Top 10 Best Wagons For Kids In 2019

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Do you love to take walks with your little kids until they complain they’re tired after you’ve only gone one block?

How about walking with more than one small child? It can be frustrating for parents who want to take walks, attend outdoor art fairs, camping or countless other activities. A kid’s wagon can make all of that so much easier, plus your kids will love to play in the kids’ wagon.

Choosing the best wagon for kids is a big decision. You need to consider safety factors as well as quality and how well the wagon works. Here we have examined 10 of the best wagons for kids and the best wagons for toddlers in 2017.

(Top 10 Best Rated Wagons For Kids )

Little Tikes Deluxe Wagon with Umbrella


Little Tikes presents this study kids wagon with QuietRide wheel technology for a less noisy ride. It comes with a removable umbrella to provide a shady ride, a cooler to transport cold drinks and snacks, and drink holders.

The sides are removable so you can convert it into a bench that even an adult can sit on. The wagon handle can be folded underneath for easy storage when not in use. Seatbelts keep your children safe when they’re being pulled along. When the kids are not playing with it, you can even use it to pull along supplies for your yard or gardening projects.


This deluxe wagon really has it all for a relaxing ride and converts to a great place to sit and relax. With the cooler, it makes snack time a breeze. It’s made in the USA and customers absolutely love it. It’s a sturdy product that is easy to assemble and very versatile, making it an excellent option for a kids wagon for 2017.

Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon


Radio Flyer has been in the business for 100 years. This wagon has 10” air tires that provide a smooth ride on pavement as well as off-road. The body is fashioned from steel with sides of a wooden stake. The handle is extra long and can fold underneath to store the wagon with ease.

The controlled turning radius assures tipping won’t be an issue. The classic design gives the kind of retro feel you might recall from your own childhood wagon.


This is a very basic model of wagon. The classic design is nice and it’s a good wagon. However if you’re looking for a wagon you can add a canopy to, there is no option to do so with this model.

Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon


This versatile Step2 wagon comes with a canopy to provide shade on hot and sunny days. The seat has the ability to convert into a flatbed, table, or seat. The wagon also comes with 6 cup holders that can also hold snacks if desired. The easy access door allows for your kids to let themselves into the wagon.

The wheels provide a quiet and smooth ride with “whisper ride” so there’s no excessive noise clanking. The handle lets you easily pull your children. Plus, when the kids would rather play indoors, the large storage capacity makes a great place to stow your items like smartphones, keys, and wallets.


It’s a very durable wagon for 2017 that is proudly made in the USA. It comes with a canopy and offers a smooth ride with all the extra comforts. We like the versatility of being able to convert the seat to meet our needs. If you’re looking for more than just a wagon, this one will do nicely.

Radio Flyer Kid’s Ultimate EZ The Best Folding Wagon Ride-On


Here is another kids wagon by Radio Flyer for 2017. This wagon model can fold down easily, even with using one hand, making it easy to use even if your hands are full. When opened, it becomes full-size and capable of holding 2 children. Seat belts offer an extra bit of safety while seat backs provide a more comfortable ride. There are 4 cup holders that can keep drinks and snacks easily in place. There is also a canopy that is removable and provides UV protection from the strong rays of the sun.

The handle is telescoping in style making it easy to go in any direction. Because it folds up, it takes up less storage space and is easy to toss in the car and go to the park and on other outings.


We really like the models with canopies because it provides extra comfort and protection from the sun. It’s easy to maneuver, making it a wonderful wagon choice for 2017.

Berlin F410 Amish-Made Sport Wagon


Created by the Amish in Ohio, this American-made quality wagon is fashioned from lightweight varnished wood. The painted hardwood rails remove with easy to provide easy access in and out of the wagon. Hardware is made entirely from steel. The paint that is used in non-toxic.

Wheels are 10″ x 4″ pneumatic and inflatable, helping to keep the wagon steady on any terrain. The no-tip steering assures you that you can pull your children along without any worries. Additionally, it makes for a great tool in the yard when the kids are busy. You can use it to pull along any of your yard or gardening supplies.


The sturdy and reliable Amish construction makes this wagon an excellent choice. The incredible quality and durability, making it one of the best wagons for kids for 2017. On the downside, there is no opportunity for the addition of a canopy, so if you want a model that comes with a canopy or can have one added, this one isn’t for you.

Step2 Neighborhood Wagon


This wagon by Step2 was designed with neighborhood walks in mind. The seats are safe and comfortable. With a long handle for pulling made easy, it just as easily folds under the wagon making it easy to transport or store.

The contoured seats make sitting more comfortable for long rides. There is an extra-large storage compartment built in under the hinged rear seat, ideal for stowing snacks for when the kids get hungry or even your personal effects like sunglasses and keys. Made from durable and weather-resistant plastic, it will last for years to come, making it a fun toy for children to ride along in. Family time will be even easier with this wagon that comes equipped with two built-in cup holders, perfect for holding onto drinks.


There is some assembly required, however it is very simple to do. This wagon is proudly made in America and is one of the best wagons for kids in 2017. Because it is designed for the neighborhood, it might not fair so well on rough terrain but is a great choice for a kids’ wagon. Also, it has no canopy so consider carefully before buying.

Little Tikes Fold ‘n Go Folding Wagon



Another great kids wagon by Little Tikes, this one is a foldable version that makes it easy to take along anywhere you go as well as easily store it when not in use. It’s built to last with the ability to hold two children in the bucket seats. Seatbelts offer extra safety and peace of mind.

The seats can fold down, enabling you to use the wagon for hauling more than just your kids. While they frolic in the yard, use it to move lawn and garden items to and fro. The cup holders are built in and keep drinks in place while in the wagon is in motion. There is no assembly required, meaning you can just buy it, open it up and go!


A big bonus with this American-made wagon is that there is no assembly required, making it a ripe choice for 2017 kids wagons. That makes it extremely appealing for those that don’t want to put anything together. No canopy or canopy option on this model, however it is still a great wagon for kids.

Radio Flyer Triple Play Wagon


Radio Flyer submits this model of wagon that can transport up to 3 riders, making it a brilliant choice for parents of 3 children in 2017. It features an extra-large rear storage bag that is expandable and can easily fold up when not being used. There are 3 different sets of seatbelts as well as 6 cup holders (4 for children and 2 for adults). The handle folds underneath easily for storage purposes too.


This wagon is a great choice for parents with 3 children and offers places for everyone to hold their drink. While no canopy is available for this wagon, the extra large storage compartment makes it a very handy wagon for 2017.

John Deere Steel Stake Wagon Pink


From the same company that makes some of the most durable lawn tools in the industry, John Deere offers this kids wagon for 2017 that is manufactured with heavy duty and rust-resistant steel. The wheels are also set in steel and outfitted with wide pneumatic tires.

The wheelbase is constructed for stable steering and easy maneuvering. It prevents tipping even if weight is unevenly distributed. Along the sides, there are high wood stakes, clear-coated to protect from environmental factors, to keep your children safely inside during the ride. The handle folds with ease for simple storage. Plus the edges and corners are designed in a rolled fashion to prevent scratching or pinching your child, making it an even safer option.


This might not be an issue for some, but this model of kids wagon is pink. Some with boys will not want them to ride around in pink while for others, the color is not a factor. Girls will no doubt love the sassy pink color. It also comes with flower stickers that you can attach yourself. The construction of this wagon is high-quality. It is reliable and strong and makes for a fantastically fun way to spend riding along on a sunny day. There are no cup holders, options for canopies or anything else like that. However, you get a sturdy and strong wagon that lasts.

Pacific Cycle Roadmaster 34″ Steel Wagon


This kids wagon is a very simple design. It features a steel long-reach handle that touts no pinching. The bed and undercarriage are made entirely from steel. The 8” wheels have rubber tires that make rolling along easy. Plus the bed features rolled edges to reduce the chance of injuries and is coated with a powder-coat paint finish.


Pacific Cycle’s wagon is among the most basic of all. It requires assembly, so if you’re not handy with tools, you may want to ask someone who is. If you just want a simple wagon for your child, this will do just fine.

Things To Consider

Kids Wagon 2nd

Thinking of buying a wagon for your kids? There are many advantages to buying a wagon. We hope we can help you think about what’s best for your kids with this handy list of things to consider while choosing the best kids’ wagon!

1) How many kids can it hold?

Do you have more than one child? You’ll want to pick a wagon that all the kids can fit in at once. Otherwise there will be drama. And when there’s drama, there’s tears. For bigger families, a wagon that has plenty of room is a smart choice. Even if your family isn’t big though, a wagon that allows 2 or more children will ensure that siblings, friends, and cousins can all ride along together.

2) What terrain can it work on?

Where do you plan to pull your kids around on this wagon? If it’s on the sidewalk in your neighborhood, just about any wagon can handle it. But if you want to take it to the beach or use it in the yard, you’ll want to look for ones that can easily rove over other terrain without danger of tipping.

3) Ease of transport and storage

Some families like to get out there and do more together. Maybe your neighborhood is too busy to comfortably pull your kids around in the wagon and you’d prefer to go to your local park instead. Or perhaps you want to take the wagon to the farmer’s market on the weekend so the kids can sit in it with all your produce and other goodies without complaining that they’re too tired to walk. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to look for a wagon that you can easily fold up and transport or even store away without taking up too much space.

4) Extra features

As you’re probably aware, wagons can be a lot like cars. They come in very basic models that seat one or two children at a time and are merely a mode of transport that could also be used for your gardening items when the kids are busy playing indoors. They also come in very loaded-up models that contain cup holders, snack tables, storage areas, umbrellas, canopies and plenty more. You’ll need to decide if any of these are important to you and your needs. For example, if you live in a sunny area, you might give more consideration to a wagon that comes with an umbrella or canopy, or that can have one of those attached easily to keep your kids from being overexposed to the sun.

Ones with snack tables really make life easy for parents. There are even wagon models that have coolers or spaces for you to tote along a small cooler filled with cold drinks and tasty snacks. When it comes to kids, they might all be different but one thing they all do the same is request snack after snack, and at the most inopportune times too. If you have a wagon that offers a shaded snack spot and places to hold their drinks and snacks, you can bet that your outings will be so much more enjoyable.

5) Assembly required

Are you handy with tools? If so, it won’t bother you one bit to assemble a wagon. But if not, you may feel more comfortable choosing a model that can go right from the box. Those that need assembling aren’t terribly complicated, however if you’re a grandparent hoping to surprise your grandkids and you don’t own tools or can’t use them anymore, choosing one you can pull right out of the box is a good idea. If you choose one you have to assemble and you don’t know how to do it, you can always ask a friend or relative to help you out.

6) Ability to keep kids busy

Think of how busy it will keep your kids too. You can keep busy in the yard or talk to other adults while the kids entertain themselves with the wagon. Some models are easy for the kids to pull themselves. That means they can take turns pushing and pulling each other around in the wagon. Or even load up their favorite stuffed animals and other toys and let them pull the wagon around themselves. Children love being able to do things for themselves and by letting them push and pull their toys around, it gives them a sense of power and independence.

7) Teaches cause and effect

Speaking of pushing and pulling, kids get to learn about cause and effect and physics on a very basic level. And they’ll get to have fun while doing it, which is always a good idea. Maybe they won’t fully grasp the lesson in those terms but they’ll learn how to make the wagon go on their own and this simple accomplishment will be great for their spirit.

8) A fun way to transport kids

Let’s face it. Strollers are good and all, but wagons make riding around more fun. If you’re out at a festival, the beach, the park, or just want to do something simple with the kids, a wagon ride is a great idea. When kids are bigger, they really don’t want to ride in a stroller anymore. They also get tired of walking too which is understandable but it gets annoying when you’re out and about, especially if you have more than one tired child. You can even start out with them walking and filling up your wagon with fun things you buy along the way. Then once they get tired, they can sit in the wagon and have a snack or play with toys and you will be delighted to still enjoy their company because they aren’t crying.

9) Safety features

Ah, yes. Wagons are indeed loads of fun, pardon the pun, for everyone. However you should always be aware of safety. Are there safety belts? Have there been any recalls? Checking these things first will always give you peace of mind. You should also consider the center of gravity of the wagon to put thoughts of tipping to rest. There are other things to look for too, such as if there are places that could pinch or poke your child. Sharp corners are not a good idea for younger children and that’s why many parents with small children opt for the plastic wagon models.

10) Age range

Obviously, you can’t put a baby in your wagon. What is slightly less obvious is how some wagons are more suitable for younger children while some are more suitable for older children. Keeping that in mind as you shop for a wagon will ensure you get the best one for your children.

11) Materials used

Some parents won’t care about the materials used, but to others this will be very important in regards to choosing a kids’ wagon. Steel frames are often regarded as sturdy, however the plastic wagons shouldn’t be dismissed either. They’re highly durable as well and provide a smoother and softer function. Plus, those plastic models have more features and if that’s what you’re going for then plastic will be the best choice for you.

Any way you choose to look at kids’ wagons, you’ll be better off if you choose one that fits your lifestyle. If you plan to push the kids around the yard on weekends and then use the wagon to haul your yard supplies around while they’re in school, then a simple wagon design will do. If you plan to take the kids around at the beach or park, then something with a canopy or attachable umbrella is your best choice. Think about the features that are most important to you and then look at your budget.

Final thoughts

There are many options for you as you look for the best wagon for kids in 2017. You can choose a basic version that will provide solid, safe and reliable transport for your children as you pull them around and feel good about it if you go for the Amish-made Berlin F410 or the John Deere model. Both were exceptional products as far as simple wagon designs go. These don’t have all the bells and whistles, but they have all the safety, strength, durability and old-fashioned charm like the wagons of yester-year.

However, if you’re looking for something grander, we recommend the Little Tikes Deluxe Ride. It’s like the Rolls-Royce of kids wagons. We loved the canopy and how it can convert into a happy little snack bench wherever you go. We loved that it is capable of holding adults to join in on the snack fun and even contains a cooler. It’s a cute model of kids wagon that has all the amenities and is quality made to ensure years of fun and safe transport. Plus, customers seemed to really be happy with their choice to buy it.

Remember, when you’re choosing your wagon, think of your needs. If you plan on taking it off the sidewalk and pavement a lot, you’ll want to be sure the wheels can handle the terrain. If you don’t want to be pestered by your kids to hold their juice or sippy cup, something that has cup holders will be a blessing.

Above all, make sure you listen to any warnings about safety. For some of these models, we didn’t feel comfortable about the safety thanks to the overwhelming kid’s wagon reviews. Choose wisely to be sure your children will enjoy their wagon for years to come.

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