Best Swaddle Blankets (Top 10 Reviews)

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Swaddling your baby makes sleep time a peaceful time for the whole family. These blankets are designed to make swaddling your baby easy and struggle-free while being safe for baby. The best swaddle blankets will keep your baby snug and safe while they sleep, allowing them to sleep for longer stretches without disturbing you.

We found the top swaddle blankets out there so check them out for your new baby or for a great gift for someone else!

HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle


This 100% cotton blanket is the only one of its kind that adjusts in 3 ways. You can swaddle the arms in, swaddle the hands to the face, or leave one or both arms out to work for your baby’s sleep style or help transition your baby out of swaddling. The strong fasteners are adjustable so you can create the perfect fit for your child and keep them snug without making a break for it. The embroidery of “back is best” also reminds parents and caregivers alike that back sleeping is the safest way for baby to sleep.

The bottom unzips to allow for diaper changes without a fuss. Plus, the smart sleeveless design ensures there’s no overheating. With room for kicking but strong enough to stay in place, this blanket has truly thought of it all for your baby’s comfort and safety while sleeping.

Halo Green Bird SleepSack Swaddle Wearable Blanket


This polyester blanket features a 2-way swaddle system to keep your baby sleeping well. The soft micro-fleece fabric is touchable and soft and snuggly, ideal for chilly times of year. The swaddle fasteners allow for easy adjustments so you can swaddle with arms in to reduce the chances of startle reflex from waking your baby or you can put one arm in and one out. The inverted zipper design at the bottom allows you to change diapers without unswaddling, and the sleeveless design prevents overheating.

Miracle Blanket Swaddle, Natural Beige


Made from soft 100% cotton, this 100% guaranteed and Velcro-free swaddle blanket is ideal for new parents. It helps extend sleep periods and prevents night time movement which leads to separation anxiety. Quieter nights are ahead for all. Without Velcro, you can sleep soundly knowing baby won’t get scratched by it or wake up to it when you open it. Guaranteed effective, it is the only one with a triple-patented arm flap design.

Ziggy Baby Muslin Baby Blankets


This blanket is made from 100% cotton with soft muslin that is lightweight and breathable. The functional size is large enough to make swaddling easy for any new mom or dad at 48” x 48”. It also comes with a no questions asked return policy to ensure you have complete peace of mind when you buy it.

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle 3-PK


Often regarded as the original, this blanket uses 100% natural cotton that is soft and gentle on the skin. It provides a secure, cozy experience for babies while preventing the startle reflex which is responsible for waking slumbering sweeties. With soft fabric wings, it fastens with ease and can be readjusted to fit perfectly. Plus, the harness slit allows you to put sleeping angels in the car without waking them up so you can safely strap them to car seats.

ADDISON BELLE – 100% Organic Muslin Blanket


Made from 100% organic muslin cotton, this non-toxic blanket is a great choice for your baby. It’s so soft and gentle on the skin. Plus, it’s large at 47”x47” to ensure proper swaddling. Addison Belle’s signature weaving and materials make it a lightweight choice for any season. It can also be used for a nursing cover, burp cloth, or stroller cover making it a versatile choice.

Organic Muslin Swaddle Blankets – 2 Bibs Gift


Your baby will love this 100% organic muslin cotton blanket. It’s soft and cuddly, plus it comes in 48”x48” so you can swaddle with ease. Use it for swaddling of course, and use it again for nursing, changing diapers, a picnic blanket for your baby and so much more. This fantastic blanket also includes 2 bibs in the set to give you even more value. The manufacturer offers a lifetime no questions asked guarantee so you can make a smart choice with confidence.

WeeSprout Muslin 47-by-47-Inch Blankets – Organic Cotton


If you’re concerned about your precious baby coming into contact with harmful chemicals, this blanket has you covered. It’s made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton so there are no toxins or synthetics to worry about. All dyes are all natural for this soft and safe swaddling blanket. The muslin cotton gets softer and softer with every wash, assuring plenty of cozy sleeps ahead. WeeSprout has thoughtfully designed with swaddle blanket to be 20% larger than the other blankets to make swaddling easier as well as be useful longer as your baby grows up.

Newborn Baby Blanket


Your baby will be comfy and cozy in this knit cotton blend blanket. It’s soft and gentle and allows plenty of room for baby as he gets bigger. Ideal for use from newborn up to 12 months, it comes with fixed buttons on the side without button holes so it can’t be opened up from the side. It keeps your baby safe and snug and can be used in other ways as your baby outgrows it.

Max & Emma Receiving Blanket Wrap Swaddle


This blanket uses 100% pure plush fabric that is double-layered to keep baby warm and cozy. The easy design with double Velcro allows you to wrap your baby and go without a fuss. There are no sleeves or straps and the hat and leg covers help add extra comfort and cuteness when you take baby on the go. It’s lightweight, machine washable and good for all seasons.

Things to consider

Some people have challenged the safety of swaddling babies, but the medical community stands behind it with the assurance that it is still a safe practice so long as the baby is placed on his or her back. Swaddling your baby helps keep him from being awoken by his startle reflex as he sleeps. It won’t eliminate your baby’s need to wake up and eat as newborns tend to do, but it will prevent wake-ups from unnecessary things.

You’ll want to think about the materials used in making the swaddle blanket. The softer, the better. This assures no irritation to your baby’s skin. As for how to swaddle, the ones with Velcro or other fasteners make it easy for you to safely and securely swaddle your baby. You don’t need them though if you practice on swaddling. Once upon a time, parents swaddled without using straps and Velcro so it can be done. It’s all a matter of preference for you.

Some of these blankets come in packs of two or more. We like that idea because there will always be a time when you need one and if it’s in the wash, you can’t use it. Having more than one is always a blessing.

Final thoughts

Swaddling your baby in a swaddle blanket is beneficial for everyone in your home. It helps your baby sleep well between feedings which keeps the peace for everyone. By using a swaddle blanket, you help your newborn adjust to life on the outside of the womb by making them feel safe and secure. Swaddling soothes babies to sleep, which means you can soon see much more of the back of your own eyelids, like you’ve been hoping for ever since your sweet baby came into the world.


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