Christmas Shopping Guide for Kids in 2017

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You might be ready for this holiday season to end but it’s never too early to begin thinking about next year’s holiday shopping trends. Don’t give us that look, especially if you waited until the last minute this year. We’ve got the best Christmas shopping tips for you when it comes to shopping for kids in 2017 that you’ll wish you followed this year. And hey, if you’ve left it to the last minute and are still out there shopping, maybe some of this advice will save you time this year too.

Shop after holidays

It’s no secret that after every major holiday, holiday-related merchandise gets slashed in prices. If you want wrapping paper, decorations, or holiday-themed anything, go the day after Christmas and get it at 50% to 75% off. And yes, that includes gift sets and stuff kids like too. Sometimes, you’ll find it discounted even more. Though beware of the crowds. Because most people get the day after Christmas off too, the mall is swarming with people who want to escape the house from visiting relatives, grab a latte and spend time together, or the most common reason of all – returning things they got as gifts that they didn’t like. In any event, if you plan ahead to shop after the holidays, you’ll already get your gifts ready for next year.

Play off what you bought them this year

With every year, our children grow. It’s a beautiful thing. But if you’re wondering what to buy them for Christmas in 2018, then take notes on what you bought this year that they really loved. For example, maybe you bought your son a Star Wars Lego set. If he loved that one, look up the other Star Wars Lego sets and plan accordingly on which others you will buy. You can also use this for birthdays too as long as you mark off what you’ve already purchased. Hey, we have ALL been there where we’ve completely forgotten we’ve already bought something and bought it twice.

Watch for new interests

Kids are always surprising us, aren’t they? One day they play a new sport in gym and they’ve suddenly developed an interest in it. Or they see a show with a ballerina and want to take up dance. The things we expose our children to really shape them as people so hone in on their unique interests over the next year and you’ll be sure to find loads of Christmas gifts for them in 2017. You can carry a theme throughout every gift you get them too. So for example, if she’s started taking ballet, you can buy her a new tutu for class and some dolls with a ballet theme. If he’s gotten into playing guitar, new strings are a good choice for his stocking (he’ll always need them) as well as new sheet music, an amp, and so on.

Get things that grow with them

With little kids, it can be hard to choose Christmas gifts for 2017. But you have to remember that the best stuff for this age group is something they can use for several years. One great example of this is the iconic dollhouse. Little girls love dollhouses and it makes for a great gift. But if she’s 4 or 5, getting one that’s a little more advanced might be a better option because dollhouses made for really young girls will be less fun to her in the next year or so. Plus, you can add on to it with your Christmas shopping in 2017 with new dolls for the dollhouse, new clothes for the dolls, and new furniture too.

Buy something that will help them learn

Of course, every child wants toys to play with each Christmas, and we can be certain that as you’re Christmas shopping for kids, they will absolutely want more toys, even with a room full of them (typically all over the floor). However, you should keep your eyes out for fun learning opportunities for them or even ways to be creative. This will allow them to have fun at play while still learning something. New learning-based toys and games are always coming out so keep a close watch on what’s trending.

Save up for a big item

Sometimes, it’s quality over quantity. Maybe your kids have been wanting a swing set or some other larger toy for a while. If you play your cards right, you might just be able to afford it come Christmas 2017. Plan ahead and you could find it go on sale well before Christmas 2017, which in that case, order it and stick it in the garage!

Have some character

Every kid has a favorite character. What’s your child’s favorite? Maybe she loves all the Disney princesses. Maybe he is a solid Batman freak. Maybe they both love Paw Patrol so much that the reciting of the lines from every single show makes you want to beat your head into the wall. Whatever it is, centering your Christmas shopping for kids in 2017 on these characters is never a bad idea.

Go for technology

Bigger kids are always excited to get new smartphones or tablets. Little ones do too to an extent. A new computer, a new device, or even a gaming system will be sure to delight. Already have that gaming system? Then look for games that will keep their interests. If he loves soccer, perhaps there’s a new edition of the game releasing in time for Christmas 2017 and if you do your homework now, you’ll be able to get on a waiting list and have it in your hands first which will save you a hassle down the road.

Shop online with ease

And of course, one of the best things you can do when it comes to Christmas shopping for kids is to shop online. It’s so easy to compare prices among vendors as well as see the features of every item you want. What’s more, if you are considering a larger-sized item, you don’t have to try to carry it or stuff it into your car. You can simply have it delivered right to your door. You can even arrange to have someone build it for you all with just a couple clicks of your mouse or even with a few taps on your phone.

Online shopping is indeed one of the best ways to get the holiday shopping done even for next year. Sit in your comfortable living room and enjoy the roaring fire while the snow flutters down outside. No need to skid and slide all over the road searching for parking. No need to take off gloves and let your fingers freeze as you try to grab out your wallet. Online shopping is the best way to do Christmas shopping for kids. You can seek out our lists for the hottest toys of the season or get other amazing ideas. You can find inventory of items that might not be at the location of your nearby store but will totally be in stock online. You can even add all your items to your cart and wait until you’re ready or to compare and save even more.

So make the most of the next holiday season by using this one to plan ahead. If you do you’ll find that Christmas shopping for kids, and even for adults too, will be an absolute breeze, leaving you with more time to shop for you!


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