Rainy Day Fun – 20 Exciting Activities For Your Kids – Infographic

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Over the summer we will have at least one or two rainy days so it pays to research some ideas for keeping the kids entertained; whatever the weather.

Board games are great for when they’re stuck indoors. They are a fun way to pass the time, and a good excuse to invite friends over to play. If you don’t have any board games to hand a simple pack of cards will do. Search on the internet for ‘card games’ and you’ll find lots of different ideas to keep them entertained.

If they have a whole day to spare then why not put on a production? From writing a script, to designing costumes, putting on a show for the neighbours will get your kids involved in something really creative; don’t forget to give them a round of applause when the curtain falls.

If drama isn’t really their thing then how about getting creative in the kitchen? Baking is fun, and you get to sample all the tasty treats you have made at the end.

Rainy days are perfect for going through old photograph albums. Kids love to hear stories of when their relatives were young, and it’s great to reminisce about days gone by.

Just because it’s raining it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a picnic. Prepare some delicious snacks and drinks, and throw a tea party indoors.

Sticker books never fail to keep kids entertained. A few sticker books and a pile of stickers are guaranteed to keep kids happy for hours.

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