing high speed wind with minimum noise, it features a stepless speed regulation.

The battery is replaceable and rechargeable, enabling it to operate from 2.5 to 6 hours depending on which speed setting you use. You can charge it via USB port on your computer, power band, or any USB source. It’s lightweight and is capable of horizontal and vertical rotation.

Clip it to any place you desire from your baby’s stroller to the car seat, or even use it for other purposes such as at your desk, while camping with kids, or anywhere else you go.


This powerful fan is a great choice because it can clip to any place and provide different speeds of wind to bring maximum comfort. The rechargeable battery means you won’t have to worry about spending too much money on batteries to keep it powered. Plus, you can use it for other situations from riding in the car on a hot day and to keep your child cool in places outside of the stroller. This is a great stroller fan!

Battery Operated Clip On Fan For Baby Stroller


This small and sleek fan has a strong portable battery that allows for maximum comfort anywhere you go. The motor provides a maximum wind speed of 75 feet per second and keeps noise to a minimum. With stepless speed regulation, it provides seamless airflow from each setting.

The replaceable and rechargeable battery means you won’t run out of batteries to keep it powered. Depending on which fan speed you select, the battery will provide 2.5 to 6 hours of life to the fan. It can be charged through the USB port on your computer, power band, or any USB source.

With vertical and horizontal rotations, this stroller fan can be clipped anywhere to provide refreshing cool air anytime. It’s also versatile in that it can be used to keep cool in any other situation, making it a great stroller fan choice!


This model of fan is similar to the first fan we looked at in many ways. There is much to like about it, particularly that the battery is rechargeable. Easy charging options mean you’ll never have to scramble for batteries prior to an outing on a hot day. This stroller fan will keep your family comfortable outdoors even on the hottest day!

Dreambaby Stroller Fan


This stroller fan by Dreambaby was created with the purpose of clipping to baby strollers and playpens on hot days, though the manufacturer does suggest that adults can easily make use of it at the beach by clipping it to the beach chair or even onto a treadmill during workouts.

An attractive feature of this fan is that curious babies won’t run into any harm thanks to the foam fins that are completely baby safe. Plus, the blades are fashioned from bright colors to make it more fun to watch for little ones. The flexible neck allows you to turn the fan to any angle and the clip is sturdy enough to hold it in place.

This stroller fan is very lightweight and can be quickly tucked into a bag to take along anywhere. It requires 2 AA batteries to bring it to life.


We love that this stroller fan has baby-safe foam fins to protect tiny fingers from any probing. The colorful design is nice too. It’s a wonderful stroller fan, however the batteries are not rechargeable. You will need to use 2 AA batteries. If you choose this fan, it might be a smart idea to stow extra batteries in your summer bag so you’re not left out in the heat.

Cool on the Go® Clip Fan For Stroller, Desk And More


This fan by Next Generation features LED lights for those hot nights on the go outdoors. It also provides the option to use rechargeable batteries through a USB port or AA batteries.

Speaking of batteries, you can run this stroller fan for a while without running out of power. The powerful airflow makes cooling down a breeze. It offers hands-free operation and can be used for more than just attaching to a stroller. Other suggested uses are for camping, events, desks, and even as a necklace fan though it is recommended not to use as a necklace fan for your child.


The LED lights on this fan are a nice touch, particularly if you plan to go out with your child after the sun sets. The options for charging batteries or using replaceable ones make it a versatile choice for keeping your child cool in the stroller, playpen, or anywhere else. Hands-free gives you more freedom, plus it can be used in many other ways to provide cooling comfort.

HJIAN 5-inch Clip Fan Portable Clamp Fans


This portable clamp fan for your baby’s stroller features one mode when powered by USB, however it has stepless adjustment modes when powered by the rechargeable battery. Charge it from any USB port to give the battery power.

The sturdy clamp clips easily onto any surface. The fan can rotate both vertically and horizontally for a full 360 degrees. The stepless speed technology allows you to control the speed of the fan, providing greater wind when you need it and less when you don’t. This best stroller fan is a welcome accessory to any stroller, car seat, table, chair, or any other place where you need a bit of fresh air blown your way.


The options for powering the fan are a nice bonus. Plus, the ability of it to blow air in any direction means that you and your child can stay cool anytime.

Final thoughts

Stroller fans like these are durable and will power through the heat to deliver exceptional results. We preferred the models that allowed for recharging the batteries because there is less chance of forgetting to bring batteries along, however, if you forget to charge the batteries, you’ll be left in much the same predicament. We also loved the safety blades on the Dreambaby model.

Any of these best fans will make a great accessory for your baby stroller on a hot day. Be sure to order a stroller fan for your baby today!

Reasons Why You Need a Stroller Fan for Your Kids

In the summer or in hotter climates, it’s so important to keep cool. Especially for kids. You need to be vigilant in ensuring their safety and comfort. Kids can overheat easily so if you plan on spending any time outdoors pushing your little ones around in a stroller, then you should get a stroller fan.

If you don’t think you need a stroller fan, think again!

It prevents dangerous conditions

While you should of course be sure to give your child plenty of fluids to stay hydrated in the heat (for those under 6 months, it should be breast milk or baby formula only), a stroller fan plays a critical role in keeping your child cool. Even with the shade that comes on most stroller models, if it’s hot and humid and the air is stagnant, a stroller fan creates a cooling breeze which in turn helps your child stay refreshed.

It keeps them calmer longer

Do you feel annoyed and aggravated when you are outside in the heat or in the direct sun after a long period of time? Well, to little ones, they have no concept of time. Heat makes time seem to drag on for longer, and to babies and small children, it can feel like years sitting in the heat. If you use a stroller fan, your children will be less likely to complain when you push them along in the stroller at the park, the zoo, the beach, or any other outdoor destination.

It can be used in other places too

Of course, the portable stroller fan is designed for attaching to your stroller and providing safe and easy comfort anywhere you go. However, you can find many other uses for it. Some parents will use it on the crib on a warm night, or even on the portable play pen in the yard. Because it can be clipped virtually anywhere, you can use it in so many places.

It’s designed for safety

Are you worried curious little fingers will try to touch the fan? Don’t worry! Stroller fan manufacturers have already thought about that “what if” and have created their fans to be safe, even if your child does try to grab the moving fan blades. So you can confidently let your child sit under the fan and enjoy the waves of refreshing air blowing at them and know they won’t be harmed if they try to touch the fan.

Stroller fans are absolutely essential in hot weather and are a smart and safe investment. Plus, once your kids are too big for a stroller or crib, you can use the fan in play areas or even at your own desk to make work truly a breeze.

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