Best Teddy Bears In 2018 (Top 10 Reviews)

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The holidays are approaching fast. And that means it’s time to start shopping for the perfect gifts for your children. One of the most precious things you can ever give them is a real teddy bear.

If you’re looking for the best teddy bear, there are some things to consider but we’ve found these 10 teddy bears that your kids are sure to love. Check them out and order your favorite!

Top 10 Picks

GUND Philbin Chocolate


GUND has been one of the most popular stuffed animal manufacturers since we were kids ourselves so it’s no surprise that they have a robust lineup of teddy bears to choose from. Philbin is a chocolate-colored ultra-plush teddy bear that every child will adore. He’s snuggly soft and perfect for cuddles for children ages 1 and up. On his feet, he has paw pad accents. At 12 inches in height, he’s small enough to manage but big enough for bear hugs. You can easily wipe him down when he needs a little refresher too.

JOON Big Teddy Bear 30″ – Tan


JOON’s big teddy bear is over 2 feet tall! That’s a lot of hugging potential right there. He’s super soft and incredibly plush, plus he has a lovely ribbon around his neck to give him just the right touch. The quality of this teddy is durable yet soft enough for plenty of hugs. He’ll be the perfect friend to keep around your child’s room or playroom.

 Gund Slumbers Stuffed Animal


Here’s another GUND option for best teddy bear. This classic toy in brown with a tan chest and tan paw accents will look handsome anywhere you put him. He’s the perfect teddy bear friend for ages 1 and up. At just one and a half feet tall, he’ll feel big to your little one but without being overwhelming. You can wipe down the surface of his fur to keep him fresh and clean. Since he’s a GUND, he’s made with loving care and high quality standards the brand is known for.

JOON Mini Teddy Bear, Tan, 13 Inches


We’ve already seen JOON’s big teddy bear, and now here’s a smaller version. In fact, it’s the smallest teddy bear in their collection. He’s super soft like his bigger teddy bear friends and is just as cuddly but in smaller form, making him ideal for small children.

The paws are embroidered with paw prints and he has a cute tail. The eyes are made from plastic and he has a nice ribbon tied into a bow around his neck. While small, he’s still got all those lovely little details a teddy bear should have.

Vermont – 4 Feet Giant Love Bear


Go big or go home. That’s what Vermont Teddy Bear’s Giant Love Bear says anyway. Ideal for children ages 3 and up, this huge teddy bear is 4 feet tall. He’ll make a stunning addition to any big boy or girl’s room with a soft and plushy feel that’s perfect for big bear hugs. He’s made in Vermont and comes with a guarantee for life.

The quality is incredible, plus the stuffing is 100% recycled. And when he gets messy as loved upon teddy bears tend to do, you can wash the surface of him with ease to keep him looking brand new again.

Gund Fuzzy Stuffed Animal, 13.5 inches


This fuzzy by GUND has soft floppy limbs and a little sideways smile that will make you wonder what silly thing he’s going to get into next. The neutral beige fur is soft and cuddly, not to mention easy to clean. He’s the perfect size for little ones, designed for ages 1 and up. Boys and girls will adore this sweet teddy bear friend, made with GUND’s impeccable quality.

Aurora Plush Baby Pink Bear


For a sweet little girl, Aurora’s plush pink teddy bear is just the thing to put under the Christmas tree this year. She’s soft and has plenty of cuddles to give. Aurora is a quality brand that makes lasting products that are perfect for little ones.

GUND Pinchy Brown Bear Plush


He’s just a little bit bigger at one and a half feet, but he’s still perfect for kids ages 1 and up. Soft, huggable, and incredibly plush, this product has a unique look that gives him a fun vibe. He’s easy to clean on the surface too so no matter what kind of fun he gets into with your child, you can always freshen him up.

Vermont Teddy Bear – Made in the USA


Another adorable teddy bear by Vermont, this one is just a hair (pardon the pun) bigger than the one-foot sized teddy bears. Chocolate-colored fur that is super snuggly and stuffed with 100% recycled stuffing, this bear is made for big hugs and love. Plus, he is designed to sit up all by himself.

You can buy with confidence too knowing that every Vermont Teddy Bear comes with a lifetime guarantee. And best of all, when life happens and you find he’s become a little gamey from your child’s constant attention, you can wash him in your washing machine on delicate and he’ll be fresh and ready for more cuddles and adventures!

Aurora World Small Coco Bear Plush, 10.5″


With shaggy fur, Aurora’s small teddy bear is a perfect choice for really little ones. He’s got the lock-washer eyes too so you can feel safe giving him to your one year old. The red ribbon tied into a bow is the ideal finishing touch for this teddy bear. With double-bagged beans stuffing him up, he’s truly a huggable and lovable new teddy bear friend to have.

Things to consider

When buying a teddy bear for your child, it’s important to think about size. If you’re buying this for a baby, it’s best not to get one that is too large because it can be dangerous. For any sized teddy bear, you shouldn’t place it in the crib with your little one to be on the safe side. Other things to think about are the style and design. There are so many adorable teddy bears out there that your child will be delighted with.

The only other thing to think about is whether or not it’s important to you to be able to machine wash the teddy bear. Most of these options are surface washable, but the Vermont Teddy Bear is one of the few you can safely toss in the washing machine without worry.

Final thoughts

The best teddy bear for your child is the one you give to him or her. A snuggly teddy bear makes a good friend for life and is something every boy and girl would love to have. Which one will you choose?


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