Best Drum Set for Kids For 2018 (Top 10 Reviews)

For 3, 5 Years Old And More

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Looking to drum up some fun? Then choose a drum set for kids that will have your kid rocking out!

Kids Drum SetMusic is one of the best ways to inspire kids and their creativity. Drums are a great release too because they allow your kids to unleash their wild side and let it all out.

These drum sets range in age groups for little kids to big kids so no matter the age of your child, you’ll find the best drum set for kids for them. Get ready to make some noise and check out these 10 drum sets for kids that they will love!


VTech KidiBeats Drum Set


Here is a kids drum set that are aged 2 to 5 years old. It features three drum pads plus a cymbal. These all make their own unique sounds to help with sensory development. Toddlers can bang and bash to make their own sounds or choose from 9 melodies of varying genres from rock to pop to dance. It also teaches kids letters and numbers in addition to music. With four fun modes of play, kids will have a blast. There is a free play mode, a letter mode, a number mode, and a follow-along mode.

Plus, every drum has a unique LED display. Included in this drum set are two drumsticks to really engage them in the drumming experience. Batteries are required (3 AA) to operate it with demo ones included that should be replaced quickly to provide more power for hours.

Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch Junior Drum Set


Got a bigger kid? Then this real-deal 5-piece kids drum set is a fabulous choice. When your kid shows he’s truly interested in playing the drums, this is the set you invest in. Kids should be at least 2.5 feet tall but no more than 5 feet tall to use this drum set. It includes a bass drum (16” x 11”), tom toms (10” x 5” and 8” x 6”), floor tom (12” x 10”), matching snare drum (10” x 6”), chain driven cymbal on a h-hat stand (8”) and a 10” crash cymbal mounted to the bass drum stand.

Additionally, the round padded drum throne is height adjustable to grow with your child. It also comes with a bass drum pedal for big booms, and a pair of real wooden drumsticks. It requires assembly, but with the clear instructions, it’s easy.

Mendini by Cecilio 13 Inch 3-Piece Kids


On a slightly smaller scale, this drum set is a 3-piece set and is great for children ages 3 to 8. It has the great quality of the Cecilio brand but this set is perhaps a better selection for beginners to drumming. It comes with a bass drum (13” x 8”), mounted tom (8” x 6”), mounted snare drum (10” x 4”), cymbal with cymbal arm (8”), plus a round, padded drum throne that’s height adjustable, bass drum petal and authentic wooden drum sticks. Assembly and set up is required though clear instructions are included to make it easy.

Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit


Young drummers will love this set that features real wood drum shells. It’s a full set that has it all so there’s no need to buy anything else. It comes with the real high-gloss wood shells, a 16” bass drum, snare drum, two tom drums, snare stand, hi-hat stand with cymbals, mounted cymbal, bass drum pedal, drum stool, drum key, and of course, real drum sticks so you can assemble it and let your kid pound out the beats on this drum set for kids.

YMC Toys 1pc Kids Boy Girl Drum Set


Here is a drum set for kids that’s for ages 12 months and up. It looks more like a real drum set than other electronic drum sets for kids. With non-toxic paint, this durable design can take a beating. Realistic sounds pump out with every beat. It includes 11 pieces that will help fuel your child’s love for drums.

Included in this drum set, your kid gets a bass drum, a large floor tom, a medium-sized snare drum, three small toms, a crash cymbal, a bass drum pedal, a drumming stool, and a set of drumsticks. It’s all ready to rock. All you need to do is set it up!

Mendini by Cecilio 16 inch 3-Piece Kids


This is the third option from Cecilio on our list and with good reason. The Mendini collection is truly spectacular for young drummers. This one is slightly different from the other 3-piece set they offer though. It is ideal for smaller drummers, and is ready to set up and drum with as soon as you assemble it.

You’ll find a bass drum at 16” x 11” in size, a hanging tom at 10” x 6”, a snare with stand at 10” x 5”, a 9/5” cymbal, bass drum pedal, round padded drum throne with adjustable height, and a real pair of wooden drumsticks. With a 1-year warranty, you can be sure that this set  will rock your socks off!

Alesis Nitro Kit | Electronic Drum Set


Got a more tech-inspired kid that wants to drum? This electronic drum set is the perfect 8-piece set for professional quality. Your kid will be making and recoding drum beats in no time. This electronic drum set for big kids comes with three 8-inch tom pads, dual-zone snare drum that provides instant responsiveness for a natural feel, and a kick pad with pedal. There are also three 10-inch cymbals, one that has a crash with choke that makes for countless ways to express oneself in multiple styles.

With everything mounted on the aluminum mounting rack with 4 posts, everything stays secure, solid and rockin’. There’s more too. You’ll find 40 different kits plus 60 built-in tracks your kid can play along to. There’s also a sequencer, metronome, and performance recorder. And kid can use the CD/MP3 auxiliary input to play along with their own favorite songs, mastering them beat for beat!

BCP Kids Toy Musical Instrument


Children 3 and up can rock the house with this 11-piece drum set for kids. It features a bass drum with foot pedal, 5 toms, a cymbal, a stool, and a set of drumsticks. The fun exterior comes with decals and is trimmed with chrome rims for a rockin’ look. It might not be a real drummer’s drum set, but it’s enough to inspire them to become one someday.

For now, little ones can get the feel for the beat by banging out their creativity, working on their motor skills and finessing hand-eye coordination. It’s ASTM-certified too, so you can buy it with absolute peace of mind and confidence.

Fun Central AT996


How about a drum set that requires no tools for assembly? Now you’re talking! This product is great for beginners to the drumming world as well as parents who aren’t very handy at assembling things. Plus, it has a 100% guarantee for quality.

The professional sound makes this high-quality drum set a superb choice. It’s also made from environmentally-safe materials and is built to last. It comes with two tom-toms at 4.5”, a 6-inch tom, a metal cymbal, a plastic drum stand, and a set of plastic drumsticks. This set is ideal for those that are just starting to gain an interest into the world of drumming.

It comes with a 90-day 100% moneyback guarantee too so you can buy with confidence knowing your little drummer boy or girl will totally love drumming on it and you’ll love the quality too. Get all the sound quality of a true drum set with this starter drum set that will help give them a lifelong love of music of all genres!

Liberty Imports Jazz Drum Set with Chair



This jazzy set is perfect for beginners. Let your child make beautiful musical beats with this adorable set for kids ages 3 to 5 years old. It comes with a bass drum, 4 smaller drums, a cymbal, a foot pedal, a stool, and a set of drumsticks.

It’s a colorful and fun toy that makes music for them while allowing them to march (or in this case, bang) to the beat of their own drum. It’s easy to assemble too so parents won’t feel flummoxed trying to set it up.

Things to consider

Each of these products is a fantastic choice for kids drum sets. But not every one of these is right for you and your child. How do you know which one is your best bet? First, think of the age of your child. If you have a small child, the Vtech model is a perfect options for little ones. It lights up and makes music, plus it responds to the beats from the drumsticks, making it a fun and interactive drumming experience. The Apontos set is also a good choice for the younger drummer set.

When it comes to bigger kids, the real drum sets for kids are a prime choice if they have expressed a desire to play drums. These give kids a true drumming experience on real instruments and come with all the items they need to play drumming beats. Another option for the bigger kids is the electronic drum set by Alesis Nitro. It’s the drumming of the future and a cool choice for the big kid that loves drumming but also loves beats. They can truly create their own songs beyond just a drumming track, making it more geared for a true musical enthusiast.

So what else should you think about? Because of the age range, you should think about how long your kid plans to use it. For the drum sets for kids that are younger, you shouldn’t worry too much. Kids always outgrow toys. But if you’re investing in a true drum set like the three offerings from Cecilio on our list, you may want to think about either building onto them or seeing how they can grow with your child. Since they all offer adjustable height, these can stick with your child for many years.

What about putting it together? Every drum set on our list requires assembly. The drum toys for the younger children will be much easier to assemble. For the big drum sets though, you’ll need to pay attention to the instructions as well as have tools handy. No tools? The Fun Central drum set for kids is a good option for you then! It’s incredibly simple to put together.

Other things you need to consider is that some of these do not come with a drumming stool. Finding one that works with the set shouldn’t be too difficult, but it is something to think about as your comparing models and brands. Each does comes with drumsticks though. The real drum sets come with wooden ones just like a real Rockstar while the others have plastic ones. For kids that are getting into drumming to take up the instrument, you might want to keep an extra set of drumsticks around because they have been known to break, usually at the most inopportune of times.


Many parents want their kids to take up musical instruments and they also want them to release excess energy. Nothing could be better for both of these than the drums. A drum set for kids will help build their love for music while keeping them more active than playing something like the piano.

Drumming also builds great skills and attention to details. Rhythm and percussion take practice and are an excellent way to build dedication. How will you know if your child would like a drum set for kids? One way is to take them to the store and see what instruments they gravitate toward. Little kids always love a fun drum set toy for kids, but it might not be an indication they want to be a drummer. At that stage though, it’s all about having fun.

As your kids get bigger, if they still seem entranced by drumming, that would be an excellent time to invest in something more solid and official. If they are technologically adept, the digital drum set might even be worth considering. Ultimately, getting kids into drumming is a great way to keep them busy, active, and musical during those years full of growing pains.


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    This was a Christmas gift for my 3 year old daughter from Santa. She absolutely loves it. The quality is great and it was easy to put together. I was surprised it came in such a little box, but it was all there. Best part is that it came with sticks and a seat. Many other sets for more don’t come with either. Also, the seat will grow with her.

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